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Rick Leland

World War 2 Honor Roll  
Christ Episcopal Church
Honor Roll W.W. 1 Christ Episcopal Church
Honor Roll W.W. 2 Christ Episcopal Church
Home of Richard C. McLester 
Plaque on Circular Stair from McLester Home
E.N.C. Snow
Home of W.A. Leland, Jr.
Home of W.A. Leland, Jr.
Richard C. & Mary Theresa Simonton McLester

Lester Jared Snow Dr, C.S. Snow Capt. Paul Mangin
Anne Henriette d'Aulnis de la Lande
Window of Christ Episcopal Church for Julia Leland Foster
Henry Adams Snow
Lester Jared Snow
Dr. Charles Snow; Virginia A. Penn Snow; Elizabeth Adams Snow; Julia Penn Pearson
Captain Paul Mangin, 1700-1797
Anne Henriette d'Aulnis de la Lande Mangin
Leland Shopping Center-2002 The Leland Hardware Store-2002
Evergreen Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, AL
Greenwood Cemetery,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Julia Dubois Leland & Family
W.A.Leland, Jr. & Maraget Ella McLester 
W.A. Leland, Jr. & Family
Margaret Ella McLester Leland
Margaret Ella McLester Leland
Margaret Katherine Walters Leland
Margaret Katherine Walters Leland
Margaret Katherine Walters Leland
Ella Margaret Leland
Ella Margaret Leland
John Drish House
 "Ghost tales of a tragic past"
Map of Plantation area 
Circular Stairway of McLester Home 
 Circular Stairway of McLester Home 
 Circular Stairway of McLester Home 
 Capt. B.F.Eddins
 The Battle Flag that earned 2 Congressional Medals of Honor
 Ella Margaret Leland
 Ella Margaret Leland
Margaret Ella Faulk
Margaret Louise Leland with Dr. & Ella Faulk
R.M., Sr.; Frank, Lucy Martin & Charles Leland
Lucy Leland, daughter of Charles
Martin Leland, son of Charles
Richard M. Leland, Sr.
Richard M. Leland, Sr.
 McLester Hotel - c1900
McLester Hotel - c1900's
McLester Hotel - 1950's

Artist rendering McLester Hotel  c1887
McLester Hotel c 1888
McLester Hotel c. 1907
McLester Hotel c 1911
McLester Hotel c 1915
Post Card of McLester Hotel c. 1915
McLester Hotel c. 1936
Henry Hume Leland, Jr.
Catherine Cowpers Leland
Unknown Leland
Martin Jones
Martin & Corrine Leland Jones
Margaret McLester Leland Pugh 
 Mabel Cornelia Kennedy Leland
 The Kennedy Rifle
The Chamber of Commerce New Industries Committee, Inc.
John DuBois Leland, c1950's
 Rick & Bob Leland
Richard M. Leland III - 1963
R.M. Leland III - 1967
R.M.Leland III - 1964
R.M. Leland III - 2001
R.M. Leland, Jr. - 1904
R.M. Leland, Jr. - 1904
Cadet R.M. Leland, Jr. - 1921
Lt. R.M. Leland, Jr. - abt 1930
R.M. Leland, Jr. -  1944
Family of Maurice V. & Margaret Louise Leland Duvic
The Flynn Children 
A.J. Beschel & Family
Maurice Vincent & Margaret Louise Leland Duvic - 50th Anniversary
Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe abt 1948
R.M.Leland, Jr. - 1944
Henry Walters Leland - 1900
Henry Walters Leland - 1904
Henry Walters Leland - 1904
Henry Walters & Richard McLester Leland, Jr. - 1904

Farm of J.A.C. Leland
Township Map, Bristol, OH

William Leland Cox; Co H, 3rd Missouri Cav. US

Westmoreland Pictures
Will of Reuben Westmoreland
Monument at Wicomico Parish
 Wicomico Parish Church
 Cypress Farm from Cox-Dandredge Papers
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm

Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Cypress Farm
Map of Cherry Point Neck
Cypress Farm Print from Northumberland Historical Society
The Hume Castle
The Family of Major William Hume

Family of John D. Leland
Leland Marker, Gilmer, Texas
John Dudley Leland
Laura Janie Sims Leland
Dudley Clarence Leland
Percy Warren Leland 
Death Certificate; P.W. Leland
Donna Leland & Leland Sonnier

Chistian Alexander Niven
Alexander Liam Niven
David Mark Verrilli
Melissa Ann Leland Verrilli
Alan Michael Leland
Ashley Marie Leland - 1988
Ashely Marie Leland - 2001
Richard M. Leland III - 1946

Walkerville Bridge
Walkerville Bridge
Alexander McMichael Kennedy
James E. Walker
Mary P. Shaw Walker
 The Walker Family
R.A. & Barbara Walker Schoolcraft
Gordon Children's Home
Sharp Sisters

Victoria Schoolcraft
Brenda Leland Heller & Victoria Schoolcraft

Chester & Anne Walker McClain

Cover letter from Sherman Leland, 10 August 1850

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