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McLester's & Leland's
Mary Theresa Simonton & Richard Castlereigh McLester, parents of Margaret Ella McLester, The McLester Hotel in Tuscaloosa was probably named for Richard, but it was built after his death by the McLester Building Co., three of the Company officers were his sons-in-law; William A. Leland, Jr., E.N.C. Snow & John R. Kennedy.
William Archibald Leland, Jr. & Margaret Ella McLester Leland of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, parents of Richard McLester Leland. They were married December 5th 1870, this picture is probably then.

Margaret Ella Mclester Leland, 1850-1912

Another picture of Ella McLester Leland, probably before 1890.


Richard McLester Leland & Margaret K. Walters, parents of Richard McLester Leland, Jr.

Richard McLester Leland, Jr.; West Point Cadet, 1922.

Richard McLester Leland III; 1946 - 


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