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More Army Papers for R.M.Leland, Jr.

Here is where it gets confusing, R. M. Leland, Jr. was expelled in 1923 for "defending a young ladies honor," yet he receives a commision as a second lieutenant in the Cavalry in September of 1925, in the Army of the United States (not the United States Army).  Wait, it gets better.



The next document I have is for July 12th, 1929.  It is an order for an Honorable Discharge by purchase from the Corp of Engineers at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.  He is listed as a Corporal.


I am trying to create this that you may click on the image and view it enlarged, but the purchase price for his enlistment appears to be $25.00, where was this option in the 60's?   Anyway lest I digress, he then received an appointment in the N.Y.N.G., the "Fighting 69th", as a 2nd Lieutenant.  I have a copy of that certificate somewhere signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt as Govenor of New York.  Here is the corresponding document for The Army of the United States.


His appointment date as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry is the 26th of November 1929, which is when he must have entered the National Guard, this certificate is dated 24 January 1930.

More to come