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Letter from Joshua Brown of Laurens County, S.C. to his cousin Col. Thomas Brown of Liberty Township, Union County, Indiana - September 22, 1838


South Carolina  Laurens District  September 22 1838

                  Dear cousin  I now Sit down to fulfill 
my promise to you and to let  you know that I 
have accomplished my Journey in Saftey and good 
health and that I Still Enjoy a Reasonable Portion 
of that Blessing which I have great Reason to 
thank the Allmighty for his many fold mecies (mercies)
and favours bestowed upon me and that I have
have the greatest Reason to thank providence 
for the Preservation of my Dear children and 
affectionate children   that that I found them
 all but one in Reasonable health and that one
 now greatly mended and is now able to
 go about and is geting quite harty I am left
without words to Express my thank fullness in
finding my children Still together and
trying  to do the best they could as children
and that they have made out full as well
as I expected and that my Return has great
ly added to their comfort and Satisfaction
there is a great many people in this part of 
the world in a bad State of health generally
with the chills and fevers which is very
prevelent here at this time my oldest Son was
at aunt Bexsey Browns yesterday her and her 
son Roger is with Sick with the chills and fever
old Mr. Hitch has lately Deceased their is a
general complaint of bad crops in this part
of the world as it Regards my business it
is just the Same Situation I left it and
I have not yet had a chance to do any
thing and I dont now when it can be Settled
nor how it will be done my end is to try
have it Settled as Soon as I can and in the best
way that I am able to contrive and as it Regards
my moveing this fall it Seems as if it will be
out of my power but I have not yet Dispared
for my own and childrens anxiety to move ar
great and we are Resolved to make Every effort
in our power to move this fall my End is
offer Every thing at publick Sail let it bring 
little or much I wish I wish was able to 
give you complete Safa Satisfaction but
that is out of my Reach at present I hope in a 
months time to be able to give you full Satisfaction 
and probably in a Shorter time I would have waited 
till I could have givven given you full Satisfaction
but Remembering my promise to write to you Soon as
could after I Returned I Saw proper to try and fullfill 
it as I promised to write as I hope this will find you
Enjoying good health and prosperity I wish to be Reme-
mbered to all my Enquiring fami Relations and 
all Enquireing friends I add no more at present 
but Remain your  C                        Joshua Brown

To Thomas Brown