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The family of Henry Hume Leland (1877-1948) & Julia DuBois(1880-1941)

I have no pictures, at this time of Henry and Julia, they were married in 1900 at the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City.  Henry ran the Leland Hardware Store, located on the corner of 6th Street and 23rd Avenue, in Tuscaloosa for a period and was also a notary public and according to the Times-Gazette, January 2nd, 1908 was running for County Treasurer.  I don't know if he got elected or not.  Henry is mentioned in his Mother's will as such:
It is my will, however, and I so direct,  that my said son, Henry H. Leland, shall have the use, possession and enjoyment of my plantation in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, which is known as the Potter place, so long as he shall pay to my daughter Carrie five hundred dollars per annum as rent thereof, and that if upon the death  or marriage of my said daughter Carrie, my said son, Henry H. Leland, or if he be not then living his heirs,  shall pay to his coremaindermen, in this item named, the sum of four thousand dollars, which is four fifths of my estimate of the value of said plantation, then the title in fee simple in  and to said plantation shall vest absolutely in my said son Henry H. Leland, or his heirs, to the exclusion of his said co-remaindermen.
 Evidently the plantation stayed in the hands of the brothers as a letter to R.M. Leland, Jr. in 1954 attests to the plantation being sold in 1948 and his father's share was $7,000.00.

Henry & Julia had children as follows:  Julia DuBois Leland married first William Gray Little, and had one son William G. Little, Jr., she married 2nd, James Oliver Foster, Jr., the son of the James Oliver Foster who witnessed Ella McLester Leland's will.

Jane Rebecca Leland married Arthur H. Park and had one son Leland Madison Park.

Henry Hume Leland, Jr. married first Virginia Mosby and had a daughter Virginia, he married second Catherine Coopers and they had Henry Hume Leland, III.

Henry Hume Leland, III, married Linsey James and they had two children, Leslie and James Leland.

John DuBois Leland, "was a Lieutenant aboard the Wasp when it was torpedoed. The ship was struck amidships and they fought the fire until the pumps failed.  When the order came to abandon the ship Lt. Leland was forward directing the fire fighters and did not hear the order.  Apparently the ship was down by the stern as he jumped 60 ft. into a patch of burning oil.  No doubt his life was saved by having no life preserver.  He dived and swam from under the oil and was picked up later by a destroyer."J.A.C.Leland, II, pg 49.
John returned to Tuscaloosa before the War ended and became involved in Real Estate and Insurance, he married Lorraine Grant, they had no children.