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Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This Cemetery is the original cemetery in Tuscaloosa, Dr. William Archibald Leland, his wife Margaret Warren Ish Leland are buried here along with their daughter Maggie.  This Cemetery also includes: Richard C. McLester and his family, James A. McLester, Richard's brother, members of the Kennedy family, including "Gen." John Robie Kennedy, his wife Joanna McLester Kennedy, their first born Richard McLester Kennedy, Capt. Benjamin F. Eddins, the only Tuscaloosa native to die in Tuscaloosa County during the Civil War.  I didn't have much time and forgot to look for other family members, such as the Snow's, but they may be in the other Cemetery.  I visited here on May 1, 2000, specifically to locate Dr. William, I was unable in 1985 to locate his grave, Peggy had looked previous to that with no luck, this time I found it.  The graves I found will be on the following pages.

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