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The Descendants of Francis C. Walker

Generation Six

26James Edward6 WALKER (Carl5, James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 20 Mar 1914 in WPA Index of Shelby Co births, Shelbyville, Shelby, IN; Bk H-16, pg 14.95 He married Dorothy Alice Long, daughter of Charles Long and Aria Wallace, on 14 Apr 1942.96 He died on 8 May 1988 in Indianapolis,, IN, at age 74; A.M.97,98

He was retired in 1978 in Indianapolis,, IN; from Penn Central Railroad.99 He was ill on 25 Sep 1987, a note in calender of Maybelle Leland, "Ann called, Jim had stroke-send notarized paper on Cemetery lot"  in Indianapolis,, IN.100

Dorothy Alice LONG was born on 8 Dec 1914 in Southport,, IN.101 She was retired in 1979 in Indianapolis,, IN; from L. Strauss, an upscale Dept. Store, as executive secretary.102 She died on 23 Aug 1999 in Indianapolis,, IN, at age 84.103 As of 2 Sep 1999, Dorothy Alice Long lived at  5350 Churchman Avenue; Apt:126, Indianapolis,, IN, USA.

The only known child of James Edward6 Walker and Dorothy Alice Long was:

27Anne6 WALKER (Carl5, James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 31 Aug 1915.106 She married Chester Lee McClain, son of Roma MCCLAIN and Marianda Belle (--?--), on 23 Sep 1934.107 She died on 7 Sep 2000 in Indiana Masonic Home, Franklin,, IN, at age 85; abt 11:00 AM.108 She was buried on 11 Sep 2000 inRocklane Cemetery,, Johnson Co., IN; services by the Carmony-Ewing Funeral Home. Service at 10:00AM, First United Methodist Church, 34 West Washington St., Shelbyville, Indiana. Ministers officiating: Rev. Robert Cambell, Rev. Thomas Kuhn.109
On the procession from the Church in Shelbyville to Rocklane Cememtery in Johnson Co., people travling in the opposite direction would pull over and stop in respect. Not all of them but I would have to say 90 %. It was something from the past that in the Northeast you certainly wouldn't see any more. Richard M. Leland III.110

Chester Lee MCCLAIN Provided by: A David Distler <>. He was born on 17 Dec 1910 in Johnson County, IN.111 He died on 14 Jun 1995 in Franklin,, IN, at age 84. He was buried after 14 Jun 1995 in Rocklane Cemetery,, Johnson Co., IN.112

The three known children of Anne6 Walker and Chester Lee McClain all born in Shelbyville, Shelby, IN, were as follows:

28Maybelle Emeroy6 WALKER (Carl5, James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 29 Mar 1917 in Indianapolis,, Indiana, USA. She married Lt Col ret Richard McLester Leland Jr, son of Richard McLester Leland and Margaret Katharane Walters, on 25 Aug 1942 in Covington,, KY, USA.113 She died circa Dec 1990 in Rochester Memorial, Rochester,, NY, USA.

Her Social Security Number was 311-10-9872 issued after 1930 in IN.  Her 1st day of sobriety was on 23 Apr 1958 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.114  She moved to St. John's Home on 23 Mar 1990 in Rochester,, NY.116 A note in calender on 2 Jun 1990, shortly before she died (83.6 lbs). Only 3 more entries in Calender, June 18th, "ordered from Walter Drake & Regalia"; June 23rd, "Class Reunion"; Oct. 20th, "Rick & Terry Married Oct. 20, 1987".117

Lt Col ret Richard McLester LELAND Jr was born on 23 Mar 1899 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA. He was educated on 18 Jun 1913 in AL; awarded a novel, Claude Lightfoot, by Francis J. Finn, S.J.; as a "Premium for Proficiency" St.Bernard College. While in Paris, supposedly wrote a check on toilet paper, on his father's account. When the check reached this country, the bank called his father to ask when he had been in France. This was the first his father knew of his enlistment. According to my mother the check was still in the window of the bank in the 1940's, she claimed to have seen it. The three signatures, R.M.,R.M.jr.,& R.M. 3rd, are identical, I was 14 before I could read it let alone copy it. RML 3rd. He witnessed Returned home from France on board this ship, that was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec. 1941, Now a National Monument circa 1919 in U.S.S. Arizona. He was educated circa 1921 in U.S.M.A., West Point,, NY; Appointed to West Point because of WWl service, refused entry because to old, had to admit to true age. Assigned to Class of 1925.

Did not marticulate, expelled for "defending a young ladies honor." He married Mabel Cornelia Kennedy, daughter of John Spinks Kennedy and Clementine Young Sheldon, circa 1924 in AL, USA.118 He was Recieved commission as 2nd Lt. from Franklin D. Roosevelt, while Govenor of New York on 21 Aug 1929 inN.Y.S.N.G., New York,, NY.119 His Social Security Number was 098-01-2530 after 1930. He was Placed on active status with the A.U.S., 2mos, 2wks before Pearl Harbor on 25 Sep 1941.120 He witnessed Newspaper interview with Maj. Leland on the recovery of Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, WWl Ace on 26 Aug 1942 in Ft. Benning. He and Mabel Cornelia Kennedy were divorced circa 1945.121 He was Letter explaining why nothing was left from R.M. Leland's estate. Exhibit 2 on 30 Nov 1954 in Waverly,, NY. He died before Jul 1967 in VA Hospital, Syracuse, Onandoga, NY, USA; Died in VA Hospital on Sunday while we were waiting to see him.

The three known children of Maybelle Emeroy6 Walker and Lt Col ret Richard McLester Leland Jr are as follows:

29Barbara6 WALKER (Carl5, James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 11 May 1920 in Shelbyville, Shelby, IN. She married R. A. Schoolcraft, son of W.G. Schoolcraft, circa Jun 1942 in TX. She died on 10 Jul 1996 in San Antonio,, TX, at age 76.

R. A. SCHOOLCRAFT was born circa 1913 in IN. He died on 8 Jul 1999 in San Antonio,, TX.122

The five known children of Barbara6 Walker and R. A. Schoolcraft were as follows:

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