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The Descendants of Francis C. Walker

Generation Five

22Carl Jefferson5 WALKER (James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 19 Feb 1880; Cemetery record has birth date as 1 February 1880.65,66 He married Mary Patricia Shaw, daughter of Kossuth Napolion Shaw and Maude Vinson, on 30 Jun 1913.67 He died on 18 Jul 1942 at age 62 of a coronary occlusion.68,69 He was buried on 21 Jul 1942 in Forest Hill Cemetery,, Shelby, IN; Thursday 2:30 PM..70

"Carl was a car salesman. Somehow, his circle of friends included some 'racing' people that were also connected with Koss" in 1910 in Indianapolis,, IN.71 He was employed as the manager of the Shelby County Farm Bureau in 1942.72

Mary Patricia SHAW was called Patsy by my father, Richard M. Leland, Jr., called Patty by my cousin Don Vinson, cousin John W. McClain says her middle name was Patricia, was born on 22 Jul 1892 in Indianapolis,, IN; from funeral card & Cemetery record.73 She was educated in 1912 in Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; "Mary went to university in Chicago."74  In a note from Don Vinson, he believes she went to Northwestern to become a teacher, he does not remember if she graduated.  Her great granson Russell Heller, a student at Northwestern is checking this out for me*.  She was the Matron of the Children's Home in Shelbyville from about 1945 until it closed in 1958.  She died on 21 Apr 1980 in Shelbyville, Shelby, IN, at age 87. She was buried on 24 Apr 1980 in Forest Hill Cemetery,, Shelby, IN; 10:30 A.M.75

The four known children of Carl Jefferson5 Walker and Mary Patricia Shaw were as follows:

24Earnest (Earl)5 WALKER (James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 21 Oct 1890 in IN; twin to Charles E.76 He married Stella Bowlby on 1 May 1909 in Shelby Co., IN.77,78 He died on 22 Jul 1942 in Shelby, IN, at age 51.79

Stella BOWLBY was born circa 1890.80 She died after 1950.81

The only known child of Earnest (Earl)5 Walker and Stella Bowlby was:

25Charles E.5 WALKER (James4, William3, Francis2, (--?--)1) was born on 21 Oct 1890 in Shelby Co., IN; ssindex show dob to be 22 Oct. 1890.84,85 He married Jessie Watts on 24 Aug 1910.86,87 He died in Nov 1966 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX, at age 76.88,89

Jessie WATTS; could be Matts or Natts was born circa 1890.90 She died after 1950.91

The two known children of Charles E.5 Walker and Jessie Watts were as follows:

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