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The Descendants of Francis C. Walker

Generation Two

2Francis C.2 WALKER ((--?--)1) Native of New York City was born on 11 Nov 1797.1 He married Unk (--?--) before 1818.2 Hemarried Isabel Bushfield on 29 Apr 1828.3 He died on 5 May 1855 at age 57; died of cholera while enroute to Kansas at Hannibal, MO.4,5

In a note to Peggy Cliadakis, I mentioned a family legend of the "Walker Willow," supposedly a willow switch used to drive the animals was thrust into the ground upon the Walkers' arrival in Shelby County, and from this a mighty willow grew, to this day we have not been able to locate the willow tree in the legend, I went by the farm of Carl & Mary Walker, on 10 September 2000, but there was no willow tree in that yard, but this is what Peggy replied:

"This is just another little aside, but it reminded me when you mentioned the "willow." You might want to explore this. Originally, Walkerville was a separate village before Shelbyville spread out, and supposedlythat is where the Walkers settled. Even though it's part of S'ville today, It is still referred to as "Walkerville"by us oldies. Walkerville is across the Vine Street bridge (bridge crosses LITTLE Blue River, and that areais where the County fairgrounds, Forest Hill Cemetery and Kennedy Park are. Originally, a wonderful covered bridge spanned the river there. It had covered walkways on both sides--unusual even for its time. Modern progressives saw fit to take the covered bridge down sometime in the 60s to make way for the "modern" bridge that's there now before 1960."111

(insert picture) before 1900 in Walkerville Bridge, Walkerville, Shelby, IN.52

Francis is listed as being one of the first settlers in Shelby County, he is also credited with having the 1st frame house in Shelbyville.  However a link between him and John Walker, whom I believe is the namesake of 'Walkerville,'  has not been established at this point.

The two known children of Francis C.2 Walker and Unk (--?--) were as follows:

Isabel BUSHFIELD was born on 5 Dec 1808.8 She died on 10 Jun 1880 at age 71.9

The 11 known children of Francis C.2 Walker and Isabel Bushfield were as follows:

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