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The Kennedy Rifle

The following information was sent to me by Bill Ivy, this is on one of the Kennedy rifles that he owns, he also has an A. Kennedy and John Kennedy rifle.


No. 35 David Kennedy

l,ength overall 64 t /16 inches. Octagonal rifled barrel 4715/16 inches long, .40 caliber, 7grooves. Lock-plate length 4 11/16. C14 I/8; G 7/8; II I 7/16; [4 1/2; J I 13/32; KI 7/32; L 19/16; M115/32.

The top flat of the barrel is signed with the name "David Kennedy". According to primary research by Aron Capel of Troy, N.C., David Kennedy was born in Pennsylvania in 1768, and established himself as a gunmaker in Bear Creek, Moore County, N.C. in or about 1795. tte died in Alabama in 1837. The David Kennedy mentioned on page 158 may have been a grandson. This rifle is equipped with an attractive one piece brass patchbox having a six-pointed star finial, and a lid that does not extend all the way to the butt-plate. The design of this patchbox is developed from a basic Lancaster design, in contrast with the more usual Kennedy box which is closely aligned with Virginia styles. Another outstanding feature of this piece is that the comb is set off from the rest of the butt-stock by a relief-carved step instead of the usual incised line, a detail also common in neighboring Chatham County.