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Additional Evidence,????? Orig__Claim, No. 337.619

State of  Illinois 

County of Coles 
      In the matter of   William L. Cox 
_________________________________________who was a   Private 
of Company   H   ,__________ 3  Regiment,     Missouri Vols.   Vols.
     PERSONALLY CAME before me a ________________in and
for said County and State, ________________________________
_____________________________William L. Cox the identical
person aforesaid resident of the county of            Coles 
State of Illinois        aged respectively            and   40     1879     years, whom I certify to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid matters, as follows:

     I resided in Ashmore Township Coles Co Illinois My Post Office Ashmore Coles Co., Ill.  My occupation was that of a Farmer resided at the same place after I was discharged until March 1869, When I removed to Embarass Township Edgar Co. Illinois Post Office Co**ish changed afterward to Isabel Edgar Co. Illinois where I resided until December 1876 when I returned to Ashmore Coles Co. Illinois my present residence have tried farming several times have been in the general merchandise business part of the time and the last four years have been dealing in Nursery Stock and Gardening.
     On the Red River expedition in the Spring of 1864 through unwholesome and insufficient food (we were put on 1/4 Rations and there was very little in the country through which we traveled to forage) I contracted the Scurvy the disease seemed to be all through my system but more in my lower extremities so that when I returned to Little Rock Arkansas in May 1864 where we started from I was unable for duty and continued to get worse but kept on light duty until some time in July when I was taken to the Regimental Hospital 5 miles southwest of Little Rock Arkansas (were on outpost then) was sent home on the 17 of August 1864 My feet and toes were so bad ************************************* times I could scarcly walk alone and I was compeled to hire assistance most of the way home gained my health so far as to be able to return to my Regiment in October 1864 was discharged from the service in December 1864 my term of service (3 years) having expired have been greatly troubled with numbness in legs and feet from that time to this.
     I was treated while in the service by the Surgeon of the Regiment to which I belonged John L. Taylor did not know his address has been dead several years was treated while home on furlough by Dr Joseph Vandyke of Ashmore Coles Co Illinois have received no medical treatment for Scurvy since discharged have lived on a vegatable diet as much as possible thinking it the best treatment for Scurvy.
     I had a severe attack of inflamatory Rheumatism in January of February 1869 was treated by Dr Joseph Vandyke also an attack of muscular Rheumatism in December 1879 and was treated Dr Joseph Vandyke of Ashmore Coles Co Illinois
     I cannot give dates when disabled from manual labor better than to say I have been disabled ever since I was attacked with........

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