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Cherry Point Neck



Plat of the estate of B.M. Leland dec. (in Cherry Point) surveyed April, 1833.

Beginning at the mouth of Garner's Creek and running arund the Potowmac shore to old Judiths creek and with said creek across the canal and with the meanders of Cod creek to Gum tree at A thence with Cralles heirs 244 degrees W 74 poles to a Locust post at B, then passing a Gum S 36 degrees W 59 yd. po to cherry tree  sane course to a Branch at C thence down a cove up Glebe creek and Cralles cove to D, thence up a branch to E thence on Cralles line N 8 W 4 po, thence N 11 degrees E along a large ditch 78 po to the neck road at F, thence across N degrees 4 W 6 po to A G Plummers line thence said line N 22 degrees 30'E 106 poles to the head of Garners Creek at G, and with several meanders thereof to the Beginning which sd lines and natural boundries Eight hundred and five acres of land.

                                                                        Robt. Alexander

(Note A pole is 1 rod.)

The Commissioners appointed by a decree county court of Northumberland bearing date the___________day of__________and an amended decree the day which are hereto affixed to divide the real estate of which Baldwin M. Leland died seized and possessed among the heirs at law and distributees of the sd deceased as set forth in the said decree respectfully report, that they have performed so much of sd duty as relates to the division of sd estate among the heirs at law, the dower of the widow of the said Baldwin M. Leland having heretofore been assigned her and report thereof made to the court, that the said commisioners in the Division referred to conforming to the principles laid down in said decrees regarding the quality improvements and c of the said land proceeded on this day by allotment to divide the same as follows:  First the Cherry Point lands.

Lot No. 1          62 acres drawn by Mary Cox
Lot No. 2          58    "         "     "   Lucy R. Leland
Lot No. 3          10 acres containing the dwelling house any houses an
                          appurtenances drawn by Ann Maria Leland.
Lot No. 4          57 acres drawn by Sally Leland
Lot No. 5          63 acres drawn by Augustus Leland
Lot No. 6         120 acres drawn by Judith Leland
Lot No. 7          60 acres drawn by Betsy Leland

This tract of land having been laid out in nine lots seven of which have been allotted to seven of the heirs as above set forth and the two other lots from the general deficiency of wood and timber on the said land and especially on lots N 1-2-3-4-5 and 6 and from the fact that most of the timber on this tract of land is upon these two lots of woodland they have been allotted in common as follows to wit A lot of 68 acres of woodland bounded on E by Judiths creek on the W by the line which divides it from Lots N 1-2 has been allotted to be held and used in common to these lots 1-2 and the lots of 86 acres of woodland B, bounded on the E by lot No. 7 on the W by Lot No. 4 on the N or N E by lot No. 6 and on the South by Mrs. Rebecca Leland's dower land, has been allotted to be held and used in common to lots 3-4-5-6 all of which will more fully and distinctly appear from a reference to the plat of the said Cherry point tract of land which is hereto annexed as a part of this report, the rest of the real estate of sd decd called and known by the name of exeter Lodge estate being a separate and distinct tract of land has been divided into three lots as follows to-wit.  Lot No. 1-225 drawn by Baldwin Leland  Lot No. 2-234 acres drawn by Saml A. M. Leland in right of his purchase of Wm. Lelands int in B. M. Lelands real estate lot No. 3-243 acres drawn by Fabricius Leland; which will more fully appear from a reference to a plat of sd Lodge Land hereto annexed as a part of this report.  All of which is respectfully submitted etc.  Given under our hands this 28th day of April, 1834.

                                                                                   W. Basye
                                                                                   Robt. Alexander
                                                                                   Wm. Harding
Returned in to Northumberland County
Court the 14th day of Dec. 1835 and
ordered to be recorded.

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