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Loudoun County
  Ish Family Cemetery; Loudoun County, Virginia    385723N 0773716W  August 21, 2005
    As you can see by the above picture, this cemetery is overgrown. The cemetery is located about 1 mile south of US 50 on US 15, it is about 95 paces north of Braddock Road on the right.  It sits between US 15 and a new housing development. I have lost the name and number of the developer, but is anyone is in the area, perhaps you could contact them to see if any preservation of this cemetery is planned. The cemetery appears to have 19 graves, ten marked with legible tombstones, is is in what was a fenced enclosure approx. 75 feet by 50 feet.






Mary A. Ish




Mary A. Daug of E. & P.C. Ish. Born Aug 8, 1877 Died Nov. 20, 1880







Caroline V. Ish
Friench S. Ish

Cumberland Ish



Caroline V. Ish daug of Robert & Pamelia born  April 12, 1842 Died April 21, 1843, Aged 1 yr. & 9 days
Friench S. Ish Son of Robert, Born July 28, 1839, Died April 11 !843.Aged 3yrs, 8 mos., 20 days
Cumberland Ish Son of Robt. Ish Born Nov 20, 1840, Died May 31, 1842 Aged 1yr., 3 mos., & 11 days

Jacob Ish

Susanna King Ish

Elizabeth M. Ish


In Memory of Jacob Ish Born 7th April 1767 and Died 20th July 1840. Aged 73 Years, 4 mos., and 13 days
In Memory of Susanna Ish who was born August 15th 1773 & died March 7th 1847 Aged 73 Years, 6 Months & 22 Days

In Memory of Elizabeth M. Ish Who was born May 7th 1808 Died July 9th 1847. Aged 39 years, 2 mos. and 2 days





Robert A. Ish

Pamelia H. Ish

Lavinia Ish


Robert A. Ish Born June 22, 1811. Died Feb. 11, 1869 "Blessed are they who die in the LordRobert A. Ish Footstone
Our Mother Pamelia H. Ish wife of Robt. A. Ish Born Dec. 27, 1810 Died Dec 24, 1901 Aged 84 yrs. 11 mos. & 27 days
Lavinia Ish Born Feb. 27, 1853  Died Dec. 16, 1932