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Liebrich/Leebrick Families in America

Time waits for no man, and the same is true for old genealogy programs. Therefore, this update has an entirely new look. You can now search either by first letter of surname, or you can search through the full list of surnames. If you already know which part of the family you are interested in, you can click on one of the four trees listed below. You'll be taken directly to that branch of the family tree. In each tree, a timeline will be displayed at the top of the page, listing some of the important events that happened in the same time frame as this tree. Notes and Sources for each person are also available by clicking on N or S, in the family group sheet.

A new research aide is the Time/Density Map option. Clicking on a state or a country on the map will show you the family group sheet for the first person in my database that is associated with that location. In the US map, you can also choose an animation of migration across the country in 50 year time intervals by clicking on "Start Time Sequence" on the map. Return to this page by clicking on "Index" or go to the home page by clicking on "Home".

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   Ancestors of Wilbur Pershing LEEBRICK
   Ancestors of Lois Elene HAHN
   Ancestors of Merlin Maynard GARDNER
   Ancestors of Virginia Lee HARTZELL
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More resources are available from the HOME page, including art by Virginia Leebrick, gizmos, patents, old photos, stories about Leebricks and some German reference material. And please sign my guestbook! Researchers with similar interests may contact you based on your guestbook comments.
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