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Welcome to our Family History site. I hope you find something of interest. It will be continually under review, so if you find anything worthy of note please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. See 'Contacts' for information as to how to address me. I'd be very happy to hear from you.


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This site contains information about all the descendants of Julian LeDieu. He was a Jeweller (gold and silver-smith) We think he came over from Saint Malo, Brittany, France in the early years of the 1800s. He lived, and probably worked, in Goswell Rd London EC1. He may also have worked in Hatton Garden.
James was another Jeweller who we thought, at first, was Jules' father. He was only 16 years older than Jules. They worked in the same area of London, and their sons married women with the same surname although we cannot find any evidence of them being related.
My mother's maiden name was 'Andrews'. This site shows all those of her family of whom we are aware.
My wife Jean was a Gregson. Her Great Grandfather Charles Stuart Gregson was an entomologist with a world wide reputation. About 50 of his papers were deemed worthy of being safeguarded in the Library of the Royal Society
My wife's mother's maiden name was Worthington, so these are her ancesters.
Jean's G-Uncle Frank married a Dyson, and they moved to America, but the name very quickly died out.
My wife's Grandmother was a Cleverden but was brought up by a Kidd family. These are included to fill out some of the more remote branches of the tree.

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