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Jane Smith





1st Generation
Jane Ellen Hooper Smith b. Randolph County, Indiana, m. James B. Smith
in Ionia, Michigan
2nd Generation
Charles O. Hooper, b. 1911 Randolph County, Indiana m. Gertrude Marie
Collins b. 1912 Darke County, Ohio
3rd Generation
Harry A. Hooper, b. 1877, Randolph County, Indiana d. 1964 York, Pa.
m.Kathryn Hartzell, b.Montgomery Co. Ohio, d. 1958 Randolph Co. Indiana
Russell Collins, b. 1887 Darke Co. Ohio, d. 1948 Randolph Co. Indiana m.
Golda Mae Boze, b. 1890 Darke Co. Ohio, d.1982 Darke Co. Ohio
4th Generation
Frances M. Hooper  b. 1847 Darke Co. Ohio, d.1879 Mississinawa Twp.
Darke Co. Ohio m. Emma McCormick b. 1848 Montgomery Co. d. 1922 Randolph
Co. Indiana
John Hartzell  b. 1830 Montgomery Co. Ohio, d.1905 Columbus, Ohio m.
Ellen Zentmeyer b. 1837 Montgomery Co. Ohio, d. 1926 Randolph Co.
Charles Collins b.1856 Darke Co. Ohio, d.1905 Darke Co. Ohio m. Eleanor
P. John
b.1859 Montgomery Co. Ohio, d. 1888 Darke Co. Ohio
Hiram Boze b. 1860 Darke Co. Ohio, d. 1908 Darke Co. Ohio m. Isabelle
Bailey b. 1863 Darke Co. Ohio, d.1951 Darke Co. Ohio
5th Generation
Hiram Hooper b 1809 Middlesex Co. New Jersey, d. 1895, Brewster, Kansas
m. Mary Manning b. 1806 Clermont Co. Ohio, d. 1875 Mississinawa Twp.
Darke Co. Ohio
George McCormick b. 1816 Montgomery Co. Ohio, d. 1856, Logansport,
m. Susannah Spitler b. 1818 Adams. Co. Pa. d. 1895 Union City, Indiana
John Hartzell b. 1793 Bucks Co. Pa, d.1868 Montgomery Co. Ohio m.
Susannah Heck
b.1802 Rock Bridge, Va. D.1873 Montgomery Co. Ohio
John Zentmyer b. Frederick Co. Md. ? d. Montgomery Co. Ohio? M.
Elanor"Nellie" Shriner b. Frederick Co. Md.? D. Montgomery Co. Ohio?
Samuel Snell Collins b. 1819 Warren Co. Ohio, d. 1903 Ansonia, Ohio m.
Elizabeth Ullery (McDowell )b. 1825 Montgomery Co. Ohio?  D.1913 Darke
Co. Ohio
Jacob John b. 1829 ? d.1915 Dawn, Ohio m. Ellen Carlysie ???????
David Boze b. 1828 Darke Co. Ohio d. 1908 Civil War veteran, Springfield
Ohio m.Letitia Strait b. 1837 Darke Co. Ohio, d 1894 Darke Co. Ohio
James Bailey  b.1814 Bedford Co. Pa. d. 1891 Darke Co. Ohio m. Julia Ann
Martin (Coppess ) b. 1832 Montgomery Co. Ohio d. 1912 Darke Co. Ohio
6th Generation
Jacob B. John b 1789 Franklin Co. Pa. d. 1869 Dawn, Darke Co. Ohio m.
Eleanor Phillips b. 1791 Franklin Co. Pa. d. 1871 Dawn, Darke Co. Ohio
Jacob Strait b. 1800 Fayette Co. Pa. d.1879 Jackson Twp. Darke Co. Ohio
m Letty Bailey b 1804 Bedford Co. Pa. d. 1885 Jackson Twp. Darke Co.
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