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Written on paper stamped with C. V. Mills Congress

St. George June 4th 1876.

Dearly Beloved Wife;

Although I have received no letter from you since I wrote last still , as I had (rest ?), of my crowd of (?) I thought I would take time to write a few words to you. I have three weeks more to teach school then this quarter will be out. I wrote to you that I thought I should go to Pine Valley, a cool place- but they have employed a (mistrys ?). so I shall very likely remain here, or near here till the fall term commences. They are about through making hay for a short time but they have it to cut four times a year. They have been harvesting strawberries, new potatoes, green peas, currants and such like things several days here. We expect to have flower from new wheat in 25 days. We will soon have green corn, but still they expect to plant corn for three weeks yet. I think this is going to be one of the best places for saints on the face of the earth, but has been a terrible, desolate place. No vegetation, and if if they attempted to raise any by watering it was poisoned by the mineral in the soil. Bro. Brigham says that those who own a lot here (1 1/4 Acres) it will be an independent fortune if they will cultivate it, and it begins to look like it. When the temple is completed it will make lots very valuable, thought it is way outside the city in a dreary looking place, but it will be the center. I have an excellent girl living with me, but I believe i wrote to you of her before. I hope she will stay two years, as she talks of doing. I will send you her likeness, and mine, and you can send it back unless you are (anseious ?) to keep it. Since Bro. Brigham came down here we have had an excellent conference, and last Thursday, which was our last day, we had an excellent meeting in which the president (B. Young) spoke with great power, having the spirit of God resting mightily upon him.

7th,, I will try to write a little more now so as to send this letter by the next mail. Things are changing strangely with me. The Young lady who lives with me (Lydia Terry) is a telegraph operator and they are planning to take her fifty miles away from here to tend an office. They have gone to get her father's consent (50 miles away) without which she will not go. I almost hope they will not get his consent, but still I wish everything for the best. She may not have to stay many months, then I hope she will come back again, for I shall be very lonesome. She is the best company I ever had.

There has been quite a time here with the whooping cough so my school has not been so large, but some who had it first are coming back. One of Bro. Young's daughters is coming to school now. One girl has been coming that was from a foreign land. If she had remained there she would have been a (county?) . The sisters here have got a store of their own that has been lately started. The leading woman in it wished I had my wife here to help them in it and (assure?) you I did. They took my (afsirtant?) Elisabeth Snow, to look in the largest store here so I had to get another ( Annie Woodbury) to (assist?) besides what Lydia did in school. I wish you was here so I could have some one to depend upon for a home, or rather house keeper consistently.

Well it is late and I must quit. May God bless you and the children and bring you all to a knowledge of the truth and may be gathered to the land of Zion. Yours in love. Lucius W. Peck. I will send you Money to pay (postuys?)

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