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Kamas October 30th, 1875.

Dearly Beloved Wife;

After waiting for a long time to get an opportunity to write to you I will take the present time as they have been plastering the house anew so we can have no Sunday school nor meeting today. I should like to have received a letter from you before this. It may be that you have written before this, if so I shall be glad to receive word from you. I should be extremely glad to see you here. My heart would thrill with delight, and joy could I have your pleasing company at this time. I have been so many weary years with "no one to love, or to (kiss?)" that my heart has nearly grown weary and desolate. I ought to have got me a wife long ago, but after having such a good of one it is very hard for me to find one that I think I can be satisfied with. Dear Elisabeth! how delightful it would be if I could now beclasped in your fond arms. With what joy could I press you to my bosom, throbbing with the tenderest love for you while emotions of gratitude to our Father in Heaven would rise in my heart that He permitted such happiness to be enjoyed on earth by his creatures. I feel that I could feast with raptures on the love I bear to you if I could have you in my presents and by my side. A good wife is of greater value than a world like this and it seems that I have lost two. One proving herself unworthy, the other fearing to come and prove herself worthy. I have two girls living with me just now. They expect to stay six weeks. One of them may stay much longer. One is 15 the other 19. Matilda got one to come in her place. The oldest one I know but little of; the other I have known intimately, with her all her folks, for 4 and 1/2 years. She is quite a good girl. I have had quite a number of very good chances for teaching school when my year is out here, but the one that suits me best is a high school at St. George which they wish to (enlarge?) to a university. They offered me 3,00 per day cash and 3,00 per day produce to come and teach a year and say they will give me more next year if I suited them. They don't want to let me leave here but they have been careless in making arrangements in time, so, if I have not put it off too long sending word to St. George, I shall go there, otherwise, I may stay here. I can get but little money here and only about fifty fife dollars per month. I wish you was here with me in full fellowship, you could be such a great help to me. We had a larger and more interesting conference then ever. I believe nearly 400 missionaries were called: some go among the indians; a few to Australia, others to all parts of the world where the laws will allow missionaries to speak. I wish some were going to Miami and could bring my dear children to a knowledge of the truth. I know of nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to meet them and my dear wife coming here fully imbued with the principles of the gospel, having had hands laid on them for the reception of the Holy Ghost which leads into all truth, gives knowledge, power and wisdom above everything else upon the earth. Then could you and they know for yourselves of a certainty that this work is true, and as you continued faithful, bold and earnest in living your religion, not neglecting your prayers you would continue to know of the truth of Mormonism, or the latter day work, but when you would do, or neglect to do anything that would cause the Comforter to be grieved, then, and not till then, would your light continue (begin) to grow dim, still you would go into darkness and unbelief. Then unless you repented and did your first works, although you might be cajoled by Satan to feel a degree of happiness and security, yet you would be led down to the regions of despair. Loving and lovely wife! why will not you come to me, be sealed for time and for eternity, and end your days in happiness. I have waited for many years, both before and since I took (?) hoping that you would come and take your proper place by my side both for this world and the world to come; but if you will not, it is my imperative duty to take others, so you must not complain if I do so. I would be so rejoiced if you would consent to come and live with me that we might mingle our voices and our energies in teaching and guiding the children that are still left you in the paths of holiness that they might be able to enter into the Celestial Kingdom where God and his son Jesus reigns. Dearest Elisabeth! Why will you not listen to the counsel and wishes of him who loves you better than he dose his own life? Why not come and be filled with enjoyment and happiness with him who loved you tenderly and earnestly in youth and now who loves you with a more exhaled and purer sentiment than it was possible for him then to do? Beloved wife have not out feelings and desires for each other been purified and refined for each other during these many years of union and absence? I feel that mine have; now come to me and let us so live as to take more comfort than ever. My prayer to God is, that while he is sturing up the hearts of many, especially the Laminates, and permitting millions to become reckless and wicked, he will also cause your love to burn within you for me that you will be anxious to hasten to me, receive your endowments, and we be filled with love exceeding anything we have yet known. My Dear Elisabeth. Your in affection and love. Lucius W. Peck.

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