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1874 Letter

 This letter is the oldest of the three and is very faded.


1874 Letter

1875 Letter

1876 Letter

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Kamas Dec 12 Thurs. 1874

Dearly Beloved Wife;

Love it has been a long time since the date of your letter. I must hasten to answer it. Your (unreadable) buy the date that I have left the city. I am living in a beautiful valley called Kamas as Praire situated at the head of Provo and Weber rivers about 42 miles from the city North East. I never was in a place that I liked as well as I do this at present. There is one difference too however, this is a region where they have no money. Most all pay of a way, cans (un-readable) in cattle: Similar sums come in butter and cheese, wood, potatoes or beef. They have the best milk butter and potatoes that I ever saw anywhere. I never saw such beautiful weather in my life as we have been having for sometime. I have been here for seven weeks. I have a large school for this place and a good one. I have increased the interest in the sabbath school tenfold and I have also been appointed teacher of a Theological Class which is large and interesting, besides I have been appointed County Examiner, then I am making a lot of pictures (?) mostly likeness worth from $5,00 to $12,00 a peace. I wish I could send you one without it getting spoiled. I have classes in Arithmetic, Electicitions (?), Writing, Book Keeping and Grammar for nights and Saturdays. I am so busy I don't know what to do with myself, but God is with me so I get along well. (Thinehas) Young, Brigham's oldest brother has been here since I commenced this letter, to see if I would like his daughter, the belle of Kamas, to do my work and let her go to my school for pay. I told him yes if she wished it, so I suppose she will come as soon as I can get a bed (tick?) made. I understand the directory are going to employ her half sister, and very smart fine young lady who is now going to assist me soon. They are building a fine large school that is nearly done. I see by your letter of sickness; If you had been here as you ought to have been I do not think you would have been sick for this is a very healthy place; besides you would have been with me and in the (prime) of your duty. You will find that the time that's told you of when Grant should be the lowest in the estimation of the people of any president is most here. The time prophesied of in the Book of Mormon had come when prophets should be raised up among the Indians. Prophets are now among them who tell to come to us to be baptized for great and terrible times are at hand and that they must be prepared for it, so they are coming there or four hundred at a time from different tribes and places to be baptized, now the next thing is for the U. S. to be broken up and utterly destroyed as a republic and I really wish you and the children were out of there for judgements are surly coming thick and heavy and speedily upon the states. We shall get our share but the right twas among us with (besard?) I have not the time positive from the Lord but I am quite certain that the U.S. government will be broken up within 25 months. I wish you were prepared for it. I pray for you several times a day. I owe $240,00 and I left 600,00 with Joseph to collect but when he sent me your letter he said he had got nothing but promises. If I had it, I would send you some. Yours in Love. Write soon.

L.W. Peck

Direct to Kamus Summit County Utah Ferr.

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