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Old West Milton Cemetery


This cemetery is believed to be the First in West Milton, Miami County Ohio. Susan CLOUGH Peck, First wife of Martin Horton PECK is buried here. We were not able to find her headstone. The cemetery is very over run and has not been taken care of. It is also not easy to find. We had to park at a dead end street, go over a hillside (there is no path) that was grown over with brush and has been a place for people to deposit their garbage for a long time. Once we got down the hill there was a small path that lead to a meadow down by the river. Only a few of the stones are readable. The following pictures are all that is left of this cemetery.


Old West Milton Cemetery

Old West Milton Cemetery Page 2


Other Readable Stones

Clarence Pickering

Died April 13 1832

Age 21 yrs 9 m & 22 days



Wife of (?Bubbill) Pickering



Son of

? Elman

Died 1885


---ele -dding

Feb 20 1848

35 years 4 months



Joseph Evans Head Stone

Susan Evans Head Stone

Sacred to the Memory of

Joseph Evans


departed this life

on the first day

of the 12th month AD 1837

Aged 64 years

10 Months

& 20 days


Unknown Headstone

In Memory of

Susan Evans

Consort of

Joseph Potter

who Departed this life

7 mo. 11 days is 40

Aged 32 years

6 months 15 days



Unknown Headstone

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