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Who's Who?

 Most of these pictures are scanned from tin types that are behind glass. I hope you can help me identify these people.




This is a photo of the Murphy Family. The couple in the middle are John and Martha Marker Murphy, The third woman in the back row (from the left) is my Great Grandmother Jenny (Jane) Murphy Ryan next to her is her Husband Earl Hurst Ryan. He is holding my Grandmother Rebecca Marthel Ryan McLaughlin. I would assume the rest of the people in the photo are the children and grandchildren of John and Martha.

Standing is Emma Caroline PECK Ryan, my GGG-Grandmother. Is the lady sitting one of her sisters?

Picture of Unknown

Do you know who this girl is??? Most likely surnames would be PECK, MURPHY, Or MARKER

Picture of unknown

Who is this guy? I would love to find that it is Lucius Wheeton PECK, but I have no proof. It is framed with a bunch of PECK and RYAN pictures.

Picture of Unknown

Who is this dapper gentelman? In same frame as above.

Picture of unknown little girl

Who could this little girl be?

And this little baby?

And this lovely lass?

Unknown guy

Not even a clue.


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Nova Development Art Explosion