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My connection is to Twin Township/Darke County/Ohio/Preble County/Eaton area and is...

President Lincoln and Abraham Wesley Lincoln are 3rd Cousins albeit 3times removed and a "half" at that!


Thomas8 and John8 were sons of Mordecai7. John Lincoln is the link to President Abraham

Lincoln. Thomas Lincoln is the link to myself -- Abraham Wesley Lincoln.

President Lincoln's side of the family:

THOMAS8 LINCOLN (MORDECAI7, MORDECAI6, SAMUEL5, EDWARD4, RICHARD3, ROBERT2,ROBERT1) was born 1732 in Amity, Pennsylvania, and died 1775.

Abraham's Side of the family:

JOHN8 LINCOLN (MORDECAI7, MORDECAI6, SAMUEL5, EDWARD4, RICHARD3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born May 03, 1720 in Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and died November 1788 in Linville Creek, Rockingham Co, Va.

Me - ABRAHAM WESLEY14 LINCOLN - 1934 - Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio Father LURTON CLARENCE13, - 1877 - Preble County, Ohio Grandfather JOHN WESLEY12, - 1844 - Preble County, Ohio Great-grandfather ANANIAS11, - 1818 - Monroe County, Kentucky 2G-grandfather THOMAS JEFFERSON10, - 1778 - Monroe County, Kentucky 3G-grandfather HANANIAH9, - 1756 - Exeter, Berks County, Pennsylvania 4G-grandfather THOMAS8, -- brother JOHN8 President Lincoln's side 4G-grandfather THOMAS8, - 1732 - Amity Pennsylvania - brother John8 5G-grandfather MORDECAI7, - 1686 - Hingham, Massachusetts 6G-grandfather MORDECAI6, - 1656/57 - Seituate, Massachusetts 7G-grandfather SAMUEL5, - 1619 - Hingham Norfolk, England 8G-grandfather EDWARD4, - 1580 - Swanton, Morley, England 9G-grandfather RICHARD3, - 1550 - Swanton, Morley, England 10G-grandfather ROBERT2, - 1525 - Hingham, Norfolk, England 11G-grandfather ROBERT1 - 1496 - Hingham, Norfolk, England

LINCOLN in Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio DEEM in Preble County, Ohio STRAW in Preble County, Ohio LINCOLN in Preble County, Ohio BALLENGEE in Preble County, Ohio and Montgomery County, Ohio CROW in Montgomery County, Ohio

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