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Steve Koons






First generation

Steve Koons was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio (s/o William E Koons) Married Nancy Virginia Rogers. Nancy Virginia Rogers was born in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.

Second generation

William E. Koons was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio (s/o Arthur E. Koons) Married Betty Jo Partington. Betty Jo Partington was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio.

Third generation

Arthur E. Koons was born in New Madison, Darke Co, Ohio (s/o Johnathan S. Koons) Married Nellie F. Replogle. Nellie F. Replogle was born in Troy, Miami Co, Ohio

Fourth generation

Johnathan S. Koons was born in Eldorado, Preble Co, Ohio (s/o Nathaniel S. Koons) Married Mary F. Sunday. Mary F. Sunday was born in Darke Co, Ohio (d/o Francis M. Sunday)

Fifth generation

Nathaniel S. Koons was born Frederick Co, Maryland. Married Sarah Teaford. Sarah Teaford was born in German Twp, Darke Co, Ohio (d/o George Teaford)

Francis Marion Sunday was born in Ohio (s/o John Sunday) Married Margaret Mary Pember

Margaret Mary Pember was born in Ohio (d/o Willard Pember)

Sixth generation

George Teaford was born Augusta Co, Virginia. Married Mary Magadalena Kettering. Mary Magdalena Kettering was born Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.

Willard Pember was born in Ohio. Married Martha Laurimore. Martha Laurimore was born in Greenville, Darke Co, Ohio (d/o William Laurimore)

John Sunday was born in Pennsylvania (s/o Jacob Sonday) Married Anna Mary Weaver. Anna Mary Weaver was born in Pennsylvania.

Seventh generation

William Laurimore was born in ? (possibly Pennsylvania) Married Malinda Martin. Malinda Martin was born in ? (possibly Pennsylvania)

Jacob Sonday was born in Pennsylvania. Married Elizabeth Wann. Elizabeth Wann was born in Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania.

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