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Edward Jones






First Generation

Edward Allen Jones, born 1946, Piqua, Miami Co., OH (I was a thanksgiving baby - I was three weeks late and my mother gave thanks on thanksgiving day as I was 10-2-1/2.) and lived my first four years in Houston, Shelby Co. OH, until my half brother was killed in a car accident. I married Angeliki Athanasiou, born 1946, Temini, Greece.

Second Generation

Thomas Loya Jones, born 1/9/1921, Logansville, Logan Co., OH. He married Bessie Faith Coffman, born 1924, Piqua, Miami Co. OH.

Third Generation

Aaron Coffman, born 12/4/1890, Berlin (now Ft. Loramie, OH). His first wife was Bessie Chloe Foster, born 11/30/1893. They married 12/4/1908 and had 5 children together (all girls) (my mother was the last as Bessie Chloe died after child birth. Aaron mrrried again to Daphene Dunham and had another daughter.

Fourth Generation

Charles Oscar Foster, born 3/8/1873, Cedar Hill, DCO. He married Minney May Hood, born 4/6/1874, DCO. They had four children. Charles is listed in Hanna Dowling's book (My Foster Family - which I am looking for a copy of).

Fifth Generation

William Hood , born 1839 (a stone wall) shows up living with another family in the 1850 census in DCO. He married Malinda Melissa Skinner, born 1844, DCO. They had 7 children.

Sixth Generation

Dorman Skinner, born 1818, Chenango Co., NY. He married Malinda Birt, born 7/29/1826, DCO. They had 6 children that I know of.

Seventh Generation

Andrew Davidson Birt, born 1807, Green Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth Shook, born 1806, VA. they had 11 children that I know of.

Surnames: Abney, Abshire, Ademec, Albertson, Alexander, Alfele, Allen, Alstaetter, Anders, Anderson, Anthony, Apple, Arnold, Athanasiou, Bailey, Baird, Barger, Bartels, Basicker, Bauer, Beech, Begole, Bell, Billing, Birt, Bishop, Blakely, Bleau, Bliven, Bone, Bowers, Breithling, Bricker, Brighton, Buehler, Burris, Coats, Coffman, Crotinger, Dearth, Dietz, Dunham, Edinger, Emmons, Fine, Foster, Fueler, Fueller, Grant, Harless, Hartley, Harvey, Heffinger, Hood, Houdeshell, Johnson, Jones, Katon, Kaufmann, King, Kiser, Knight, Kohlhaas, Kriketou, Laris, Lawrence, Lawson, Lemon, McCan, Meeds, Miller, Minton, Morrison, Nicodemus, Richardson, Riley, Rosh, Rush, Schutte, Skinner, Smith, Springer, Trout, Ware, Whitaker, Wills, Wood, Yarbery and Zimmerman

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