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Jerry Lee Higgins, b 4/1/1951, Greenville {live in Greenville, Anaheim, CA, Long Beach, CA., Anaheim (again), Arcanum, Greenville (again), Lima, OH, Longview, TX, Canton, MI, Wernersville, PA (my wife thinks we're gypsies!)}

My parents:

Donald Joseph Higgins b 10/24/1919, Dayton, d 1/15/1984, Greenville. Mary Kathleen Miller b 8/22/1922, Greenville, d 3/22/1991, Greenville

My maternal grandparents:

Jacob Edward Miller b 8/21/1898, Farmland, IN, d 4/6/1959, Greenville. Rosa Catherine Casanova b 12/12/1900, Indianapolis, d 9/1976, Greenville

My maternal great-grandparents:

John Casanova b 1/20/1879, Greenville. Bertha Mary Elizabeth Oelling b 5/25/1883, d 5/28/1952

My wife's roots

My wife's, Mary Katharine Hahn's, parents:

Carl Marion Hahn b 5/23/1928, Burnside, KY. Phyllis Jean Welbaum b 9/19/1928, Arcanum

My wife's paternal grandparents:

John Henry Hahn b 2/20/1885, Versailles, d 2/7/1957, Arcanum. Katharine Elizabeth Phillips b 12/28/1903, Yuma, AZ, d 11/20/1989, Arcanum

My wife's paternal great-grandparents:

George Fredrick Hahn b 2/3/1857, Troy, d 9/1/1935, Versailles. Mary Elizabeth Humrichouse b 5/8/1861, Versailles, d 7/25/1952, Versailles

My wife's paternal great-great-grandparents:

Jacob Humrichouse b 4/28/1829, York, PA, d 8/28/1897, Versailles. Cynthia Ann Butt b 7/15/1837, Montgomery Co., d 2/6/1902, Versailles

My wife's maternal grandparents:

Virgil Carl Welbaum b 6/4/1905, d 4/1995 Greenville. Mary Elizabeth Sigler b 12/20/1907, d 11/1985 Greenville

My wife's maternal great-grandparents:

Noah Welbaum b 1885, d 1964 Arcanum. Orpha C. Besecker b 1885, d 1962 Arcanum

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