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William GRIMES [d. bfr 1805] m. Mary BROWN [d. 1826, Montgomery Co., OH]

ch: Samuel GRIMES, m. 1809, Betsey STEEHLE, in Rockbridge Co., VA

note; In 1812 left a Will, naming his uncle John GRIMES as

Executor, and beneficiary as [his mother] Mary GRIMES

of Montgomery Co., OH. In 1826, Mary's Will divides

this inheritance between the rest of her children.

*James GRIMES, b. abt 1785, m. Edith WILLIAMSON, Montgomery Co., OH


note; he is reported to have worked for Newcom's Distillery

Martha GRIMES m. William FULTON


Betsey GRIMES m. Edward NEWCOM

question; any connection to the Newcom's Distillery?

Mary GRIMES m. 11 Sep 1806, Robert C. CRAWFORD;

source, < >

note; they migrated to Bethel Twp, Miami Co., OH

ch: Robert Cunningham CRAWFORD Jr., m. 1808, Mary CORY

William Grimes CRAWFORD, m. 1836, Susannia BEATY



John B. CRAWFORD [twin]

James CRAWFORD [twin]

Joseph CRAWFORD, m. 1840, Elizabeth HERSHEY




.. James GRIMES m. [between 1806-1817], Edith WILLIAMSON

1850 Census; source, Edwin BENTLEY < >

Mad River Twp, Montgomery Co., OH

Jas. GRIMES, 65, farmer, b. PA, wife Edith, 57, b. PA,

son - Henry, 24, b. OH son - Franklin, 17, b. OH

ch: John GRIMES, b. abt 1805-1807;

William G. GRIMES m. 14 Oct 1840, Sarah DAUGHERTY [DOHERTY]

*James GRIMES m. 14 Oct 1856, Elizabeth McGINNIS

Martha Ann GRIMES m. 25 Jun 1840, Henry SNYDER

Asa GRIMES m. 18 Apr 1849, Mary Ann SHEARER



Henry GRIMES, b. abt 1826

Franklin GRIMES, b. abt 1833


... James GRIMES m. Elizabeth McGINNIS


.... Franklin E. [? Edward ?] GRIMES m. Ida Ellen ZIMMERMAN

d/o Jno. H. Y. ZIMMERMAN m. Amanda MARK

ch: Rolla GRIMES m. Decota HENRY

James Holly GRIMES m. Effie Viola POE

Merle GRIMES [she never married], Gertrude, Cora, and Ella


..... James Holly GRIMES m. Effie Viola POE . . . .

[at least I think I have the following POE correct . . . ]

[. . . as I get confused with all of those George POE's! ]

d/o Lewis POE m. Clarissa "Clara" Amanda WILLIS

.... Andrew POE m. Sarah EISENBARGER*

[*I have no EISENBARGER data]

... George POE m. Elizabeth ARNETT*

d/o Bartholomew ARNETT

[*I have no ARNETT data]

.. George POE m. 1st. Catherine WILLARD

[2nd, Elizabeth MATER]

. George Jacob POE [Pfau]

.... Lemuel Eden WILLIS m. Abigail MARTIN


...... Edward Eden GRIMES [an only child] m. Alice Adline JOHNSTON

d/o Charles Russell JOHNSTON m. Maude Edith LUDY

ch: Lloyd Leslie JOHNSTON

Alice Adline JOHNSTON

John Raymond JOHNSTON

Robert Charles JOHNSTON

... Adam JOHNSTON m. Sarah Adline WARVEL

ch: Orian, Melinda Belle, Emily Minnie,

James H.,

Elizabeth Edith, Charles Russell, Jennie V.,

Nellie B., Marietta and Louis

.. James JOHNSON m. Mary BEAM

.. John Henry WARVEL m. Elizabeth BEANBLOSSOM

WARVEL source: Jack WARVEL

... William LUDY m. Alice Mariah RECK

ch: John LUDY m. Sofia DEUBNER

Maude E. LUDY m. Charles Russell JOHNSTON

Grace Alice LUDY m. __________

Laverna LUDY m. _____ BELL

.. David LUDY m. Mary BURNS

ch: Daniel, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Mahala,

David, Samuel, Eliza, Mary Ann, William

. Samuel LUDY m. Christina GUNTRUM

ch: William, David, Rebecca [m. Peter ROHRER],



....... John Alan GRIMES, the youngest of four children, and my hubby . . . I don't post the data for living relatives . . . but this 'should' allow you a chance to see something familiar.

I do have WILLIAMSON, and McGINNIS, data but for the life of me . . . I can't seem to locate it at the moment. I'm assuming it's due to all of the re-construction around here. At least that's my sincerest hope! :o)

I have been making great strides at filling in many of the blanks!

Specifically I have recently made H-U-G-E strides on the BEANBLOSSOM for which I have a copy of the book about the family, and POE that I now have computer files on. The net result is that my brain just can't seem to get re-organized . . . let alone assimilate all of it . . . so I'll try to keep things as organized [and brief] as my scattered notes will allow.

I'd like to thank Belinda Rodgers for her assistance with the extensive BEANBLOSSOM data . . . Mike Reck has been invaluable with his ready assistance on the history of our RECK line, and so many of my husband's distant POE cousins that I've lost count. Altho Marge and Randy are two names that stand out in the family crowd!

I'm VERY certain that I'm not even scratching the surface, on listing my sources, but without all of you, I'd still be sitting here in WA without a clue. Some of my earliest helpers are noted in the above outline, and as I can get things all put together

OH! One surname that I had taken off of my research list, DEUBNER, can now be added back as it is in our 'associated families' group. It turns out that my husband's grandmother, Maude Edith LUDY, had a brother, John LUDY, who had died young . . . but not before he m. Sofia DEUBNER. The puzzle is solved! Somebody had gone on "memory", when they filled out all of the slots in my mother-in-law's Bible, and we all know how the memory can twist things! One of the biggest surprises was that there had been an uncle that my husband had never known about. It seems that he also died young,his name was John JOHNSTON, and in all of my husband's years of growing up . . . no one thought to mention him. Well . . . they did I suppose as my husband was named, John, as a remembrance for both of these men. I guess they thought that he'd just automatically 'know' all of that.

At the present time, I have NOT updated my website [or made all of the now necessary corrections . . . ], but you are more than welcome to check out my website anyway.

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