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I only have one family name that is of Darke County Ancestry. The family is named "Cordell". My Grandfather's Sister (My Great Aunt), married John Cordell on 10 July 1896 by Irvin Mote J.P. My Great Aunts name was Maude (Maudie) Craig. They had a child named Robert. John & Maude and Robert lived with John's parents for awhile there in Greenville. John's Dad was Edward Cordell (a plasterer by trade), his Mother was named Barbara. His brothers and sisters consisted of William A. (Butcher by trade) , Edward M. (Day Labor), Archie and Arthur (Twins I believe), Emery H. , Myrtle M. , Ida R. . John was a tobacco sampler, and Maude was a tobacco sizer. So, I assume they worked in a nearby tobacco barn/cigar factory or something similar.(Above information from 1900 Darke County Census) John and Maude eventually ended up moving and living in Dayton I have other ancestors scattered around the Miami Valley. Mostly Darke,Preble,Montgomery,Warren, and Butler Counties. Some also from Wayne County, Indiana. Just thought I'd toss my Ancestors in this listing in hopes of finding some new cousins. would be much appreciated.

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