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Bringing It Back Home


To celebrate the start of the new Millenium the Darke County e-mail list started posting how we are all tied to Darke County, Ohio. The Results are listed below.




Wally Garchow

1. Wally Garchow was born in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI; christened in Oakland Co., MI. Walter married Barbara Lee Waring, daughter of Dr. Worden Waring and Dorothy Ann "Peg" Jungbaecker in Davis, Yolo Co., CA. The marriage ended in divorce.

Second Generation

2. Walter Carl Garchow was born in Livonia Twp, Wayne Co., MI. He married Anita Goshorn in Farmington, Oakland Co., MI.

3. Anita Ellajane Goshorn was born in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.

Third Generation

6. Ralph McNeal Goshorn was born in McNeal, Huntingdon Co., PA. He died in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA and was buried in Greenlawm Cem, Darke Co., OH. Ralph married Velma Coupland in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.

7. Velma Dell Coupland was born in Versailles, Darke Co., OH. She died in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA and was buried in.Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH.

Fourth Generation

14. Frederick "Shy" Coupland was born 12 Oct 1872 in Wauseon, Fulton Co., OH. He died 1 Aug 1933 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI and was buried 2 Aug 1933 in Greenlawn, Versailles, Darke Co., OH. Frederick married Mary Jane Pittsenbarger on 17 Feb 1900 in Versailles, Darke Co., OH.

15. Mary Jane Pittsenbarger was born 1 Jul 1881 in Versailles, Darke Co., OH. She died 5 Jan 1972 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA and was buried in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH.

Fifth Generation

30. William Henry Pittsenbarger was born 28 Aug 1848 in Patterson Twp, Darke Co., OH. He died 20 Jun 1914 in Versailles, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH. William married Rachel York on 3 Oct 1872 in Darke Co., OH. His grave marker shows 1849-1914 which is in error. Death certificate #33350 Ohio Bureau of Vital Statistics. Cause: cardiac hypertrophy complicated by pleurisy. Informant was C.E. Pittsenbarger, his grandson, who erroneously said Henry's father Henry was born in Pennsylvania. 1900 Census, Versailles, Wayne Twp, Darke Co.,

31. Rachel York was born 27 May 1856 in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH. She died 1 Mar 1932 in Versailles, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH.

Sixth Generation

60. Henry Pitsenbarger was born 28 May 1810 in , Greene Co., TN. He died 19 Jul 1880 in Patterson Twp, Darke Co., OH. Henry married Jane Davidson on 3 Mar 1842 in Darke Co., OH.

61. Jane Davidson was born 10 Aug 1820 in , Warren Co., OH. She died 20 Feb 1907 in Cement City, Washtenaw Co., MI and was buried in English Cem, Darke Co., OH.

62. Jeremiah York was born 7 Apr 1809 in , Preble Co., OH. He died 27 Jan 1862 in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH. Jeremiah married Deidamia Mendenhall on 10 Oct 1846 in , Darke Co., OH. His first wife was Nancy Woods who died in 1845.

63. Deidamia Mendenhall was born 7 Sep 1818 in Bethel Twp, Miami Co., OH. She died 30 Jun 1873 in Patterson Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Yorkshire Cem, Darke Co., OH. Date of birth derived from age as given on tombstone: 54y 9m 23d. Offical death record shows 54y 10m 23d. Stone read "Didia / wife of Jeremiah York" but she is buried near her third husband. Deidamia was married first to William DAVIDSON (two sons) and, following Jeremiah YORK's death, to William Weaver RICHARDSON.

Seventh Generation

120. Johann Peter Pitsenbarger was born 14 Feb 1773 in , Lancaster Co., PA and was christened 20 May 1773 in , Lancaster Co., PA. He died 3 Dec 1837 in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Yoder Cem, Darke Co., OH. Johann married Maria Magdalene "Molly" Fry on 3 Jan 1804 in Greene Co., TN.

121. Maria Magdalene "Molly" Fry was born 23 Jul 1779 in , Shenandoah Co., VA and was christened 8 Sep 1789 in Zion-Pine Church, Shenandoah Co., VA. She died 22 May 1853 in Warren Twp, Clinton Co., IN and was buried in Gray Cem, Clinton Co., IN.

122. Hugh Davidson was born 15 Apr 1782 in , , Co. Antrim, IRE. He died 25 Jan 1867 in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in English Cem, Darke Co., OH. Hugh married Elizabeth Allen on 1808 in Co. Antrim, IRE. Hugh & Elizabeth came to the U.S. before the War of 1812. They are said to have lived in Harrison, Belmont, and Warren counties before settling in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH, in 1823, north of present-day Versailles.

123. Elizabeth Allen was born 1780 in , , Co. Antrim, IRE. She died 6 Aug 1875 in Wayne Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in English Cem, Darke Co., OH. Elizabeth's brothers Hugh & William Allen also immigrated to U.S. from Northern Ireland. Hugh was married to Catherine Davidson, younger sister of Hugh Davidson; they settled in Warren Co., OH. William married Ann Jane Clark;they moved to U.S. much later, perhaps in the early 1850's, and settled in Darke Co., OH.

124. Newberry York was born 6 Sep 1784 in , , SC. He died 31 Mar 1866 in York Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried 7 Apr 1866 in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH. Newberry married Nancy A. Slade on 5 Jan 1804 in , , GA.

125. Nancy A. Slade was born 9 Jun 1784 in , , MD. She died 7 Oct 1874 in York Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Greenlawn Cem, Darke Co., OH. Grave marker says she died in 1871, but later court records prove she died in 1874. Middle initial is from official death record. Her birth was calculated from her age at death as recorded on her marker: 90y 3m 28d. The official death record records her age as 90y 3m 23d. Date of marriage is from a transcribed Bible record in Greenville Public Library, Greenville, OH. The Bible apparently came down to her youngest son's family.

126. Richard Mendenhall was born 14 Nov 1794 in , Guilford Co., NC. He died 25 Apr 1871 in Patterson Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Yorkshire Cem, Darke Co., OH. Richard married Sarah Pearson on 14 Aug 1817 in Miami Co., OH. Dates from grave marker: born 11-14-1794; died 4-25-1871. Darke Co., OH,

127. Sarah Pearson was born 2 Jun 1795 in , Newberry Co., SC. She died 6 Apr 1866 in Patterson Twp, Darke Co., OH and was buried in Yorkshire Cem, Darke Co., OH. Birthdate calculated from age at death on grave marker: 70y 10m 4d.

Corinne H. Diller

1. Welden Louis Hanna, 2 Sep. 1920, New Weston, Darke Co., Ohio; he died 13 May 1985, Lewiston, Michigan. Marr Roberta May Norris, born 29 Oct. 1919, New Weston, Ohio.

2. Ray HANNA, born 13 Nov. 1889, Montezuma, Ohio; marr 17 May 1913, Darke Co.; he died 5 Oct. 1938, Holsapple Cem., Darke Co., Ohio.

3. Imo BURNS, born 5 Aug. 1891, Wabash Twp., Darke Co.; died 3 Aug. 1975, Holsapple Cem.

4. George W. HANNA, born 17 Dec. 1861, Shelby Co., Ohio; marr 4 Feb. 1887, Shelby Co.; he died 7 Dec. 1911, Ellis Cem., Montezuma, Ohio.

5. Josephine B. RAMSEY, born 4 Sep. 1868, Anderson, Madison Co., Ind.; died 2 Aug. 1943, Celina, Mercer Co., Ohio.

6. George BURNS, born 13 March 1855, York Twp., Darke Co., Ohio. marr 4 July 1876, Darke Co.; he died 4 June 1910, Holsapple Cem., Darke Co.

7. Sarah A.S. BERTRAM, born 22 Dec. 1856, Montgomery Co., Ohio. she died 27 June 1913, Holsapple Cem., Darke Co.

8. Samuel HANNA, born 16 Jan. 1829, Montgomery Co., Ohio; marr 19 Aug. 1849, Montg. Co.; died 15 Jan. 1875, (possibly Shelby Co.) Ohio.

9. Celinda BROWN, born 20 May 1831, Montgomery Co., Ohio; died after 1882, Illinois

10. James RAMSEY, born 1832, Petersburgh, German Twp., Adams Co., Pa. marr 10 Dec. 1857, Pickaway Co., Ohio; died @ 1872, possibly Shelby Co., Ohio.

11. Mary Jane BAGGS, born 1839, Pickaway Co., Ohio. she died 16 May 1881, Turtle Creek, Shelby Co., Ohio.

12. Rev. Henry S. BURNS, born 20 June 1823, Richland Twp., Darke Co.,Ohio. marr 25 June 1846, Darke Co.; he died 10 March 1892, Brock Cem., Darke Co., Ohio.

13. Sarah Jane OLIVER, born 10 May 1823, Richland Twp., Darke Co. she died 4 June 1871, Brock Cem., Darke Co., Ohio.

14. George Peter BERTRAM, born 23 May 1817, Bern Twp., Berks Co., Pa. marr 5 Dec. 1841, Montg. Co., Ohio; died 6 Jan. 1908, Brock Cem., Darke Co., Ohio.

15. Eve Elizabeth WEAVER, born 27 March 1823, German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio. died 9 Aug. 1878, Brock Cem., Darke Co., Ohio.

1. Roberta May Norris, born 29 Oct. 1919, New Weston, Darke Co., Oh. marr Welden Louis Hanna, born 2 Sep. 1920, New Weston, Oh; he died 13 May 1985, Lewiston, Michigan.

2. James F. NORRIS, born 22 April 1892, New Weston, Darke Co. marr 24 Dec. 1913, North Star; he died 16 March 1948, Holsapple Cem., Darke Co., Oh.

3. Elizabeth A. HIXSON, born 19 Sep. 1891, Willowdell, Darke Co., Oh. she died 24 Dec. 1972, Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio.

4. Arodine NORRIS, born 10 July 1855, Miami Co., Ohio. marr 31 Dec. 1884, Darke Co.; he died 25 Aug. 1926, Holsapple Cem., Darke Co., Oh.

5. Mary E. FRIEND, born 7 Dec. 1853, Miami Co., Ohio; she died 29 Dec. 1932, Holsapple Cem.

6. Samuel E. HIXSON, born 25 May 1863, Darke Co., Ohio. married 13 June 1886, Mercer Co., Ohio; he died 4 July 1901, Montezuma, Ohio.

7. Eliza O. BROWDER, born 27 April 1866, Cedarville, Greene Co., Oh. she died 13 April 1939, Celina, Mercer Co., Ohio.

8. Charles B. NORRIS, born 15 Aug. 1824, Allegany Co., Md. marr March 1850, Miami Co., Ohio; he died 10 Jan. 1896, Beaver Chapel Cem., Mercer Co., Ohio.

9. Mary PIPPINGER, born 5 Dec. 1827, Ohio; she died 13 March 1868, Miami Co., Ohio.

10. Jesse FRIEND Jr., born 22 July 1816, Union Twp., Miami Co., Oh. marr 24 Oct. 1840, Miami Co., Ohio; he was shot 7 Aug. 1866, Wabash Twp., Darke Co., Ohio.

11. Elizabeth Mary PEARSON, born 23 May 1821, Union Twp., Miami Co., Oh. she died 28 Feb. 1881, Wabash Twp., Darke Co., Ohio.

12. Stephen J. HIXSON, born 27 Feb. 1832, Sideling Hill, Fulton Co., Pa. marr 5 May 1861, Darke Co., Ohio; he died 23 July 1906, Old English Cem., Darke Co., Ohio

13. Mary Jane DAY, born 29 May 1839, Darke Co.; she died 9 May 1907, Darke Co., Ohio.

14. Joseph M. BROWDER, born 3 July 1830, Greene Co., Ohio. married 31 Dec. 1851, Greene Co.; he died 22 July 1904, Mercer Co., Ohio.

15. Mary N. STEPHENS, born 20 April 1835, Chilicothe, Ross Co., Oh. she died 26 Dec. 1916, Wabash Twp., Darke Co., Ohio.

Adele Corbin

My grandfather was Albert "Merl" RADABAUGH, 1891 Preble Co. OH-1929 Kenton Co. Ky. He was the descendant of Peter RADABAUGH and Elizabeth VAN CLEVE, and David WARD and Elizabeth TAYLOR, all early Wayne Township, Darke Co., settlers. I am also a descendant of the CREVISTON family (Hannah CREVISTON WARD, parents unknown.) David WARD's mother, Margaret SWISICK WARD RIFFLE WINTERMOTE was an early settler in Darke County also.


My ggg grandfather was Solomon Rose a pioneer of Darke County. He was born in 1811 and married to Eliza Bidlack in Fairfield County Ohio in 1831. In 1856 they moved to Jasper County Iowa and in 1867 to Saline County Nebraska. Want to find where Elizabeth Tilbury Bidlack Drake is buried in Darke County and find desc. of Eliza's brother Benjamin Franklin Bidlack, Lydia Bidlack Young and Eleanor Bidlack Gilbert.


My connections are my 3rd gr uncle-Joseph HOLDEMAN Aug-02-1840 Jul-27-1927 married 1rst Miriah(Mary) SUMMERVILLE(buried at Webster Cemetery) Their children were:James Henry, Franklin, Jacob Anson, Ella, Rebecca, Cora Melissa, Anson,Clara Viola. Joseph's 2nd wife was Caroline PASSMORE. Also his uncle(a brother to my 4th grandparents) was Jacob HOLDERMAN Aug-07-1809 Dec-11-1884 married Elizabeth RIEGAL(buried at Webster) their children were: Salome m Abel WOOLSTON, Mary Elizabeth m Jonas HIESTAND, Felix m Susan HOFFMAN, Harvey, Catherine. Also MOTTER's who lived in Darke county in the early 1920's.

Steve Koons

First generation

Steve Koons was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio (s/o William E Koons) Married Nancy Virginia Rogers. Nancy Virginia Rogers was born in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.

Second generation

William E. Koons was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio (s/o Arthur E. Koons) Married Betty Jo Partington. Betty Jo Partington was born in Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio.

Third generation

Arthur E. Koons was born in New Madison, Darke Co, Ohio (s/o Johnathan S. Koons) Married Nellie F. Replogle. Nellie F. Replogle was born in Troy, Miami Co, Ohio

Fourth generation

Johnathan S. Koons was born in Eldorado, Preble Co, Ohio (s/o Nathaniel S. Koons) Married Mary F. Sunday. Mary F. Sunday was born in Darke Co, Ohio (d/o Francis M. Sunday)

Fifth generation

Nathaniel S. Koons was born Frederick Co, Maryland. Married Sarah Teaford. Sarah Teaford was born in German Twp, Darke Co, Ohio (d/o George Teaford)

Francis Marion Sunday was born in Ohio (s/o John Sunday) Married Margaret Mary Pember

Margaret Mary Pember was born in Ohio (d/o Willard Pember)

Sixth generation

George Teaford was born Augusta Co, Virginia. Married Mary Magadalena Kettering. Mary Magdalena Kettering was born Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.

Willard Pember was born in Ohio. Married Martha Laurimore. Martha Laurimore was born in Greenville, Darke Co, Ohio (d/o William Laurimore)

John Sunday was born in Pennsylvania (s/o Jacob Sonday) Married Anna Mary Weaver. Anna Mary Weaver was born in Pennsylvania.

Seventh generation

William Laurimore was born in ? (possibly Pennsylvania) Married Malinda Martin. Malinda Martin was born in ? (possibly Pennsylvania)

Jacob Sonday was born in Pennsylvania. Married Elizabeth Wann. Elizabeth Wann was born in Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania.

Edward Jones

First Generation

Edward Allen Jones, born 1946, Piqua, Miami Co., OH (I was a thanksgiving baby - I was three weeks late and my mother gave thanks on thanksgiving day as I was 10-2-1/2.) and lived my first four years in Houston, Shelby Co. OH, until my half brother was killed in a car accident. I married Angeliki Athanasiou, born 1946, Temini, Greece.

Second Generation

Thomas Loya Jones, born 1/9/1921, Logansville, Logan Co., OH. He married Bessie Faith Coffman, born 1924, Piqua, Miami Co. OH.

Third Generation

Aaron Coffman, born 12/4/1890, Berlin (now Ft. Loramie, OH). His first wife was Bessie Chloe Foster, born 11/30/1893. They married 12/4/1908 and had 5 children together (all girls) (my mother was the last as Bessie Chloe died after child birth. Aaron mrrried again to Daphene Dunham and had another daughter.

Fourth Generation

Charles Oscar Foster, born 3/8/1873, Cedar Hill, DCO. He married Minney May Hood, born 4/6/1874, DCO. They had four children. Charles is listed in Hanna Dowling's book (My Foster Family - which I am looking for a copy of).

Fifth Generation

William Hood , born 1839 (a stone wall) shows up living with another family in the 1850 census in DCO. He married Malinda Melissa Skinner, born 1844, DCO. They had 7 children.

Sixth Generation

Dorman Skinner, born 1818, Chenango Co., NY. He married Malinda Birt, born 7/29/1826, DCO. They had 6 children that I know of.

Seventh Generation

Andrew Davidson Birt, born 1807, Green Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth Shook, born 1806, VA. they had 11 children that I know of.

Surnames: Abney, Abshire, Ademec, Albertson, Alexander, Alfele, Allen, Alstaetter, Anders, Anderson, Anthony, Apple, Arnold, Athanasiou, Bailey, Baird, Barger, Bartels, Basicker, Bauer, Beech, Begole, Bell, Billing, Birt, Bishop, Blakely, Bleau, Bliven, Bone, Bowers, Breithling, Bricker, Brighton, Buehler, Burris, Coats, Coffman, Crotinger, Dearth, Dietz, Dunham, Edinger, Emmons, Fine, Foster, Fueler, Fueller, Grant, Harless, Hartley, Harvey, Heffinger, Hood, Houdeshell, Johnson, Jones, Katon, Kaufmann, King, Kiser, Knight, Kohlhaas, Kriketou, Laris, Lawrence, Lawson, Lemon, McCan, Meeds, Miller, Minton, Morrison, Nicodemus, Richardson, Riley, Rosh, Rush, Schutte, Skinner, Smith, Springer, Trout, Ware, Whitaker, Wills, Wood, Yarbery and Zimmerman

Jerry Higgins

Jerry Lee Higgins, b 4/1/1951, Greenville {live in Greenville, Anaheim, CA, Long Beach, CA., Anaheim (again), Arcanum, Greenville (again), Lima, OH, Longview, TX, Canton, MI, Wernersville, PA (my wife thinks we're gypsies!)}

My parents:

Donald Joseph Higgins b 10/24/1919, Dayton, d 1/15/1984, Greenville. Mary Kathleen Miller b 8/22/1922, Greenville, d 3/22/1991, Greenville

My maternal grandparents:

Jacob Edward Miller b 8/21/1898, Farmland, IN, d 4/6/1959, Greenville. Rosa Catherine Casanova b 12/12/1900, Indianapolis, d 9/1976, Greenville

My maternal great-grandparents:

John Casanova b 1/20/1879, Greenville. Bertha Mary Elizabeth Oelling b 5/25/1883, d 5/28/1952

My wife's roots

My wife's, Mary Katharine Hahn's, parents:

Carl Marion Hahn b 5/23/1928, Burnside, KY. Phyllis Jean Welbaum b 9/19/1928, Arcanum

My wife's paternal grandparents:

John Henry Hahn b 2/20/1885, Versailles, d 2/7/1957, Arcanum. Katharine Elizabeth Phillips b 12/28/1903, Yuma, AZ, d 11/20/1989, Arcanum

My wife's paternal great-grandparents:

George Fredrick Hahn b 2/3/1857, Troy, d 9/1/1935, Versailles. Mary Elizabeth Humrichouse b 5/8/1861, Versailles, d 7/25/1952, Versailles

My wife's paternal great-great-grandparents:

Jacob Humrichouse b 4/28/1829, York, PA, d 8/28/1897, Versailles. Cynthia Ann Butt b 7/15/1837, Montgomery Co., d 2/6/1902, Versailles

My wife's maternal grandparents:

Virgil Carl Welbaum b 6/4/1905, d 4/1995 Greenville. Mary Elizabeth Sigler b 12/20/1907, d 11/1985 Greenville

My wife's maternal great-grandparents:

Noah Welbaum b 1885, d 1964 Arcanum. Orpha C. Besecker b 1885, d 1962 Arcanum


Issac Funk married Elizabeth Deardorff 5-15-1834 Darke Co., children:

Elizabeth b1836,

DANIEL DEARDORFF FUNK b11-9-1840 married LUCY MULLEN BARKALOW (direct descendants)

Allen Wesley Funk b1843 William F. Funk b1847 Ancil L. Funk b1849 Mary C. Funk b1852 Charles E. Funk b1855 Laura D. Funk b1858(all born in Darke Co)


Perry Barkalow Funk b1866, Harry Elmer Funk b1868, PEARL SPENCER FUNK b1872 (my direct descendant), John I Funk b1876. (all born in Darke Co.)

PEARL SPENCER FUNK m MARY ANN KENNEDY Montgomery Co OH 1893 children:

Daniel T. Funk b 1895, Bernetta Funk b1897, Lucille Funk b1898, CATHERINE FUNK b1899 (my grandmother), Ralph Funk b1901, William Funk b1903, Madeline Funk b1905, Emeline Funk b 1908, Mary Funk b1913 All born in Clark Co. Springfield OH.


Laura Drake

also see My web site

Me and my Siblings

Laura Marthel Drake born 8/14/1968 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Rachel Elizabeth Drake born 8/14/1971 Cincinnati Hamilton Co. Ohio

Edwin Arthur Drake born 5/23/91 (Half Brother) Born Sacramento, Ca

My Parents:

Rebecca Louise McLaughlin born 6/15/1946 Louisville, Ky. Robert Lloyd Drake Jr. born 11/25/1946 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio. Ended in Divorce 1976

My Maternial Grandparents:

Married 8/5/1934 ended in Divorce around 1954

Rebecca Marthel Ryan born 7/10/1910 Miskogie, Oklahoma. Ned Merrell McLaughlin born 7/18/1910 Columbus, Ohio Died 11/25ish/1975 Holland Mi.

Maternial Great Grandparents

Maried10/9/1910 Versailles, Darke Co. Ohio. Jenni Murphy born 5/28/1884 Versailles, Darke Co. Ohio Died 1/23/1978 Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Earl Hurst Ryan born 9/17/1885 Gettysburg, Darke Co., Ohio Died 4/15/1975 Columbus, Ohio

Jenni Murphys Parents (my Great-Great Grandparents)

Married 3/4/1869 Versailles, Darke Co., Ohio. John William Murphy Born 5/10/1845 Enon, Clark Co., Ohio Died 5/9/1916 Versailles, Darke Co., Ohio. Martha J. Marker born 5/25/1851 Darke Co. Ohio? Died 11/22/1942 Ohio or Indiana.

Earl Hurst Ryans Parents (my Great-Great Grandparents)

Maried In Darke or Miami Co. Oh., Year unknown. Dr. Charles Francis Ryan 2/2/1855 Gettysburg, Darke Co., Ohio Died 1939 Darke or Miami Co, Oh. Emma Caroline Peck 6/23/1857 Adams Township, Ohio Died 1932 Miami Co., Ohio

Martha J. Markers Parents (my GGG-Grandparents)

Maried 5/30/1837 Unknown Location Probably Versailles Darke Co., Oh. Martin Marker Born 6/15/1815 Fredrick Co., Md Buried York Township, Darke Co., Ohio. Margaret Weaver Born 1/18/1818 Montgomery Co., Ohio Died 1/24/1901 Darke Co., Oh. Buried York Township, Darke Co., Ohio

John William Murphy's Parents (my GGG-Grandparents)

Married 1/7/1838 William Henry Murphy 10/6/1818 Montgomery Co., Oh. Died 6/26/1893 Versailles, Darke Co. Oh. Buried Highland Cemetery, Covington, Miami Co., Ohio. Mary Sipe Murphy Born 1/1/1818 Died 10/30/1862 Covington, Miami Co., Oh .

Dr. Charles Francis Ryan's Parents (my GGG-Grandparents)

Joseph J. Ryan Born in England Died 5/16/1907 Versailles, Darke County, Ohio. Susan Kinney born 6/12/1823 Yellow Springs, Green Co.,Oh. Died 5/16/1907 Versailles, Darke County,Ohio. Joseph and Susan died within a few hours of each other.

Emma Caroline Peck's Parents (my GGG-Grandparents)

Married 10/26/1842 West Milton, Miami Co., Ohio. Elizabeth Vore born 1/23/1826 Rohoboth, Bristol Co., Mass. Died 6/13/1909 Fidelity, Miami Co., Ohio. Buried Wheelock Cem, West Milton, Miami Co. Ohio. Lucius Wheeton Peck born 3/28/1821 Lydon, Calidonia, Vt.Died 10/20/1891 Miami County, Ohio. Buried Wheelock Cem, West Milton, Miami Co. Ohio

Christine Richardson

I am Christine Ann Booher b 23 Dec 1949 in Santa Monica, LA county, Calif. I am married to Rickey Lee Richardson of Calloway, Neb.

My father was Francis Andrew Booher b 28 Jan 1918 Dayton, Oh. He was married to Helen Beatrice Booher b 28 Nov 1921 Middletown, Oh.

My paternal grandparents were: Edwin Ernest Booher b 27 Nov 1884 Dayton, Oh & Cynthia Gilberta Blotner b 27 Jan 1891 Darke,county, Oh.

Cynthia's parents were: James Alonzo Blotner b 2 Oct 1867 Darke county, Oh & Myrtle Alice Humrichouse b 22 Nov 1873 Versailles, Darke, Oh.

Her maternal grandparents were: Jacob Humrichouse b 28 Apr 1829? York, Pa & Cynthia Ann Butts b Jul 1837 Montgomery county, Oh.

Her paternal grandparents were: John C Blotner II b 8 Aug 1834 Stark county, Oh & Rhoda Swisher b 4 Apr 1839 Darke county, Oh.

Rhoda's parents were: Joseph V Swisher b 14 Feb 1812 Oh & Sydney Dunwoody b 28 Oct 1811 Warren county, Oh.

Robert D. Harter

1. Robert Duane HARTER was born on July 6, 1936 in Muskegon, Michigan.


2. Maurice Dale HARTER was born on December 28, 1909 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH. He died on December 21, 1967 inGood Samaritan Hospital, Dayton, OH.

3. Rachel Virginia BAKER was born on January 4, 1914 in Darke Co., OH. She died on May 23, 1991 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH.


4. Arrando HARTER was born on March 29, 1885. He died on July 2, 1969 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH.

5. Bertha Belle JAMES was born on August 12, 1883 in Braxton Co., WV. She died on January 25, 1958 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH.

6. Irvin BAKER was born on October 19, 1880 in Darke Co., OH. He died on June 16, 1969 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH.

7. Clarinda ONKST was born on July 22, 1881. She died on July 17, 1921 in Darke Co., OH.


8. Albert HARTER was born on September 18, 1859 in Darke Co., OH. He died on August 6, 1940 in Darke Co., OH. He was buried in Nashville Cem..

9. Elizabeth MANUEL was born on October 20, 1868. She died on June 9, 1895.

10. Flavius Van Buren JAMES was born on March 15, 1862. He died on October 31, 1944.

11. Delilah J. FRAME was born on May 28, 1851 in Braxton Co., WV. She died on May 9, 1915 in Darke Co., OH.

12. William Henry BAKER was born on March 9, 1855 in Darke Co., OH. He died on April 30, 1918 in German Twp., DarkeCo., OH. He was buried in West Branch Cemetery, Darke Co., OH.

13. Mary HOLLINGER was born in 1852. She died on August 1, 1894 in Darke Co., OH.

14. James T. ONKST was born in 1853 in TN. He died in 1909.

15. Susannah KUNKLE was born in 1853 in Indiana. She died in 1927.


16. Josiah HARTER was born on January 23, 1825 in Butler Twp., Darke Co., OH. He died on May 28, 1895 in WashingtonTwp., Darke Co., OH.

17. Rebecca TEAFORD was born on April 29, 1836 in Darke Co., OH. She died on March 27, 1919 in Darke Co., OH.

18. Harvey Newton MANUEL was born on November 22, 1837 in Darke Co., OH. He died on June 30, 1873 in Darke Co.,OH.

19. Mary Ann FLATTER was born on March 7, 1845 in Green County, OH. She died on May 12, 1923.

20. Joseph Perry JAMES was born on February 18, 1837 in Braxton Co., WV. He died on February 16, 1889.

21. Margaret CUNNINGHAM was born on December 8, 1838. She died on November 13, 1920.

22. Thomas P. FRAME was born on December 18, 1809. He died on March 8, 1891.

23. Jane Virginia FRAME was born in 1815. She died in 1850.

24. George BAKER was born on April 22, 1831 in Ohio. He died on December 15, 1908 in Darke Co., OH.

25. Susanna PITSENBERGER was born on December 23, 1833 in Montgomery Co., OH. She died on December 24, 1905 in Darke Co., OH.

26. Daniel H. HOLLINGER was born on February 1, 1825 in Dauphin Co., PA. He died on December 18, 1912 in Wayne Twp., Darke Co., OH.

27. Rebecca YOUNG was born on October 18, 1826 in Lancaster Co., PA. She died on December 5, 1897 in Darke Co., OH.

28. William ONKST was born on January 15, 1830 in Washington Co., TN. He died on September 10, 1900.

29. Louisa THOMPSON was born on March 4, 1826 in Montgomery Co., VA. She died in 1873 in Dayton, OH.

30. Jacob P. KUNKLE was born on May 30, 1817 in PA. He died on March 5, 1888 in Randolph Co., IN.

31. Magdelena PETRY was born on March 5, 1815 in York Co., PA. She died on March 16, 1891 in Union City, IN (Randolph Co.).


32. John HARTER was born on May 22, 1800. He died on December 25, 1842 in Butler Twp., Darke Co., OH.

33. Catharine RAY was born on April 16, 1802 in Montgomery Co., VA. She died on November 19, 1888 in German Twp., Darke Co., OH.

34. John Jacob TEAFORD was born in 1798 in VA.

35. Ellizabeth was born about 1799 in PA.

36. Alfred MANUEL was born in 1816.

37. Hannah WISE.

38. George FLATTER was born on March 15, 1821 in Green County, OH. He died on March 26, 1903 in Darke Co., OH.

39. Diana FLATTER was born on March 12, 1825 in Green County, OH. She died on October 29, 1869 in Darke Co., OH.

40. Joseph Perry JAMES was born on December 22, 1796 in Bath Co., VA. He died on August 3, 1881 in Braxton Co., WV.

41. Rebecca Jane PIERSON was born on April 8, 1797. She died on March 18, 1875.

42. Enoch CUNNINGHAM died on August 20, 1879.

43. Elizabeth was born on July 5, 1800. She died on February 25, 1885.

44. John William FRAME was born in 1771 in Augusta Co., VA. He died in October 1855 in Braxton Co., WV.

45. Martha DAUGHERTY was born in 1774 in Virginia. She died on October 15, 1866.

46. James FRAME was born in 1776 in Augusta Co., VA. He died in 1840 in Nicholas Co., VA (WV).

47. Rebecca BOGGS was born in 1781. She was born about 1781. She died before 1821.

48. Samuel BAKER (BECKER) was born on February 6, 1803 in Somerset Co., PA. He died on July 3, 1855 in Neave Twp.,Darke Co., OH.

49. Catharine BRUMBAUGH was born on July 4, 1807 in Huntington (Blaire) Co., PA. She died on August 16, 1886 in Neave Twp., Darke Co., OH.

50. Jacob Asbury PITSENBERGER - born Aug. 18, 1802, died Sept. 24, 1878.

51. Susannah MILLER - born April 24, 1804, died April 24, 1859.

52. Daniel HOLLINGER - born Aug. 31, 1794, died June 11, 1852.

53. Rebecca LANDIS - born March 3, 1795, died April 28, 1880.

54. John YOUNG - born Sept. 18, 1788, died Feb. 24, 1862

55. Rebecca BRITTON - born 1792, died Apr. 26, 1851.

56. David ONKST - born 1807, died about 1887

57. Anna SHERFY - born 1804.

58. Archibald THOMPSON - born Feb. 28, 1805, died Jan. 12, 1876.

59. Rachel REED - born Aug. 10, 1807, died on May 14, 1884.

62. Jacob PETRY Jr. - born Sept. 28, 1791, died Aug. 28, 1861.

63. Magdelena MILLER - b. May 16, 1793, d. Sept. 6, 1855.

Cynthia GANT

a.. 1.Cynthia Ann GANT, b. in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. She m. (1) Paul Edward LEWIS in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. She m. (2) Michael Alan SOPKO in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.

My parents Generation No. 2

a.. 2. Eugene GANT, b. in Savoy, Whitley, KY.; m. in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.

b.. 3. Evelyn Louise SLIVER, b. in Eaton, Preble, OH.

My grandparents Generation No. 3

a.. 6. Glenn Clifton SLIVER, b. 13 March 1902 in Eaton, Preble, OH; d. 27 July 1985 in Kettering, Montgomery, OH. m. September 1927 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.

b.. 7. Lydia Lovina DREW, b. 4 October 1909 in Arcanum, Darke, OH; d. 7 December 1997 in Beavercreek, Montgomery, OH.

Roger Rhoads

My Rhoades' came to Darke Co. starting in 1854 when Abraham Rhoades (1832-1905), s/o Jacob Rhoads, Jr. (1805-1882) and Barbara Souders (1808-1844), at age 22 came to Greenville Twp., Darke Co. and married Mary Pitsenberger (1832-1894), d/o Jacob Asbury Pitsenberger and Susannah Miller in 1856. Jacob Rhoads III (1833-1883), his brother, and wife Susan Klick (1839-1899)followed in about 1870 to Mississanawa Twp. Yet another brother, Hiram (1838-1913), and his wife Sarah Hittle (1847-1909), d/o John HIttle and Catherine Shauk moved to Painters Creek, Franklin Twp. in 1864. A sister, Catherine (1839-1906), married Robert Surber (1838-1907)(a resident as of 1840) and moved to near Arcanum in 1865. A second sister, Malinda (b.1843), married Henry J. Smith of Darke Co. in 1874.

In the mid-1880s, Henry Rhoades (1848-1936), s/o Jacob, Jr. and second wife Anna Maria Shade (1807-1888), and his wife Anna Jane Oyler (1851-1925) lived in Van Buren Twp. before moving back to Mont. Co. A brother of Jacob, Jr. (1823-1891) married Clara Tittle (1829-1901) and was in Wayne Twp. as early as 1870.

After all that, you would think there would be no one left in Montgeromy Co.! Would be happy to correspond with anyone on the Rhoades family (and all its spellings).

Norita Moss

My Darke County connections are Norita Belle Shepherd Born Allen County 1939 ( yea I am old married John Norman Moss born 1936 Lee County,

Floyd Harlan Shepherd b 1913 Mercer County, Ohio married Margaret J. Goldsmith b 1912 Allen County, Ohio

Cary Franklin Shepherd b 1893 North Star Darke County married Nora

Catherine Chambers which then becomes the same as Mike's


Also see

1st gen:

Joyce Rae RITZ, b 1955, md Wayne VANTASSELL

2nd gen:

Raymond Junior RITZ, b. DCO

Kathleen Fae ROGERS, b DCO

3rd gen:

Raymond Edward RITZ, b 1910, Eldorado, Preble OH

Treva Elizabeth BRUNER, b 1907, Twin T, Darke

Alvah Herman ROGERS, b 1900, DCO

Velma Mae ESHELMAN, b1904, Adams T. Darke

4th gen:

James William RITZ, b 1875 DCO

Cora Ann SHEWMAN, b 1889, Preble OH

Charles Edward BRUNER, b 1873, DCO

Josie Myrtle MATCHETT, b 1882 Randolph Co IND

Henry Curtis ROGERS, b 1875 Adams co OH

Anna Gertrude CARSKADON, b Adams co OH

William ESHELMAN, b1859 Adams T, DCO

Etta HORNER, b 1867, MIssouri

5th gen:

Jacob M RITZ, b1841 , OH

Maria A MEARS, B1846, Ithaca, DCO

Wilson SHEWMAN, b1848, Preble OH

Sarah SAYLOR, b1854, Preble OH

Samuel Martin BRUNER, b1849, PA

MAry Elizabeth STEPHENS, b 1849, West Virginia (orphaned and brought to DCO by Robinson family )

Joseph MATCHETT of Randolph Co IND

Mary Elizabeth SCHLECHTY, b 1860 IND?

John ESHLEMAN b1825 Montgomery Co OH

Mahala Ann ENSLEY b 1829 MOntgomery Co OH

James McGordon HORNER , b 1839/40 Greenville, OH ( Civil war vet, 8th OH CAV Co G)

Jane Harriet CROMER, b 1842 PA


Raquel Kreider-Loy

My name is Raquel Kreider-Loy. My father is Ira David KREIDER, his father Billy Ralph>Jasper & Mary Fae COATE-KREIDER> Ira & Mary Ellen TROUTWINE-KREIDER> Tobias & Lydia WELBAUM-KREIDER> David & Gertrude MILLER-KREIDER> Jacob & Anna HARE-KREIDER> Tobias & Ann Landis BUCKWALTER-KREIDER. All from the Darke County area except for the last two generations. My father and I are from Miami County where my grandfather moved to because of work.

Marilyn Shields

Shields Ancestry

Lester L Shields (Jr) born 10-13-45 in Dayton, OH. Married Marilyn S Wright in Tipp City, OH 9-11-1971

Lester L. Shields (Sr) Lester was born Darke County, OH May 13, 1904. He married Dovie Belle Shahan (born Tucker Co, WV) in Newport, KY, Feb. 12, 1927. Lester died Feb. 3, 1979 in Darke Co, OH

Crawford Ellis Shields Crawford was born Darke County, OH Sept. 4, 1879. He married Libbie Viola Rench in Darke County, OH, Sept. 16, 1900. Crawford died in 1962 in Darke Co, OH

Libbie Viola Rench Libbie was born Darke County, OH 1884. She married Crawford Ellis Shields Darke County, OH, Sept.16, 1900. Libbie died July 16, 1953 Darke Co, OH

Benjamin Franklin Shields Benjamin was born Darke County, OH April 13, 1847. He married Sarah Ann Weaver Darke County, OH,Aug. 5, 1868. Benjamin died May 8, 1944 in Darke County, OH

Sarah Ann Weaver Sarah was born Darke County, OH July 18, 1848. She married Benjamin Franklin Shields Darke County,OH, Aug. 5, 1868. Sarah died Dec. 16, 1937 in Darke Co, OH

Tennessee P Rench Tennessee was born Miami County, OH Nov. 10, 1848. He married Roseanna Long Miami Co, OH, Nov.10, 1872. Tennessee died March 17, 1933 Miami Co, OH

Roseanna Long Roseanna was born Miami Co, OH June 4, 1853. She married Tennessee P Rench Miami Co, OH, Nov. 10, 1872. Roseanna died Aug. 28, 1922 Darke Co, OH

Patrick Shields

Patrick was born Somewhere on the Atlantic Sept. 15, 1784. He married Mary Fogle 1806. He married Salina Boyd in Preble County, OH, April 19, 1836. Patrick died March 15, 1877 Darke County, OH

Salina Boyd Salina was born Aug. 28, 1813 in KY. She married Thomas Boyd April 5, 1835. She married Patrick Shields Preble County, OH, April 19, 1836. Salina died March 23, 1880 Darke Co, OH

Joel Weaver Joel was born Madison County, Virginia about 1801. He married Maria Magdalena (Mary) Shull PrebleCounty, OH, Aug. 6, 1824. Joel died Sept. 18, 1861 in Illinois

Maria Magdalena (Mary) Shull Maria was born August 5, 1807. She married Joel Weaver in Preble County, OH, Aug. 6, 1824. Maria died March 10, 1886 in Preble Co, OH

Jacob Rench Jacob was born Huntingdon County, PA 1797. He married Anne Burns Miami County, OH, Jan. 17, 1820. He married Susannah Blickenstaff in Miami County, OH, Oct. 6, 1827. He married Sarah Boggs Shelby Co, OH, June 24, 1844. Jacob died Aug. 13, 1874 Miami County, OH

Sarah Boggs Sarah was born Shelby Co, OH Jan. 2, 1821. She married Jacob Rench in Shelby Co, OH, June 24, 1844. Sarah died July 17, 1891 Miami Co, OH

James S Long James was born 1815. He married Esther Eller Miami Co, OH, Oct. 10, 1839.

Esther Eller Esther was born 1825. She married James S Long Miami Co, OH, Oct. 10, 1839.

Daniel Shields Daniel was born County Cork, Ireland April 4, 1741. Daniel died April 11, 1833 Preble County, OH

Matthias (Jr)"Matthew" Weaver Matthias was born Culpepper County, VA Oct. 23, 1772. He married Eleanor (Ellen) Wayland Dec. 22, 1791. Matthias died Oct. 27, 1829 Madison County, VA, at 57 years of age. Eleanor (Ellen) Wayland She married Matthias (Jr)"Matthew" Weaver Dec. 22, 1791.

Joseph R Rench

Joseph was born about 1767. He married Susannah Deeter Bedford County, PA, 1790.

Susannah Deeter Susannah was born Bedford County, PA June 24, 1772. She married Joseph R Rench Bedford County,PA, 1790. Susannah died 1816 Miami County, OH

Ezekiel Boggs Ezekiel was born Nov. 20, 1782. He married Eve Catherine Haney 1804. Ezekiel died Sept. 22, 1864

Eve Catherine Haney Eve was born Jan. 29, 1783. She married Ezekiel Boggs 1804. Eve died Feb. 26, 1867.

Wayne Humphrey

also see

Generation No. 1

1. George Wayne Humphrey, born February 22, 1938 in Huntington, Indiana. He was the son of 2. George W. Humphrey and 3. Esther Vivian Kramer. He married (1) Shirley Ann McClure February 17, 1961 in Huntington, Indiana. She was born June 28, 1940 in Bippus, Huntington County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Maurice Austin McClure and Pauline Lucile Kelly.

Generation No. 2

2. George W. Humphrey, born September 17, 1909 in Bippus, Huntington County, Indiana; died December 16, 1997 in Huntington, Indiana at 5:30 PM. He was the son of 4. George Washington Humphrey and 5. Orpha Mae Altman. He married 3. Esther Vivian Kramer November 2, 1929 in Huntington, Indiana.

Generation No. 3

4. George Washington Humphrey, born May 13, 1891 in Whitley County Indiana; died October 13, 1980 in Winter Garden, Florida 32787. He was the son of 8. Lemuel Clayton Humphreys and 9. Malinda Margaret Baughman. He married 5. Orpha Mae Altman March 4, 1909 in Huntington, Indiana.

5. Orpha Mae Altman, born April 4, 1892 in Warren Twp., Huntington County, Indiana; died August 5, 1972 in New Lebanon, Ohio. She was the daughter of 10. Henry Altman and 11. Elizabeth Kreider.

Generation No. 4

8. Lemuel Clayton Humphreys, born June 1858 in Dark County, Ohio; died June 8, 1925 in Hammond, Indiana (living with son George W.) after a operation on a tumor. He was the son of 16. George W. Humphreys and 17. Ruth Ann Banks. He married 9. Malinda Margaret Baughman December 22, 1886 in Columbia City, Indiana.

9. Malinda Margaret Baughman, born November 28, 1866 in Washington Township, Whitley County, Indiana; died December 16, 1916 in South Whitley, Indiana. She was the daughter of 18. Samuel Baughman and 19. Emily E. Vance.

10. Henry Altman, born July 25, 1838 in Stark County, Ohio; died February 24, 1924 in Huntington County, Indiana. He was the son of 20. John Altman and 21. Mahala Cooper. He married 11. Elizabeth Kreider February 19, 1866 in Whitley County, Indiana.

11. Elizabeth Kreider, born August 16, 1849 in Dark County, Ohio; died March 18, 1918 in Huntington County, Indiana. She was the daughter of 22. Jacob Kreider and 23. Elizabeth Brenner. Children of Henry Altman and Elizabeth Kreider are: 19 children if anyone is interested.

Generation No. 5

16. George W. Humphreys, born ABT 1830 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1864. He married 17. Ruth Ann Banks April 2, 1857 in Dark County, Ohio.

17. Ruth Ann Banks, born April 23, 1835 in Dark County, Ohio; died February 23, 1901 in Ralls County, Missouri. She was the daughter of 34. James Banks and 35. Lydia C. Short.

Children of George Humphreys and Ruth Banks are:

8 i. Lemuel Clayton Humphreys, born June 1858 in Dark County, Ohio; died June 8, 1925 in Hammond, Indiana (living with son George W.) after a operation on a tumor; married Malinda Margaret Baughman December 22, 1886 in Columbia City, Indiana.

ii. James B. Humphreys, born July 2, 1860 in Randolph County, Indiana; died 1952 in Randolph County, Indiana; married (1) Iva M. Helm; born 1882; died 1960; married (2) Emma E. Bowen April 28, 1881 in Randolph County, Indiana; born February 1858 in Indiana.

iii. Infant Humphreys

18. Samuel Baughman, born April 6, 1833 in Germany ?; died December 28, 1869 in Washington Twp., Whitley County, Indiana. He married 19. Emily E. Vance March 25, 1855 in Whitley County, Indiana.

19. Emily E. Vance, born 1834 in Ohio; died 1899. She was the daughter of 38. Jacob Michael Vance and 39. Catherine Wilt.

22. Jacob Kreider, born August 25, 1809 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania; died 1895 in Huntington County, Indiana. He was the son of 44. David Kreider and 45. ?. He married 23. Elizabeth Brenner January 29, 1829 in Montgomery County, Ohio.

23. Elizabeth Brenner, born November 26, 1807 in Ohio; died February 17, 1856 in Whitley County, Indiana. She was the daughter of 46. George Brenner and 47. Barbara.

Generation No. 6

34. James Banks, born ABT 1795 in Virginia; died Bet. May 6 -July 30, 1864 in Hollansburg, Darke County, Ohio. He was the son of John Banks and Deborah Cassell. He married 35. Lydia C. Short October 9, 1817 in Franklin County, Virginia.

35. Lydia C. Short, born ABT 1798 in Virginia; died Aft. 1880. She was the daughter of Reuben Short and Lydia Clark.

38. Jacob Michael Vance, born ABT 1808 in Preble County, Ohio; died April 1870 in Whitley County, Indiana. He was the son of Michael Vance and Barbara. He married 39. Catherine Wilt April 25, 1833.

39. Catherine Wilt, born October 11, 1809 in Ohio; died November 16, 1891 in Whitley County, Indiana. She was the daughter of John M. Wilt and Margaret unknown.

44. David Kreider, born February 28, 1779; died January 9, 1844 in Montgomery County, Ohio. He married 45. ?

46. George Brenner, died September 8, 1840 in Montgomery County, Ohio. He was the son of Philip Brenner. He married 47. Barbara.

47. Barbara, died March 3, 1861 in Perry Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio.

Child of George Brenner and Barbara is:

23 i. Elizabeth Brenner, born November 26, 1807 in Ohio; died February 17, 1856 in Whitley County, Indiana; married Jacob Kreider January 29, 1829 in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Karl Seitz

Also see

My direct Darke County connections encompass two generations and part of the childhood of a third. Although there are still cousins of varying distance in the Darke County area, my last direct family connection ended with the death of my great-grandmother, Anna Elizabeth KERLIN Seitz, in Greenville in 1918.

My great-great grandfather, William Kendrick KERLIN was born March 2, 1832, near Richmond, Ind. He died April 28, 1903, in Greenville, Ohio. William was a farmer in Wayne County, Ind., until 1865 when he moved to Harrison township, Darke County. He continued farming until 1870 when he moved to Greenville. He was elected justice of peace and appointed deputy county treasurer, serving four years, while living in Harrison township. In 1874, William was elected Darke County treasurer, and he was re-elected in 1876. Back then, the treasurer was paid based on a percentage of the taxes he collected. Family tradition is that he built his fortune by collected back taxes owed by the railroads. He was a stock dealer and money lender after leaving office.

In 1883, William K. KERLIN was the chief founder and stockholder of Second National Bank of Greenville. He was elected president and ran the bank until resigning in January 1900 due to failing health.

My great-great grandmother, Hannah Bennett JEFFERIS, was born Nov 28, 1830 in Wayne County, Ind. She died April 10, 1909, in Greenville, Ohio. Hannah married William Kendrick KERLIN Dec. 1, 1853, in Wayne County, Ind.

Another great-great grandmother, Catherine BEERY Seitz, moved to Greenville from Fairfield County, Ohio, after the 1864 death of husband, Daniel SEITZ (1791-1864). At least two of her children, George Washington SEITZ (1841-1945) and Enoch Beery SEITZ, accompanied her. It's not clear exactly when Catherine left Greenville, but it may have been about 1879 when her son Enoch took a job in Missouri. She initially went to stay with a daughter in Putnam County, Ohio, but then went to live with Enoch in Kirksville, Mo. After his death in 1883, she returned to the home of her daughter, Sophrona SEITZ Blosser, in Putnam County. Catherine was born April 11, 1808, in Fairfield County, Ohio. She died Feb. 2, 1904, in Putnam County.

Enoch Beery SEITZ was born Aug. 24, 1846, near Bremen, Fairfield County, Ohio. He died of typhoid fever Oct. 8, 1883, in Kirksville, Mo. He is buried in Greenville. Enoch was a self-taught mathematician of such ability that in 1880 he became only the fifth American elected to the Mathematical Society of London. From 1872 to 1879, Enoch held the chair of mathematics at Greenville High School and may have served as principal during part of this period. In 1879 he became professor of mathematics at the state Normal School in Kirksville, Mo. At the time of his death he had been chosen to be head of the math department at the University of Texas. Enoch married Anna Elizabeth KERLIN June 24, 1875. They had four sons. The oldest, Raymond, was born in Greenville. The others were born in Kirksville, although all lived in Greenville for a while after their father's death. The third son, Clarence, died shortly before his fifth birthday in Greenville and is buried beside his parents. The youngest son, Enoch Beery SEITZ Jr., my grandfather, was born only a few months before his father's death.

Anna Elizabeth KERLIN was born Oct. 27, 1854, a few miles north of Richmond, Ind. She died Feb. 19, 1918, in Greenville. She is the second of the 11 children of William Kendrick KERLIN and Hannah JEFFERIS.Anna taught in the Greenville schools from 1872 to June 1875 when she married Enoch. Following Enoch's death, she and her four sons returned to Greenville where she taught for nine more years. In 1894, she returned to Kirksville and taught at the Normal School until 1898, serving as principal or supervisor of its training or demonstration school. During this time or shortly thereafter, each of her three surviving sons began attending the normal school. Two of them graduated from the school. The third may have transferred to the University of Missouri. Anna graduated from the Columbian School of Osteopathy, which is in Kirksville, in 1899. She practiced in Richmond, Ind., Cape Girardeau, Mo., and Phoenix, Ariz. Early in 1904, she completed a post-graduate course at American School of Osteopathy, also located in Kirksville. In February 1904, she returned to Greenville where she set up practice as the only female osteopathic practitioner in the county. She continued that practice until her death.


Aslo see McClureSummary

I come from a long line of MCCLURE's in Washington Twp and surrounds. Major Surnames: Banks, Brill, Brubaker, Chenoweth, Cockrell, Cole, Graham, Gerich,Hoover, Jefferis, Kerst, Kirsten, Levan,MCCLURE, Merkles, Murray, Ritter, Rothenberger, Ward, Wasson


Paul DALE/DEAL Sr 1772 PA-1850/1 Darke Co., OH and wife Mary had Paul DALE/DEAL Jr 1814 OH-01 Oct 1894 Livingston Co., IL and wife Anna Hickman/Heckman had Lavina DALE 11 Mar 1836 OH-11 Apr 1910 Morrow Co., OH and husband Jacob L Henry 1824 York Co., PA-1893 OH had Mary Elizabeh HENRY 27 Feb 1853 Darke Co., OH-29 Jul 1896 Mt. Gilead, OH and husband Harrison Casto had Laura Alice CASTO 1888 Morrow Co-1984 Sebring, FL and husband Thomas J Finney had Thomas J FINNEY 1915 Licking Co., OH-present and wife Anna Mae Farley had Phyllis Anne FINNEY 1938 OH-present and 1st husband Don Bame had Mark Edward BAME my husband

Sue Stewart

My Darke County ties are:

George Fryer (Fryar) married Elizabeth Weaver in 1820 and later moved to St. Joseph, Indiana. I would be interested corresponding with anyone who has ties to this line.


First Generation

Paul ROBERTSON b 30AUG1946 in Yakima,Yakima,WA m Mary Stirling CONNING in Fort Pierce,St. Lucie,FL on 28SEP1974.

Second Generation


Pearl E. ROBERTSON b 19MAR1903 in Elgin,Union,OR m Ellyn M. PHERRIL 17SEP1943

in Portland,Multnomah, OR d 02MAY1963 in Zillah,Yakima,WA.


Third Generation


Emory U. ROBERTSON b 13NOV1869 in Mankato,Blue Earth,MN m Annie May GEER on

24DEC1894 in Moscow,Latah,ID d 16JUN1941in Toppenish,Yakima,WA.


Fourth Generation


Henry ROBERTSON b 02JUN1826 in Fincastle,Botetourt,VA m Sarah Jane KERLINGER

26AUG1848 in Darke County OH d 26FEB1905 in Blue Earth County MN.


Fifth Generation


Thomas ROBERTSON (ROBINSON) b 08NOV1784 in VA m Susannah BROOKS 02JAN1810 in

Botetourt County VA d 08JUL1869 in Hollansburg,Darke,OH. This family of 10

children moved to Darke County in 1831. Surnames that the children married of

Darke County interest include SPENCER, PAYNE, BANKS, HARRIS, and KERLINGER.

Some descendants still live in Darke County and surrounding area.

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