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Larry Dean
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I have learned a great deal about photos in two classes are college. Adobe PhotoShop has any album creation feature and I believe that Macromedia's Dreamweaver has an extension for this task also.

As the original file that I uploaded became corrupted and at that time I lacked the knowledge to attempt a correction, I plan to start again here.

There are plenty of young Magee family pictures, mostly in black and white. I have some of the time that I was dating and then when I was married to Kyle's mother.

I have little of Kyle and myself during my "Mr. Mom" years.

Presently there are a few pictures taken recently but it is hard to fit inside one of those little cameras

Hope you enjoy the photos. I am designing the page as I go along so you will portably see changes from time to time as I try to get "just right."


I will have to get mother to come by and update me on some of these pictures.

This is Keith, Candy, Bea and me probably 1949?. What a difference fifty years has made.


This is me and my "trike" taken in 1950 which put me in Gulfport, Mississippi.



Some of my fondest memories of childhood come from the days spent in Japan.

This is Larry and my crab and would have been from our first visit there during 1952.

I wonder if I was afraid of the crab or if Dad was yelling at me to hold still while he took the picture.



Another of the days of summer in 1952 Japan. This storage of bombs was not too far from our quarters. I do remember the activity on the base with moving these and other ordinance. It did not seem to phase us as kids.

Here your have Bea watching over us: me (Larry), Mike and Candy in the background


Larry 1948

Me - 1958

Larry and Mike - Sault Saint Marie, MI - 1954

Larry - Amherst - 1951

Larry - Kokura, Japan with Jane Carpenter 1957

Larry - 1957

Keith Magee - Korea - 1951

Keith Magee - 1954

Keith Magee - 1983

John Rutherford Magee - 1955


Candy, Larry and Mike with Grandma and Grandpa Phillips at the Marceline, MO
Santa Fe RR Station - 1954

Kyle with Grandmother - 1983

Kyle on wall I built at MarJo's house in Euless - 1984

Kyle on his birthday -

He was upset that these Dallas Cowboy football card disappeared until he saw what I had done with them for his birthday.

Kyle - Richland College - January 2001

Kyle at Chili's - April 2001

Kyle like to go there for the Nacho Supreme Meal


Beatrice Magee - 1958

Beatrice now a grandmother - Shot at the Senior Citizen's Center in April 2001

She does volunteer work at Forest Hills Senior Center.

Shot on Mother's Day 2001

Wayne, Larry and Mike (her boys).


Me in Orange on Brookside Road - 1961

I hated those glasses and remember "loosing" them. For years I got away with not wearing them and now--Well I can see enough to get around but I could not read if my life depended on it without them.



The picture of me on the left was taken at Mobile Electronics in Arlington, Texas during my car stereo competition days. They are the shop that helped me with both of my systems - 1996


The picture on the right is me at me work space at PCI on April 2000. I think you can tell I have put on a few pounds. Look at all that work in my "IN" basket.


This is me catching my breathe after finishing the work to make this pass through from the kitchen into the living room. You can see the bump rail that travel around the living room. Also this was before I came upon the design scheme of three colors and painted the bottom half of the living room a darker color of tan/sand.

You can see the lime green of the hallway in the background.


This is Kyle with his 2000 Dodge Neon, his first "new" car. I cosigned for him and was so proud of myself for finally being in a position to help him. This was taken in front of the house in the spring of 2000.


I realize now that I have started added photos to this site that there is going to have to be some kind of organization or the page will become loaded and cumbersome. I'll give it some thought.


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