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They following were from notes made by Keith W. Magee in December 1991.

Lenora B. Magee Morrison (Aunt Norrie) and her husband John had a service station on East Main Street in Unionville, MO (was there in 1998 when Larry visited) just off the square, at the foot of a little grade, on the North side of the street. He sold Sinclair products...............a green Dinosaur was the logo. Dee Magee, son of David William (Uncle Will) worked for John Morrison. I especially remember Dee wearing a rubber apron while rebuilding batteries on this job. I had a picture or two of Uncle John at this station which I gave to the Putnam County Historical Society in 1986. Aunt Norrie and Uncle John were RICH in the eyes of a poor little country boy at that time. They had an icebox in the kitchen (the poor relation out in the country had a cave). They had electricity - - a light bulb dangling on the wire from the center of the ceiling in each room (the poor relation our in the country had COAL OIL lamps). 

Sarah Moss Raney was a Cherokee. There are Indians by the name of Moss living on the reservation today just out of Bryson City, NC

Melva Willett Davidson, daughter of Alma Fern Magee, and Beulah Shipley, Grand Niece of Mary Lucy Raney Magee, have told me of going to Grandma Raney's house in Hartford, MO to visit. Each said they distinctly remember Grandma Raney's long black hair and her dark skin. Mary Lucy Raney Magee had black eyes too, which explains the black eyes of such descendants as Gussie Magee, Tressie Magee (daughter of David William) and her daughter Connie Rae Singletary Touve and subsequent generations.

The gravestone of Samuel M. Magee was the only one standing in the Magee line in the Hartford, MO cemetery when I (Keith) was there in 1986. Samuel M's stone bears the inscription "SAM DEATH ENDS ALL," just as he had requested before his death. The other Magee graves were adjacent to and North of Samuel M.

Charles H. Magee, son of Samuel M., is the man Clare "wasted" on the East side of the Square in Unionville, MO. Now Clare didn't bushwhack Charles as Oliver P allegedly did old man White. No Siree!! Charles was handcuffed to the County Sheriff when Clare shot him. Clare got fined $700 for his gunfire. Old Charles had done time in the Missouri State Penitentiary before Clare did him in. Clare was Postmaster of the Unionville Post Office when it happened. Charles had went to Dr. Edwin Magee's office on the West side of the Square to try to borrow some money. When Edwin refused Charles cut him up a bit. When Clare heard of the incident he started the hunt and met Charles and Ples Gray, the County Sheriff, walking South on the East side of the Square. Clare asked Ples to stop for a moment as he had something for Charles----- and then blasted him. Temporary insanity was Clare's plea.

David W (Keith's Uncle Will) was a "sometimes" drinker. Since I was working in the service station that was one of the local hang outs for the men of the locality I knew almost every time when someone was going to Wallowa (8 miles) or Enterprise (10 miles) to but liquor from the State run liquor store. So if I could get enough money together I'd order a bottle and hide it in the wood in the woodshed at Uncle Will's. When I had a bottle I'd offer him a drink and usually he would decline, but then about four or five months he would accept, and my heart would stop. When he accepted we would sneak out o the woodshed (to avoid his wife Aunt Mae) to have a drink. He would tip up the pint bottle, walk under it, and just let it gurgle down his throat. You were lucky to have one third of the pint left when he got done with his drink. One was all he ever took at a time, thank God, and then he wouldn't touch another drop for three or four months. Even at the Holidays he wouldn't touch a drop even though his children, my Dad, myself (Keith) and our friends were openly drinking in his house.

Samuel O Magee had the same urge to go West as Oliver P had earlier. Sam arrived in Oregon in the early 1900's and landed a job on a wheat ranch about 1/2 to 3/4 mile West of Weston, OR. Then David W came and settled in the Wallowa Valley. Although Sam moved to Oregon and became quite prosperous, Will never really got started. J R said Will would make money in Missouri, then go to Oregon and lose it. Will and his family moved between Oregon and Missouri five (5) times. Sam and Will used to tell of the Indians holding an annual POWWOW each fall about 3/4 miles Northeast of where the highway now enters into the canyon, down below Wallowa.

One Christmas in the late '30's, James R and his wife Sara (Aunt Sally) mailed David W a fake dog TIRD for Christmas. Uncle Will had a real hardy laugh, took his present up town Lostine to show the other men what his sister-in-law had sent him. He said "Now by Gawd I'm going to fix her for that."  AND HE DID. He waited until the middle of January, then started searching the streets for Lostine for just the right "present" to send Aunt Sally. After finding the correct one he packed it in a "Barn Burner" match box, wrapped it securely and mailed it while his "present" was still frozen. By the time that package arrived on Early Street the contents had thawed out and when it was opened the aroma was unbearable. No Fake Present From Him.

Samuel M's oratorical reputation was gained by making speeches at various social and political functions. An example: Veterans Day Celebration speech from the steps of the North side of the County Courthouse in Unionville, MO:  He lauded the veterans, the Democrats, then reviled the Republicans, and of course had to take a swipe at religion by stating he knew there were errors in the Bible, and he could prove it. He said the Bible stated we were all going to a place where there would be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Then he said, "Ladies and gentlemen I know that is wrong because by Gawd ole Sam will be a-gummin-er." The whole crowd roared because they knew Samuel M did not have one tooth in his head. That kind of philosophical wit really went over big with those North Missouri hillbillies.



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