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Larry Dean
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Used to be if you read My Stereos page that my supervisors at work wanted me to find something other than cellular phones to concentrate on. They felt that too much of my life revolved around work and that I needed something to take my thoughts away from work. I participated in stereo building and competition from 1993 until the summer of 1997 when I realized a life long dream of having my own home.

During that same time, I got my first computer--A Compaq Model 4705. It was a 133 MHz system with a fifteen inch monitor and I thought I was in pig heaven. It was the first thing that I purchased after working through my bankruptcy and receiving my first credit card again.


In February of 2000, I ordered a Dell Dimension L series with a 550 MHz Pentium Processors and a seventeen inch monitor. I had graduated to the big time.


In August of 2001, I built my first generic PC. I had already had to factory computers that were just a major problem to add devices too or upgrade when something newer came along. In the past I had to buy a complete system in order to upgrade. This new one is running on a Gigabyte kxt motherboard with a Athlon Duron 1.4 gig processors with 512 meg of DDR memory. It has a built-in Creative Labs DVD player, a built-in Creative Labs CD-RW, a ZIP 250 internal drive, a 32 meg Radeon video card, Creative Labs sound card, a Creative Labs v.90 56k modem and a Kingston 10/10 Fast Ethernet card. I also got a NEC MultiSync LCD 1700M+ flat panel display.


The last fall I also built a computer for my son Kyle. It too is a generic PC running on a Gigabyte kxt motherboard with 256 meg PC133 memory.


In October I brought a Sony Viao 900 MHz laptop to carry back and forth to school. It was a good idea but it spends too much time sitting on my desk.


For Christmas I built another generic PC for a "girl" friend from work (boy is that another story--See 1996 page and look for around 1998 when this whole relationship started). Another Gigabyte kxt mother board with all the same components as mine but with a nineteen inch KDS monitor for her family to play games on.


The last computer I built started out as an economy generic PC as my mother wants to learn how to use one (I know - isn't that sweet of me?) but soon turned into a challenge that I resolved quite easily. I went back to a Gigabyte KTC motherboard and no more problems.


I spend a LOT of TIME on the computer. Also in the fall of last year, I was connected to the corporate AS400 so that I could work at home on the updating and redesign/development of a "new" Intranet for the CCare Call Center where I have worked as a Web Developer since 1999. It should be evident by how fast I have made to conversion to this new look.

However, the computer is my link to job security and the future. Even as big as I am I can still give all the young people a "run for their money" when it come to computer work. I LOVE IT!





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