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This section includes notes on direct ancestors that do not have sufficient information to make a life sketch.  As additional information becomes available on these ancestors, a page in the life sketch section can be generated. Many of the notes contain interesting information and give a glimpse into their lives. Click on name of interest or scroll down page.






ABBOTT, Jonathan  (1750-     )  (4th Great Grandfather) was born about 1750 in Newcastle on the Tyne, Northumberland, England. About 1785 he married Sarah SMITH, who was also born in Newcastle. There is currently no record of either of their parents. They had five children. Their daughter Margaret married John Grace, and after his death immigrated to Utah.

 BARRON, Ellis (1655-     )  (7th Great Grandfather) was born 22 Sep 1655 in Watertown, Massachusetts, the son of Ellis Barron and Hannah Hawkins. He married Mary SHERMAN on 27 May 1679 in Watertown. She was born on 5 Mar 1657, also in Watertown, the daughter of the Reverend John Sherman and Mary Launce. They had eight children.

BARRON, Ellis (1628-1713)  (8th Great Grandfather) was born in 1628 in Waterford, Ireland, the son of Ellis Barron and Grace. He came with his parents to the American colonies in 1640 when he was about 12 years of age. He married Hannah HAWKINS on 14 Oct 1653 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Hannah was born in 1637 in Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of Timothy Hawkins and Hannah Hammond. Ellis and Hannah had eleven children. His will was dated 31 Dec 1711 and was probated the following October 1712. His occupation is listed as Housewright (a builder of houses).

BARRON, Ellis (1600-1676)  (9th Great Grandfather) was born in 1600 in Ireland, probably Waterford, the son of Nathaniel Barron. He married Grace _______ about 1625, reportedly in England. They had nine children, four of which were born in Ireland before they immigrated to America in 1640. Grace may very well have been pregnant on the voyage to America as their daughter Sarah was born in July of 1640 in Massachusetts. Apparently Ellis and Grace were divorced sometime between the birth of their last child in 1647 and when Ellis married Hannah Hammond (widow of Timothy Hawkins) in 1653. Ellis was a freeman in 1641, a Constable of Watertown, Massachusetts in 1658 and a Selectman in 1668. His will was probated in 1676. An inventory of his estate at the time of his death was 139 pounds.

BIRDSEY, John (1641-1697) (7th Great Grandfather) was born 28 Mar 1641 in Fairfield, Connecticut, son of John Birdsey and Philippa Smith. He married Phoebe Wilcoxson 11 Dec 1669. Phoebe was born 31 Aug 1650 in Stratford, Connecticut, the daughter of William Wilcoxson and Margaret Birdseye. John and Phoebe had seven children. John’s Will, dated 20 may 1693, was probated at Fairfield, Connecticut

BIRDSEY, John (1615-1690)  (8th Great Grandfather) Deacon John Birdsey was born about 1616 in Reading, Berkshire, England, the son of William Birdseye, mother’s name currently unknown.  He came to the American Colonies in 1636 and joined the other settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut.  He married Philippa Smith in 1639. Philippa was born about 1622 in England, daughter of the Reverend Henry Smith and Dorothy Cotton. She came with her parents to the Colonies in 1636. John and Philippa had two children. They moved to Milford, Connecticut in 1639.  His son was baptized there in 1641.  From there, he moved to Stratford, Connecticut in 1649, where he became a prominent citizen and Deacon of the church. After Philippa died in 1687 he married  Alice, widow of Henry Tomlinson. John Birdsey died in  Stratford, Connecticut on April 4, 1690 at the age of 74.

BISHOP, John (1590-1661) (9th Great Grandfather) was born about 1590 in England, the son of Richard Bishop and Dolabelle. He came to the American Colonies before 1610 as he married Ann Stevens that year. Ann was born about 1592 in England, parents currently unknown. She would have been about 18 years old when she married John, so also came to the colonies before that time. They settled in Guilford, Connecticut and had six children.

BLISS, Thomas (1685-1767) (7th Great Grandfather) was born 22 Jan 1685 in Springfield, Massachusetts, son of Samuel Bliss and Sarah Stebbins. He married Sarah Dorchester 2 Nov 1710 in Springfield. She was born 20 Mar 1692, the daughter of James Dorchester and Sarah Parsons. They settled in Longmeadow, Massachusetts where all six of their children were born.

BROWN, Thomas (1666-     )  (7th Great Grandfather) was born about 1666 in Stanstead-Mountfitchet, England, parents unknown at this time.  He married Sarah Grout 18 Sep 1688 in Stanstead-Mountfitchet. She was also born in Stanstead-Mountfitchet about 1670. Parents not known at this time. They had six children, all of whom were born and christened in Stanstead-Mountfitchet.

BROWNSON, Cornelius (1692-1746)  (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1692 in Woodbury, Connecticut, son of Cornelius Brownson and Abigail Welton. He married Abigail Jackson 6 Nov 1711 in Woodbury. She was born about 1696, also in Woodbury, parents unknown at this time.

BROWNSON, Cornelius (1650-1732) (7th Great Grandfather) The birthdate of Cornelius is not known, somewhere around 1650; place was Farmington, Connecticut, where his parents settled after immigrating from England. Parents are Richard Brownson and Abigail Wyborne. He married Abigail Welton.

BURDICK, Robert (1698-     ) (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1698 in Westerly, Rhode Island, son of Thomas Burdick and his wife Martha. He married Dorcas Lewis in 1725 at Westerly. She was born about 1700 in Westerly, daughter of Daniel Lewis and Mary Maxon. They apparently settled in Stonington, Connecticut as all eleven of their children were born there.

DORCHESTER, James (1645-1732) (8th Great Grandfather) was born about 1645 in Windsor, Connecticut, son of Anthony Dorchester and Sarah Harmon. He married Sarah Parsons 1 Mar 1677 in Springfield, Massachusetts. James was a surveyor and a Freeman in 1686.

DORCHESTER, Anthony (1619-1683) (9th Great Grandfather) was born about 1619 in Springfield, Massachusetts, parents unknown at this time. He married Sarah Harmon in 1643. She was born about 1625 in Springfield and died 9 November 1649 while in her late twenties. They had three children. There is controversy about Sarah's mother's maiden name. But all agree that her parents were a John Harmon and Elizabeth. Anthony married twice after Sarah's death.

EVANS, John Williams (1770-1847)  (3rd Great Grandfather) was born about 1770 in Beaumans, Wales, the son of Thomas Williams Evans and Margaret Scurrah. At some point in time John apparently dropped the name of Evans and was known as John Williams, thus his daughter Elizabeth (our ancestor) is shown as Elizabeth Williams in many records. He married Ann Jones about 1815 in Liverpool, England, where they lived and died. Ann was also born in Beaumans, the daughter of John Jones and Elizabeth.

FOWLER, Daniel (1686-1776)  (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1686 in Guilford, Connecticut, son of Abraham Fowler and Elizabeth Bartlett. He married Grace Barron 24 Sep 1712 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was born about 1690 in Groton, Massachusetts, daughter of Ellis Barron and Mary Sherman. Daniel was a shoemaker and tanner. His list in 1716 was only 5 pounds. His homestead was called “Prospect” and was given to him in 1719 along with about 30 acres of land.

GRACE, John (1789-1835)  (3rd Great Grandfather) was born 13 Mar 1789 in Speke, Liverpool, England, son of Isaac Grace and Margaret Smith. He married Margaret Abbott 24 Jul 1814 in Liverpool.  Margaret was born about 1792 in Newcastle, England, daughter of Jonathan Abbott and Sarah Smith. John died in 1853 and Margaret immigrated to Utah along with her children, who had previously been baptized into the Mormon Church.

GRACE, Isaac (1760-     )  (4th Great Grandfather) was born about 1760 in Speak, England, parents unknown. He married Margaret Smith about 1784. She was the daughter of Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Michelson. They had three children.

LEWIS, Daniel 1663-1721)  (7th Great Grandfather)Daniel was born in Westerly, Rhode Island in 1663, son of John Lewis and his wife Hannah. He married Mary Maxon in 1701. She was the daughter of John Maxon and Mary Moshier. Daniel became the first settler in that part of Westerly that became Hopkinton, about 1704, purchasing thirty acres of land July 14th of that year. He was a fuller by trade, and carried on his business, where in 1876 stood the Laurel Glenn Mill, or very near there. He built the first dam at that point, and for many years carried on a thriving business for the times. He was a straightforward, firm and energetic man; was a member of the First Seventh Day BaptistChurch in Hopkinton. He was deputy in 1711 and 1714. He died in 1718, and his widow passed away 1721.

LEWIS, John (1631-1690)  (8th Great Grandfather) is credited with having come from England in company with his four brothers in the early settlement of this country, locating in what is now Westerly, Rhode Island; his brothers are said to have located near Boston. He is first mentioned in the Rhode Island records as signing the articles of agreement about the settlement of Westerly on March 22, 1661. He was one of the founders of the town, and is supposed to have been at Newport, Rhode Island previous to this date. On October 28, 1668, he was freeman at Westerly, and on May 18, 1669, his name appears on a list of the inhabitants of the town. He took the oath of allegiance on May 16, 1671, in response to a warrant issued to the inhabitants of Westerly to appear "tomorrow at Tobias Saunders home to see how they stand as to their fidelity to His Majesty and his colony." Before 1690 he died, and was buried just below the village of Westerly

MOGER, Nicholas (1596-1660)  (9th Great Grandfather) was baptized 19 Dec 1596 in Cucklington, Somerset, England. He married Lydia Maxson about 1631 in England before they immigrated to Rhode Island. The name “Moger”  became “Mosher” after arriving in America. They had seven children.

MOSS, John (1799-1859)  (3rd Great Grandfather) was born about 1799 in Freston, Suffolk, England and married Susanna Barber there. They apparently lived all their lives in Freston. Their daughter Rhoda married Wm David Owen, joined the Mormon church and immigrated to Utah.

NORTON, David (1726-1769)  (5th Great Grandfather) 

David was born 31 Jan 1726 in Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut, son of Samuel C. Norton and Dinah Birdsey.  He married Anna Brownson 29 Jan 1752 in Goshen, Connecticut. She was born 7 Dec 1726 in Woodbury, Connecticut, the daughter of Cornelius Brownson and Abigail Jackson. As recorded in the history of Goshen, they moved from Durham to Goshen in 1752 shortly after they were married. He was a steady and energetic farmer. He served in the French and Indian War in 1757 under Capt. Nathaniel Johnson of Guildford, in Col. Samuel Willard's Regiment.

NORTON, Samuel C. (1681-1767)  (6th Great Grandfather) was born 6 Nov 1681 in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, the son of Thomas Norton and Elizabeth Mason.  He married Dinah Birdsey 13 Mar 1713 in Durham, Connecticut. She was born about 1688 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, the daughter of John Birdsey and Phoebe Wilcoxson. Samuel moved from Saybrook to Durham, Connecticut in March 1704. He purchased a proprietor's right in Goshen, Connecticut on November 20, 1738 of David Hall of Wallingford.

NORTON, Thomas (1637-1713)  (7th Great Grandfather) was born 6 Aug 1637 in Dean, Bedford, England, the son of Thomas Norton and Grace Wells. He married Elizabeth Mason 8 May 1671. She was born in Aug 1654 in Saybrook, Connecticut, the daughter of John Mason and Anne Peck. Thomas was approximately two years old when his parents and family came to America.

NORTON, Thomas (1609-1648)  (8th Great Grandfather) was born 15 Sep 1609 in Sharpenhoe, England, the son of William Norton and Dionisia Cholmeley. He married Grace Wells 5 May 1631 in Shelton, England She was born about 1610 in Bedfordshire, England, the daughter of Thomas Wells. They immigrated to the Colonies about 1639.

The first settlers of Guilford were adventurers from Surry and Kent near London, and, unlike their mercantile brethren who peopled New Haven, were mostly farmers. They had not a merchant among them and scarcely a mechanic, and it was at great trouble and expense that they procured even a blacksmith on their plantation. They took much pains to find land like that from which they had removed. At first they thought of Milford, but finally fixed upon Guilford, because they found it, particularly about the town plat where they first settled, low, flat and moist land agreeable to their wishes. They called the town Guilford in remembrance of Guilford a borough-town, the capital of Surry, where many of them had lived in England.

Their first recorded act as a separate community was the Covenant, which they signed on ship-board, while on the passage. Thomas Norton was one of the twenty five that signed this Covenant. (See Abraham Cruttenden's writeup for the covenant.)

OWEN, David Morgan (1765-1850)  (3rd Great Grandfather)

David was born in 1765 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, the son of David Owen and Elizabeth Bamber. He married Elizabeth Taylor 11 Sep 1809 in Mary le Bone, London, England. She was born about 1770 in Saxmundham, Suffolk, England. They had six children, all born in England. Their son Wm. David Owen joined the Mormon Church and immigrated to Utah.

From: "Eugene Sloan" :

In doing research on my Owen line I found your information regarding the Owen family.  I am Eugene Owen Sloan, son of Mildred Owen [Sloan] b. 1907 who is the daughter of Daniel Whitney Owen b. 1867, son of William David Owen and Rhoda Moss.

We have been reseaching for years and have not been able to verify David Morgan Owen's b.1765  birth records or that of his wife Elizabeth Taylor b. abt 1788 in Saxmundham, Suffolk, England.  We have, however, found LDS Church records which indicate he, with wife Elizabeth, was baptised in England in Sept 1845 at age 69, which would indicate he was born in 1776, and was appointed President of the St. John's Branch in London in 1856. This is a conflict with our records which show his death 5 March 1850.  This church record also indicates he lived at 38 Charrington St, and 9 Abbey Place in Summerstown.

We were trying to verify and document the children listed in the Ancestry website for David Morgan Owen and Elizabeth Taylor.  In our search we find them listed with parents David Owen and Elizabeth, but can't verify this is really the same parents.  We think they are as do you.  We know that William David Owen is correct although their seems to be a question as to his year of birth being 1810 or 1812.   We have birth as 14 June 1812 and christening 2 August 1812.  The first child, Jane, appears to have been born 2 years before their marriage and in St. Olave, Southwark, London.  The remainder of the children were born in Greenwich and Deptford in Kent.   All of these locations are within a few miles of London and each other.  In the parish registers of Deptford we found Lucin, Alice and Harriott with the entry that their father was a cook on the HMS Narcissus.  This makes sense because we have information also that he was a mariner.  I found a picture of this ship on Google.  I am sending it as an attachment. There is a book at the FHL library entitled The First London Mormons 1840-1845 [a master's thesis at BYU]  call number 942.1/L1 K2j at the FHL. In this book it indicates a David Morgan Owen b. 1776 -- wife Elizabeth?-- age 69 when he was baptised Sept 1845 by Elder Davis.  Places he lived were 38 Charrington St, 9 Abbey Place in  Somers Town.  It indicates he served as President of the St. John's Branch in the London Conference having been appointed in 1856.  No information on Elizabeth's birth or death of baptism. This must be our David Morgan Owen.  The information is too close to our records for it not to be him.  In our records we didn't even know that he was a member. The dates are a little off, but not by much.  However, we have a death date of 6 March 1850 in Somers Town, St. Pancras, Middlesex. Either this isn't our David Morgan Owen or the death date is incorrect.

SHERMAN, Edmund (1572-1643)  (9th Great Grandfather) was born 23 Jun 1572 at Dedham, Essex, England, the son of Edmund Sherman and Ann Pellatte. He married Joan Makin about 1598 in England. She was born about 1575 in Essex, England, the daughter of Tobias Makin and Katharine Bell. The came to New England with some of their children and were in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1635.

SISSON, Augustus (1766-     )  (4th Great Grandfather) was born 22 Aug 1766 in Westerly, Rhode Island, the son of Nathan Sisson and Hannah Burdick. He married Margaret Stebbins 31 Oct 1790. She was born 5 May 1769 in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, the daughter of Noah Stebbins and Margaret Stebbins.In his early boyhood Augustus Sisson witnessed a battle of the Revolutionary War being fought in Stonington which was attacked by the British.  He was a cabinetmaker and merchant.

SISSON, Nathan (1740-1814)  (5th Great Grandfather) was born 14 Apr 1740 in Westerly, Rhode Island, the son of William Sisson and Hannah Mullins. He married Hannah Burdick 9 Feb 1765. She was born 17 Sep 1734, in Stonington, Connecticut, the daughter of Robert Burdick and Dorcas Lewis.Nathan Sisson was a sergeant in 1762 in Capt. Russell's Rhode Island Company in an expedition against Havanna under Admiral Pococke and Lord Albemarle; he served in Ticonderoga and was imprisoned on a ship in New York, all no doubt during the French and Indian War. The 1790 census shows him in the town of Wilbraham, Hampton County, Massachusetts, with 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, and 5 females over sixteen. At some time between 1790 and about 1810 Nathan Sisson lived in Barre, Vermont. He was a freewill preacher and farmer. Both Nathan and his wife Hannah died in Wilbraham, Massachuesetts, in 1814, within four days of each other. They are buried in the same grave. Nathan and Hannah are mentioned in the Elisha and Elizabeth [Chappel] Sisson family Bible (later added to by their son Judge William Sisson of Lyons, New York, and some of his descendants).

SISSON, William (1715-1775)  (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1715 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, the son of Thomas Sisson and Jane Freeman. He married Hannah Mullins, who was born about 1716 in Portsmouth.William Sisson was admitted as a freeman in Westerly,  Rhode Island, in Novemember 1737. He inherited land from his father and was a farmer in Stonington, Connecticut.  He and his wife Hannah were living in Westerly in 1774. William's will was signed on 16 August 1775 and it was  proved 27 September 1775.  His death occurred between those two dates.  He left two-thirds of his household goods,  the east part of his home including the "great room chamber garret" and cellar, plus one cow and sidesaddle to his wife, his sons to provide firewood, etc. His daughters Abigail Kimball and Hannah Maxson were left the remaining household goods.  

SISSON, Thomas (1686-1775)  (7th Great Grandfather) was born 10 Sep 1686 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, the son of George Sisson and Mary Lawton. He married Jane Freeman about 1714. She was also born in Portsmouth, the daughter of William Freeman.Thomas Lawton Sisson was admitted a freeman in Newport, RI, May 1714, the year of his marriage to Jane Freeman. His will was written May 3, 1758, proved August 1, 1775.  It mentions his wife Jane and five children.

STEBBINS, Noah (1741-1818)  (5th Great Grandfather) was born 13 Oct 1741 in Wilbraham, Hampden, Massachusetts, the son of Samuel Stebbins and Mary Knowlton. He married Margaret Stebbins (cousins) 22 May 1765. She was born 28 Aug 1741 in Wilbraham, daughter of Jonathan Stebbins and Margaret Bliss. They lived in Wilbraham all their lives and had ten children.

STEBBINS, Samuel (1708-1754)  (6th Great Grandfather) was born 19 June 1708 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, the son of Samuel Stebbins and Hannah Hitchcock. He married Mary Knowlton about 1740. She was born 4 April 1709 in Springfield, daughter of Benjamin Knowlton and Elizabeth Phelps. They had six children.

STEBBINS,    Samuel (1683-1767)  (7th Great Grandfather) was born 13 May 1683 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, the son of Samuel Wright Stebbins and Joanna Lamb. He married Hannah Hitchcock about 1707. She was born 18 Mar 1683 in Springfield, daughter of Capt. Like Hitchcock and Sarah Burt. They had eleven children. Samuel is a “double” 7th great grandfather through his sons Samuel and Jonathan, both of whom are 6th great grandfathers because their children, Margaret and Noah married.

STEBBINS, Jonathan (1709-1788) (6th Great Grandfather) was born 24 Oct 1709 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, the son of Samuel Stebbins and Hannah Hitchcock. He married Margaret Bliss 11 Dec 1735. She was born 3 Aug 1714 in Longmeadow, Hampden, Massachusetts, daughter of Thomas Bliss and Sarah Dorchester. They had six children.

VORE, Richard (1600-1683)  (10th Great Grandfather) was born about 1600 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England, son of Thomas and Ann Vore. He married Ann ______ about 1625. They immigrated to the Colonies about 1633 and resided in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Later they settled in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. His Will dated 1 Jul 1683.


BAKER, William (1720-1767)   (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1720 in  Goose Creek ,   Berkeley ,  South Carolina . He moved to  Liberty ,  Georgia, and was a first Deacon of Midway Congregational Church there.When  Georgia 's Second Provincial Congress convened July 4, 1775,   St. John's Parish was represented by Midway men: James Screven, Nathan Brownson, Daniel Roberts, John Baker, Jr., John Bacon, Sr., James Maxwell, Edward Ball, William Baker, Sr., William Bacon, Jr., John Stevens, and John Winn, Sr.

GOODWYN, Thomas (1680-1731)  (8th Great Grandfather) was known to be a mariner. He is probably of the Goodwyn family of  Cambridge ,  England  . Records indicate his will dated 7 Feb 1730 and proved 20 Oct 1731. His will was published in the William & Mary Quarterly (Vol VIII, No. 2 Supplement, pages 148-0)...some of which was not legible, but does identify most of his children, and his wife's name as Mary.

He served in the Virginia Militia 2nd Battalion where he obtained the rank of Captain.  Was  in the House of Burgesses, Assembled March 1st, 1658-9. Representatives of  Upper Norfolk : Lieut. Colonel Edw'd Carter, Captain Thomas Goodwyn, Giles Webb.

On August 8, 1717 he executed power of attorney to Henry Harrison of  Surry County , Virginia .  1721 - Thomas made a gift of deed to John Scott, Jr., who had married his daughter Amy Goodwyn.

GOUGH, Matthew  (10th Great Grandfather) is the first person by this name to appear in Virginia. Little is known of him, though he appears to have held a position of some stature in the colony. Matthew arrived by 1639 and settled on a tract named "Warwick" in Henrico County, Virginia and served in the House of Burgess, Grand Assembly from 1642 to 1644 for Henrico County. Hotten's list of emigrants to Virginia show transport for a Matthew Gowgh, age 28 years aboard the "Constance" and a Matthew Gough, age 22 years transported on the ship "Safety". The only genealogical information on Matthew is found in the Branch family that claim Matthew had a daughter Elizabeth that married Thomas Branch (1623-1694). In fact William Byrd's "Title Book" mentions the Henrico lands of Capt. Mathew Gough and for want of a will or heirs the land reverted back to the state.

HEETH, Richard Washington (1817-1883)  (2nd Great Grandfather) appears in the 1860 Census records of  Thomas County, Georgia, indicating that he was quite wealthy with an estate value of more than $40,000 at the age of 42. However, after the Civil War, the 1870 census shows him with an estate valued much lower. In 1880 it shows him married to Julia Lockhart, indicating that Susan had died.

HEETH, Henry (1785-     )   (3rd Great Grandfather) In Warren County, Georgia, in 1817 where R.W. Heeth was born. Moved to Thomas County in 1826 per R.W. Heeth's obituary. Members of the Primative Baptist Church.

MITCHELL, Thomas (1722-1761)  (6th Great Grandfather) was the second son of Henry Mitchell.

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Mitchell
I, Thomas Mitchell of Albemarle Parish in S, very sick and weak but of sound mind:
To my wife Amy - to use, labor and profits of Negroes Will, Cate and Peter during her widowhood. Also, The labor and profits of my Negro boy will until my son Thomas arrives to the age 21 years.
To my son John - my Negroes Jack and Sarah.
To my son Henry - Negroes Peter, Roger and Sarah a girl.
To my son Thomas - my land and plantation whereon I now live, containing about 300 acres, and my Negroes Will, Cate and Will a boy and Betty a girl.
To my daughter Tabitha - my 2 Negroes Tab and Ben.
To my daughter Winnefret - my 2 Negroes Pegg and Charles.
To my wife Amy - the use of the rest of my estate during her widowhood, with the liberty to give any part of it to any of my children, and at her death or marriage, to be equally divided between all of my children. 

I do not want my estate appraised. I want my wife to have the use of all the legacies to educate and bring up my children, upon till my children arrives to the age of 21 years respectively. 

Executrix: my wife Amy
Signed October 20, 1761 by Thomas Mitchell --- Witnessed by Edward Pettway, Henry Mitchell and Nathaniel Mitchell. 

At court of Mar 18, 1762 the will of Thomas Mitchell deceased  was presented in court by the executrix, provided by the oaths of witeness Pettway and Nathaniel Mitchell. The executrix was granted a certificate for obtaining probate. 

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Mitchell deceased. May 18, 1762. Items mentioned include Negroes Will, Jack, Peter, Sarah, Cate, Tab, Tamor, Ben, Pegg, Charles, Sall, Will a boy, Betty, Roger, Lucy, 28 cattle, 4 feather beds and furniture, 6 chairs, carpenter’s and cooper’s and shoe and planter’s tools. 1 looking glass, pistols, 1 sword, 1 bayonet. Signed Amy Mitchell - Ex’trix. Recorded May 20 1762. 

Occupation: Doctor and  Plantation owner
October 20, 1761, Will executed
March 18, 1762, Will probated

OSGOOD, Christopher  (1607-1650)  (9th Great Grandfather) was first married to Mary Everatt. After her death, he married Margery (Margaret) Winsley or Winslow.

The author of the History of the Osgood Family, as well as the author of The Osgood Family, states that he was indebted to Mr. Harrison of the  College of  Arms  who supplied a pedigree which was found in a private collection there. Mr. Harrison stated that he believed that Christopher was the name of the father of Christopher, William and Mary, and as the name was an uncommon one, he suggested that Christopher of Salisbury was the father of Christopher of Marlborough and grandfather of Christopher of Ipswich. He stated that it would appear from the pedigree given that this branch of the family is extinct in   England  in the male line. However, Mr. Harrison made Mary Osgood who was baptized March 17, 1632/33 in his chart the sister of Christopher Osgood instead of the daughter of Christopher Osgood of Marlborough,   Wiltshire ,  England . Thus it appears, from the compiler of the Osgood Manuscript and the information found, that two different families in the private collection had been intermingled.

The parish register of St. Mary's, Marlborough, Wiltshire, shows:
"Baptized, 1632/3, March 17, Mary, daughter of Christopher Osgood.
Married 1632, April 21, Christopher Osgood and Mary Everatt.
Married 1633, July 28, Christopher Osgood and Margery Fowler.
     Buried 1633, April 21, Mary Osgood."

Christopher Osgood and wife, Margaret, came to New England in the "Mary and John" from  London , along with Margaret's parents. He embarked with his family in the "Mary and John" of  London , Robert Sayres, Master. While lying in the river Thames, they "were made stay of untill further order" from the Council on 28 February 1633/1634, woing to misrepresentation of the colonies by its enemies which had reached  England . The Master was required, among other things, to give a bond of 100 lbs. that the service of the Church of England should be said daily on board and be attended by the passengers. And before the ship was allowed to leave Southampton, London, England, Christopher and all other passengers were also required to take the "Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacie", which they did on 24th of March 1633-1634. They arrived in  New England in May 1634.

On January 5, 1634/35 the town of Ipswich "Given and granted unto John Webster, and unto Mathias Currin (Curwen), and unto Philip Fowler, and  unto William Moody, and unto Thomas Dorman, and unto Christopher Osgood, and unto Joseph Medcalf, to each of them, four acres of meadow and marsh ground as it will arise in 20 poles or rods, by the land side, unto them, their heirs or assigns, lying northward of the Town, the marsh is not limited unto them." On January 26, 1634/35, "Given and granted unto Mr. (Richard Wa(ttles), Mr. (John) Fawn and to Philip Fowler, and to Goodman  Adrews, and to Christopher Osgood, a Hill of ground containing 30 acres of land, unto each of them 6 acres of land and unto their heirs forever."

April 20, 1635, "Granted to Philip Fowler, thirty-four acres of land lying on the northwest side of the mile river, having the  land of  Richard Jacob on the northeast, and Mr. Woomansey's farm on the sourthwest. Likewise six acres of meadow lying towards the neck, having the little neck on the northeast, Christopher Osgood on the northwest, and Mr. Thomas Bresey on the southwest. Likewise six acres of planting ground on the hill north side of the  town, having Christopher Osgood's towards the northwest and George Varnham southeast."

The grant to Christopher in 1635 was "six acres of meadow towards the Neck, having Philip Fowler east, and a Creek on the northwest, also six acres of planting ground upon the hill, on the north side of the Town, having Philip Fowler on the east, and Robert Andrews on the west, and John Cross on  the south."

According to Abraham Hammett, in 1635, he had a house lot granted to him, having John Proctor's houselot on the south, John Robinson on rhe north, William Fuller east, and a swamp west.

On May 16, 1635, Christopher took the Freeman's Oath, although Abraham Hammatt states he took the oath at  Boston on May 6 1635. In 1636 "Granted Philip Fowler, one house lot in the cross street called the meeting house lane, being about one acre of ground, having John Gage his  house lot on the southeast, and Thomas Scott's houselot on the northwest. Also ten acres of upland lying beyond Muddy river, within the common fence, having ten acres of the like land of John Webster's on the southeast, and ten acres of Christopher Osgood's on the northwest. Also six acres of  meadow near the highway to Jeffries neck, having a parcel of meadow of Mr. (John) Tuttle's on the south, and a parcel of meadow of Christopher Osgood's on the north."

In 1641/2, he was a brickmaker. On the 1st instance, 12th month (Dec. 1) 1641/2, he deeded to Moses Pengry land on the north side of the river  bounding southeast on Philip Fowler's land. This deed of Christopher Osgood's was witnessed by Philip Fowler (his father-in-law).

In 1642, he was on Jury of Trials at  Ipswich Court . He was also on Jury of Trials in 1648 and 1650.

His will, as recorded in Essex Probate Book 1: 234, reads:

"The Last Will and Testament of Christopher Osgood, of Ipswich,  Essex County,  Mass.

I, Christopher Osgood of Ipswich, being weake in body, but of perfect understandinge & memory, doe comitt my soule into the hands of my redeemer,  & concerning that little Estate the Lord hath lent mee, this is my last will & testament.

     First, I do give unto my oldest daughter Mary Osgood, ten pounds, to be paid her or her assigns at her day of marriage, & to my other three daughters, Abigail, Elisabeth & Deborah, five pounds to each of them, to be paid to them, and every of them, at or upon their respective dayes of marriage.

     And to my sonne Christopher Osgood, I do give my house and lands, to have & enjoy the same, at the age of two & twentie yeares. And my will is, that my beloved wife Margery Osgood, shal be the sole executrix of this my will, & to enjoy the proffitt & benefitt of my estate, duringe the minority of my children, as abovesaid. And lastly, I doe request and desire Mr. John Norton, and my Father Phillip Fowler, to be overseers, that this my will be performed, according to the true intent thereof.

Memorandum which was forgotten, my will is, that my oldest daughter marry not, with the desire of my wife & the consent of my overseers, & that my  younger daughters, marry not without the consent of their mother & the advice of the overseers, if it may be had, and that their several portions be paid unto them when they shall attaine the age of twenty yeares, if they be not marryed before that age.

     Christopher Osgood according to Abraham Hammatt, "On an old Powder Horn in possession of Mr. Clark Osgood of  Cape Elisabeth ,  Me. is an insciption. 'Christopher Osgood, of  Orrell ,  England , came to   America  . Feb. ye 14, 1634.'"

OSGOOD, Thomas (1680-1737)  (7th Great Grandfather)was a house carpenter, wheelwright, and planter in  South Carolina . Served as trustee to Congregational Church in Dorchester.

OSGOOD, Thomas (1651-1729)  (8th Great Grandfather) Thomas was a posthumous child, born after the death of his father.  According to the History of the Osgood Family, it is supposed that Thomas moved from  Andover ,  Massachusetts with his entire family and is probable that they were in the Dorchester,  Massachusetts , emigration which went to South Carolina about 1697. The last account of him or any of his family in the Andover records is the birth of his child Mehitable in 1694.

RAINES, Nathaniel (1724-1789)  (6th Great Grandfather)

Will Recorded 14 April 1789:  Will of Nathaniel Raines of Bristol Parish......House and plantations I live on, to include land between Bobbitt's and Broad brances, to wife Susannah for life, and after her death to son Nathaniel Raines. Also to wife negroes: Peter, Lucy, Simon, Dick, Doll, Phillis, and Bett; also various items.  Upon her death these are to be divided between son Nathaniel and daughter Sucky Green.  All rest of land in county to son Nathaniel. Other items divided between Nathaniel and Sucky Green.  If both die without heirs, then everything to be divided between grandsons Henry Lucas, son of William Lucas, Hartwell Mitchell, son of Thomas Mitchell, and John Raines, son of Hartwell Raines.  Things already given to son Hartwell Raines, daughter Frances Lucas or daughter Ann Mitchell, they are to keep.  Executors....wife and sons Nathaniel and Hartwell.

He served on the "Committee of Intelligence," appointed at a meeting of the committee for Prince George county held at Blandford, 8 May, 1775, "to convey any alarm, as speedily as possible, to the adjacent counties," the same "mode" being recommended to the other counties in the colony. 

RAINES, William (1664-1722)  (8th Great Grandfather)

---William's will, dated February 12, 1721/22, was proved July 1722. It mentions eight of his children. They were sons; Roger,  John, William Jr., Richard, and daughters; Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Rebecca. His son Thomas wnot listed in the will. 

 ---1707 - On May 1, 1707, James Salmon of Surry County,  planter, deeded to Wm. Rains of Parish of Westopher, Prince George County for 40 shillings, 176 acres of land at Joans Hole & mouth of Ready Branch that runs between said Rains plantation  and Capt. Mallory's plantation. Witnesses: Joshua Wynne, John  Hamelin, and James Binford. Signed: James (X) Salmon and Mary  () Salmon. On the back of this deed there was an endorsement making over to son, Richard Rains, one piece of farm land within deed, joining upon upper side of the Great Branch, I do make over to my son, Thomas Rains.

---1715 - Wm. Rains of  Prince George County deeded on July 5, 1715 to Thomas Rains of same, for natural love and affection I  bear my son, Thos. Rains, land on the north side of  Joans Hole Swamp , being part of a tract taken up by patent by James Salmon, 76 acres. Witnesses: Robt. Poythress, Wm. Stainback, and  Francis Epes. Signed WRains. Recorded July 12, 1715.

---1717 - He received a grant of 400 acres of land in  Surry  County, Virginia

SUMNER, William  (1605-1688)  (9th Great Grandfather)

William Sumner and his wife Mary, came over from Burcester,  Oxford county,  England , as early as 1637. Among the children born in  Dorchester were Increase and Joanna. Joanna married  Aaron Way . (History of Midway Church. p. 277)

  Event: Migration BET. 1635 - 1636  England to  Dorchester , MA
Event: Freeman 17 MAY 1637 
Event: Church 1652 Admitted to the church 
Event: Church 1637 Member of the Congregational Church. 
Occupation: AFT. 1635 Deputy to the General Court for 12 years. 
Occupation: AFT. 1635 Rater for 5 years. 
Occupation: BET. 1663 - 1671 Commissioner for 9 years. 
Event: Political BET. 1637 - 1688 Selectman for 23 years. 
Event: Political BET. 1658 - 1686 representative of the  Commonwealth of  Massachusetts
Event: Appointed 1645 Committee for building a new Meeting house. 
Event: Appointed 1663 Clerk of ye Training band. 
Event: Appointed BET. 1663 - 1680 One of the Feoffees of the Dorcester school lands. 
Event: Legal SEP 1675 Served on a jury for a trial of Indians at  Boston
Event: Legal APR 1636 His servant, William Shepherd was tried & ordered "whipped" for stealing from his master. 
Probate: 24 MAR 1691/92 
Christening: 27 JAN 1604/05  Bicester ,  England . 
Event: Military 1663 Clerk of the Train Band. 
  Will: 23 JUN 1681 written. 
Event: Land Grant BEF. JAN 1635/36  Dorchester ,  MA , Town records. 
Event: Founder BET. 1635 - 1636 Among the first settlers of  Dorchester,, MA . 
PROP: 1660 Owned property at Bicester Hill until 1660.

WAY, Moses (1734-1786)  (4th Great Grandfather) Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in  Georgia shows him as a Lt. then a Captain in the Georgia Militia. Occupation was Carpenter.


LOVE, Charles Emerson  (1819-1866)    (2nd Great Grandfather) was born 27 March 1819 in Savannah, Georgia. He married Eliza Rebecca Hudson about 1849. They had seven children. Charles died at age 47 in January 1866. They apparently lived all their lives in Savannah. Eliza R was 13 years younger than Charles, was 34 when he died. She married (2) Leonard E. Heidt in 1866. There were no children by this marriage.  In the 1870 Census she is listed as the wife of Henry J Parrish family.  She married (3) Henry Parrish 21 Apr 1873. They had two children. The 1880 census shows her living alone with three of her children. She never remarried again. The 1900 census shows her living with her son Andrew J. Prrish, and the 1910 census shows her living with her son-in-law James B. Wise. She died in 1912.

MARTIN, James  (1756-1841)  (5th Great Grandfather) was born 6 Oct 1756 in North Carolina, son of Asa Martin, mother unknown at this time.  He married Mary _______ about 1801. She was born 12 Aug 1764, also in South Carolina. They had 7 children. James was previously married, name unknown, by whom there were three children born between 1790 and 1794. Mary was also previously married to William or Richard Ball, who died prior to 1801. She may have been from one of the North Carolina Treacy families and a native American Indian, parents said to be Cherokee/Lumbee (Croatan Tribe) American Indians from the southeastern part of old Balden County, North Carolina.

James died before 1841 in Bulloch County, Georgia. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the Ash Branch Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia. His grave is covered with an old and broken cement slab without an inscription on it. His daugther Mercy Martin Strickland, who died in 1843 from hemmoraging during childbirth, along with her stillborn baby are buried together next ot him.

The original will of James was probably burned along with other papers that were taken home by a court official. The heirs were later named in a court document filed by Mary, as the widow of James. In this document she does not differentiate between the children of James’ previous marriage or her children from her former marriage. They are all referred to as Martins. The document is as follows:

 Deed Book F, Bryan County, GA 1840-1846; Pages 46 and 47:

State of Georgia           Whereas by the last Will and Testament of James Martin late of the County of Bryan, all his estate both real and personal has been bequeathed to me for and during my natural life, and after my death to be equally divided among his Children & lawful heirs And whereas from age and bodily infirmity I am totally incapable of managing the Estate thus bequeathed to me, and relying on the affection and love of my own Children as well as the Children of my said husband by a former marriage; to allow me a child's part of said estate and to send to me during life a comfortable support, and for and in consideration of the love and affection which I have and bear towards my Children and the Children of my said husband viz Zolitha Ball, John Strickland husband of my daughter Mercy, James Martin, Emanuel Martin, James Hayman, husband of Deliler my daughter, Daniel E. Martin, John Martin, Daniel Darby who married my daughter Mary, Levi Martin Bryan Welsh who married my daughter Sabry, Jesse Gieger who married my daughter Tabitha Deborah Baxter widow of Israel Baxter.  I hereby grant, bargain ,sell, relinquish and convey unto the said Tolitha Ball, John Strickland, James Martin, Emanuel H. Martin, James Hayman, Daniel E. Martin, John Martin, Daniel Darby, Levi Martin, Bryan Welsh, Jesse Gieger and Deborah Baxter all my life estate right title interest property claim and demand whatsoever which I have under the said Will of my husband James Martin and I do hereby authorise and empower the executors of said Will to divide the Estate bequeathed by said Will as tho my life estate never existed  And the said Executores are hereby released, discharged and exonerated from all liability and claim and demand, which I ever had against them, for as? an account of any right, as interest which I ever had as could claim under the said Will, either in Law as (or and) Equity_____

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal, this twenty ninth day of May Eighteen hundred and forty one____

signed by her mark           Mary X Martin   L.S.

MARTIN, Asa  (1747-1807)   (6th Great Grandfather) was born about 1740 in Frederick, Maryland, son of John Martin and his wife Ann. Asa’s will was probated in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1807. Asa moved to Rowan County by 1790 as evidenced by the 1790 census.

MARTIN, John  (1701-     )   (7th Great Grandfather) married 1st Lydia (surname not verified) about 1723 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Lydia died about 1731. It's possible that her death was related to the birth of her last child William (b. 1731). It has been reported that Lydia may have been a daughter of Peter Hanks and wife Mary Beale (both of Anne Arundel). The birth records of St. Anne's Parish certainly confirm that Peter and Mary Hanks had a daughter Lydia born 1704. John Martin married 2nd Ann (surname unknown) in 1733 as recorded in the Queen Caroline Parish records. Ann had 1st married Charles Dorsey. Her children by Dorsey were: Margaret, Jane, Ann, Aquila (a son) and Ellis (a dau.).

In 1732 John Martin purchased from Daniel Dulany 100 acres near the Monocacy River in what was then Prince George's County, Maryland. This area was later partitioned off as part of Frederick County.  John apparently did not move his family onto his newly purchased land for several years. John was appointed Overseer of the Monocacy-Annapolis Road 1744, '45, '46 & '47. He was appointed Constable of Frederick County Manor Hundred in 1749. 

MCELVEEN, William Emanuel  (1768-1826)    (4th Great Grandfather)

William married about 1795 to Susannah Harvey in Bulloch County, Georgia. 

Bulloch Co., Georgia, Genealogical Source Material, by Alveretta Kenan Register, 1985, pp. 127, 133, 141, 329, and 330.  Note that page 127 indicates that MARGARET McELVEEN was a child of then deceased WILLIAM McELVIN [WILLIAM E. McELVEEN SR.], and that on Monday, 1 Jan 1838, the Bulloch County Court  placed  her in  the custody of his son (i.e., Margaret's older brother) WILLIAM E. McELVEEN JR.  Evidently her mother could not care for her at this time or other circumstances prevented her staying with her mother.  Also, this also indicates that WILLIAM SR. died before 1 Jan 1838.

After William’s death, Susannah married (2nd) (date unknown) to EDMOND BURNSIDE (d.c1834), in Bulloch County, Georgia.  She married (3rd) c1829, to WILLIAM BRAGG SR. (c1773-1838), in Bulloch County.  Husband was the son of ELIJAH BRAGG SR. (d.1838) and his wife SOPHIA, of Bulloch County.  Susannah died 1861, in Bulloch County.  She was living with her son Dr. JOHN DANIEL (DOC) McELVEEN in 1861, when she died.  She is probably buried in the McElveen Family Cemetery in Arcola, Bulloch County In the U.S. Census of 1860, Bulloch County, Susannah is listed as SUSANNAH BRAGG, living with her son John (Doc) McElveen, Medical Doctor.

MCNAMARA, Michael H.  (1800-1859)    (2nd Great Grandfather) was born in Ireland about 1800. He first shows up in the 1840 Federal Census, Charleston Neck, Charleston, South Carolina.  He is also shown in the 1850 Federal Census of America Twnshp, in Barnwell County, South Carolina The only other record currenly found is an 1840 Bill of Sale recorded in Misc. Papers in South Carolina Archives, selling two slaves and Personal property to George Nunnan. He married Lavincy Dobson about 1840. The Church records of Smyrna Baptist Church in Barnwell County, South Carolina list Mrs. Vicy MacLamore as a member in the minutes dated 1870-1927 on pages 2 &3.   Minutes of January 1, 1875 list Mrs. V. McLamore as a member on page 10.   July 1, 1881 Mrs. V. M. McLamore on page 16.  October 1883 on page 19 list V. M. McLamore as dead.

ROBERTSON, Joseph Wilton  (1847-1905)   (Great Grandfather) was born in January 1847, in South Carolina. His parents are unknown as this time. His family circumstances are not known. One handwritten note by Ruth Robertson (granddaughter) says that his father went back to Ireland. The 1860 Census shows him, age 12, living with Mary Henderson, in Barnwell County, South Carolina. He is listed again in the 1870 Census as head of household and Mary Henderson, age 69 still living with him.

He was married about 1870 to Nancy Elizabeth McNamara, daughter of Michael McNamara and Lavincy Dobson. They had six children. Nancy died in 1884, possibly during childbirth of their last child. She was 35 years old.

The Federal Census of 1880, Hampton, South Carolina, Goethe Township shows that Joseph can read and write. His parents were born in South Carolina.   Nancy's father born in Ireland. Her mother in South Carolina.  Joseph is listed as a Farmer.

He married again about 1888 to Mary Jane Harvey. The 1900 South Carolina Federal Census, Richland County, gives number of years married to Mary J. Robinson as 12 years.  Mary Jane is listed as the mother of six children, two living.

Records of Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia, show that he died 7/2/1905 and is buried in “Strangers Ground”, Row 5, Grave 98. He was 50 years old and residence is shown as 719 Center Street W, Savannah.

STRICKLAND, Peter Henry  (1806-1875)    (3rd Great Grandfather)r was born 11 Jan 1806, in Bulloch County, Georgia,  son of DAVID JONATHAN STRICKLAND(1780-1873) and his wife TREACY MARTIN. He married (1st) 21 Aug 1825, to CAROLINE (ALLIE) CLANTON (1803-1830), in Bryan County, Georgia. She was the daughter of CHARLES CLANTON and his wife CHRISTIAN ETHERIDGE.  There were four known children of this marriage.

He married (2nd) 24 Dec 1833, to REBECCA McELVEEN (b.c1807), in Bulloch Co.,GA. Wife was the daughter of WILLIAM EMANUEL McELVEEN Sr. and his wife SUSANNAH (SUSAN) HARVEY.  There were six known children of this marriage.

Recorded Land transactions as follows:

On 7 Apr 1833, ELIZABETH BARBER of Bryan Co., GA., deeded to PETER STRICKLAND of Bryan Co., GA., Lot 835, District 15, Section 2, 40 acres in Cherokee Co., GA.  [PETER later deeded this Lot in Cherokee Co., GA. to JAMES EPPINGER of Chatham Co., GA. on 27 Jun 1833.]

On 31 May 1833, JOHN STRICKLAND, of Bulloch Co., GA. [for $35.00] deeded to [his brother] PETER STRICKLAND, of Bryan Co., GA., Lot 102, in District 15, Section 2, 40 acres in Cherokee Co., GA.  [This Lot inCherokee Co., GA., was previously purchased by his brother JOHN from ELIJAH MARTIN of Bulloch Co., GA. on 20 May 1833.]

On 5 Jun 1833, PETER STRICKLAND of Bryan Co., GA. [for $55.00] deeded to JAMES EPPINGER of Chatham Co., GA., Lot 102, District 15, Section 2, 40 acres, in Cherokee Co., GA. 

On 27 Jun 1833, PETER STRICKLAND, of Bryan Co., GA. deeded to JAMES EPPINGER of Chatham Co., GA., Lot 835, District 15, 40 acres in Cherokee Co., GA.   Lot was originally drawn by ELIZABETH BARBER, a widow of Bryan Co., GA [PETER previously obtained  this Lot in Cherokee Co., GA. from the widow ELIZABETH BARBER ofBryan Co., GA. on 7 Apr 1833.]

"Bulloch Co., Georgia, Genealogical Source Material, by Alveretta Kenan Register, 1985, pp. 127, 139. This page indicates that SUSAN CATHERINE McELVEEN was a young child of then deceased WILLIAM McELVIN [WILLIAM E. McELVEEN SR.], and that on Monday, 1 Jan 1838, the Bulloch Co. Court placed her in the custody of his son-in-law (i.e., Susan's older sister REBECCA's husband) PETER HENRY STRICKLAND Sr. )

Peter served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  Was a Private in Co. B, 1st Georgia Reserves, Bulloch Co., GA.  Militia.  Served as a prison guard at the infamous Andersonville Prison, Sumter Co., GA

Peter died December 1875, at home in Bryan County. Buried in what is now Pembroke, BryanCounty.

STRICKLAND, John  (1749-1838)    (5th Great Grandfather) was born about 1749, in Edgecombe County, English North Carolina Colony , the son of  John Strickland Sr.  and his wife Elizabeth. He married about 1770, to APPA (Appie), probably in old Bladen County, North Carolina. Her full name and  parents are unknown. She is said to be a Cherokee and Lumbee Native American Indian (Craotan tribe), and from the Southeastern part of then Bladen County, North Carolina.  Marriage probably took place in the old/original Bladen County and they lived in what later became Robeson County, North Carolina; Chesterfield County, Cheraws District, South Carolin.

Appa died about 1800 in South Carolina.  After her death John married  Eliza Chester in Tatnall County, Georgia

After family moved from Barnwell District, SC to GA (through Burke and Screven Cos., GA.), they resided in the Turkey Creek area of Tattnall County.  Said to have had lands on Turkey Creek and Beard's Creek, with acreage that straddled the county line of Screven and Tattnall Counties

John Died 1838, in Tattnall County, Georgia and is buried there. He is said to have served in the Revolutionary War, in North Carolina, but record has yet to be found.

STRICKLAND, John  (1729-1788)    (6th Great Grandfather)

John was born between 1720-1729 in Isle of Wight Co., English Province of Virginia.  Presently there is much conflicting and confusing information among researchers on just who are JOHN's parents.  Present day researchers have determined that his parents were a WILLIAM STRICKLAND, but there are so many WILLIAM STRICKLANDs existing in North Carolina that his father's identity has not been accurately determined.  Based on all information currently available, this John is most likely the son of WILLIAM STRICKLAND JR. (b.c1690) and his wife MARY WHITEHEAD, both originally from Isle of Wight, English Province of Virginia.

He was married about 1747, to ELIZABETH (nee: unknown), probably in old Halifax, English Province of North Carolina. He died 1788, in Robeson County, North Carolina.

In Duplin and Sampson County North Carolina Deed Book 2, 1752-1778, pp.49-50,

 "JOHN STRICKLAND", of Duplin Co., NC. sold to JONATHAN GODWIN of Edgecombe Co.,NC, in Oct. 1771, 150 acres for 20 pounds, on the East side of BlackMingo, including MATTHEW STRICKLAND's improvements, granted to TIMOTHY LEE, Apr 23, 1763, who deeded to JOHN STRICKLIN [STRICKLAND]. Witnessed: JOSEPH RHODES, WILLIAM GODWIN, and JAMES GODWIN. Signed: JOHN (his Xmark) STRICKLIN [STRICKLAND].

John and all of his  sons served in the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War (1776-1785).  Note: Descendants of his son Joel Strickland  (c1758-1835) said that Joel served as a courier, and for religious convictions was not a combatant.

STRICKLAND,  Matthew  (1640-1699)     (9th Great Grandfather)

This is the MATTHEW STRICKLAND SR.  (c1628-c1696) who settled in Isle of Wight, English province of Virginia. Born about 1628 in Crosthwaite-cum-Lyth, England.  Although unproven to date, he is probably a son of JACOB or JAMES STRICKLAND of Crosthwaite-cum-Lyth, England.

Married circa 1659 to ELIZABETH  (nee: unknown), in England. Died about 1696, in Isle of Wight Co., English Province of Virginia.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Birth, marriage, and death and dates/places vary by the many different researchers and descendants.  Also note that his wife's surname is UNKNOWN (some say it's "LOREEN," but that appears to be another Matthew that married Elizabeth in England, and settled in Maryland).

On 26 Sep 1678, this Matthew Strickland received a grant for 800 acres of land in the lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co., English Province of VA (see below).

On 6 Nov 1682, this Matthew Strickland leased (for 99 years) 102 acres of land in the lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co., English Province of VA., to Thomas Jones.

Circumstantial evidence indicates that Matthew and his wife Elizabeth  came to Virginia on the ship "HERON" in the year of 1679. Note that if they arrived in America in 1679, then all of their children were born in England.