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(1747 – 1830)                    (1754-1802)

West Sheffield, son of John Sheffield and Elizabeth West, was born in North Carolina. He came with his father and several brothers before the Revolutionary War to St. George's Parish, Burke County, Georgia. He served as a Private in the Georgia troops of the Revolution and received a bounty grant of land in the 1827 land lottery which took him to Wayne County, Georgia.

He married three times, at ages 27, 56, and 61, each time after his wife had died. There were seven children by the first marriage and two by the second.

He was active in the Methodist Church in Wayne County. He appears in 1815 as a trustee of the church, acting in their behalf in land acquisition of 5 acres for the building of a church there.

Both he and his last wife were buried in a private burying ground about 100 yards from the old J.F. King residence six miles south of Atkinson,   Brantley County, Georgia.


West Sheffield’s Bible - He recorded much of the known dates and   family.