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(1732-1792)                               (1735-1808)

Abraham was born 23 Apr 1732 in Chowan, North Carolina, the son of Abraham Hill and Judith Hinton.  He married Christian about 1757 there. She was the daughter of Thomas Walton and Sarah Rountree.  All twelve of their children were born in Chowan, but they eventually moved to Wilkes County, Georgia.

Abraham was known to have served as a Private in the Revolutionary War under Lieutenant John Cropper in the Virginia troops.

He was a large plantation owner, with hundreds of acres under cultivation. He was also a slave owner. His will reveals his wealth in land and cattle:

Will of Abraham, signed 23 Nov 1790, probated 29 Feb 1792:

To wife Christian several slaves, the use of all land on south side of Long Creek, including my manor plantation, except 200 acres where son Henry lives. To son Abraham land on north side of Long creek. To sons Theophilus and Noah 200 acres of south side of Broad river, and 460 acres on Appalatchee river in Greene County. To son Wylie another part of land willed to wife and son Henry. To son Thomas remainder of land on Long creek, after the death of my wife, including four acres used as plant beds. To son Myles slaves, etc., at majority. To daughter Mary slaves, etc. To grandson Henry Blake, cattle. To grandaughter Mary Blake, cattle. To grandson John Pope, cattle. To granddaughter Sarah Pope, cattle. To granddaughter Patsy Jordan, cattle. To grandson Whitman Cocke, cattle. Out of the money due me from Edward Pride a young negro woman be purchased which my son-in-law Josiah Jordan shall have forever for himself and heirs and five shillings. All other money collected for outstanding debts to pay his own, and residue used to finish his house, and a horse purchased for his son Noah.  After the death of wife cattle to be divided amongst my children; Theopilus, Noah, Myles, Thomas, Wylie, and Mary. All slaves given to above children to remain on the farm and work under the direction of my son Abraham and my wife till Noah, Miles, Wylie, Thomas and Mary come of age or marry. Wife Christian and sons Abraham and Henry, Excrs.

CODICIL: Whereas in above will nothing was left to sons-in-law Benj Blake and Henry Pope, Executors to pay to son Henry Pope, five shillings and to each of my sons-in-law Henry Pope and Benj. Blake five shillings.

One interesting advertisement that appeared in the newspaper “Virginia Gazette” was placed by Abraham:

October 15, 1772           Virginia Gazette

STOLEN from the Subscriber, on Walnut Creek, in Wake County, North Carolina, the 22d of August last, TWO HORSES, One of them is a BAY, about fourteen Hands high, about [faint] Years old, has a Black face, white feet, [faint], and branded in the left Shoulder and near Buttock [faint] Place. The other is a BLACK, about eight Years old, and branded on the near Buttock [faint]. Whoever give me intelligence where I may get the said Horses, shall have FIVE POUNDS Reward, and on Conviction of the Thief TEN POUNDS, Proc.

                                              ABRAHAM HILL.