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(1619-1683)                               (1626-1666)

Thomas was born in Bocking, Essex, England, about 1619, the son of Rowland Stebbins and Sarah Whitting. When he was 14 years old he immigrated to Massachusetts with his parents and several other brothers and sisters. He met and married Hannah in Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Samuel Wright and Margaret Stratton.

Thomas probably lived most of his life in Springfield MA. He was, however, one of the original proprietors of Brimfield, Massachusetts.  (Brimfield is about 20 miles east of Springfield and 6 miles west of Sturbridge. His brother, Deacon John Stebbins, and nephew, John Jr., were also proprietors.)

A law on Massachusetts, stated that Persons whose estates did not exceed £200 and those dependent upon them, should not wear gold and silver, or lace above 2 shillings per yard or silk hoods or scarves. The penalty was 10 shillings. In 1673, 25 wives and 5 maids were fined. Hannah was among them. She was fined 10 shillings and costs, 2 shillings & 6 pence. Thomas, along with his wife and others were presented by the grand jury to the Court at Northampton, March 26, 1676 -- some for wearing silk, some for long haire & other extravagancies not becoming a wilderness state.

Thomas was a Sargeant in the militia during the King Phillip’s war with the Indians and was a participant at the Turner Fall’s fight with the Indians. The fight was named after Colonel Turner who was the commander at the time and was killed there. Thomas later made the rank of Lieutenant.

Judging by the dates, Thomas's wife Hannah died from complications of childbirth after bearing the twins.

Thomas shows up in the court’s records of Springfield a number of times. For example:

2. Town Office; 2 Nov 1647; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. "Thomas Stebinges was Sworne Constable  according to the oath of the Generall Court: under Mr. Nowells hand."

 3. Employment; 25 Jul 1653; Springfield, Hampden Co. MA 4. [torn]n accot of what I haue laid out [torn] Mill dam 25 July 1653  pd Goodm Stebbins for 7 d

 4. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 24 Apr 1654;  Springfield, on & Elizur Holyoke) Sworne to be freemen of this Jurisdiction.": Thomas Stebbins "made free in the Bay"

 5. Provided Bond; 24 Mar 1654/55; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Joined with Deacon Samuel Wright in providing bond that Samuel's son, Samuel Wright Jr., would abide by the order to support the illegitimate child that he fathered upon Mary Burt.

 6. Jury Duty; 27 Sep 1659; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3.

 7. Jury Duty; 7 Apr 1660; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Served on the jury investigating the death by drowning of Ebenezer Herman, youngest child of John   Herman who was found dead in the brook in Nathaneell Pritchard's yard. The death was ruled accidental.

 8. Jury Duty; 26 Mar 1661; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3.

 9. Jury Duty; 30 Sep 1662; Springfield, Hampden Co.,  MA.

10. Lawsuit; 30 Sep 1662; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Thomas Stebbin Plantiffe contra Widow Sacket  defendant in action of debt with damages to the vallue   of Three pounds: In this last action the July fynd for  the Plantiffe vizt Thomas Stebbin the summe of forty  shillings and the coust of the Corte vizt 10s for the entry of the action.

11. Military Service; 30 Sep 1662; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA . Chosen to be the "Eldest Serjeant" of the Springfield Train Band.

12. Served as Attorney; 17 Mar 1662/63; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA  "Serjant Stebbins of Sprinfeild Atturney for Mr. Goodwin of Hadley complaynes against Widdow Sackett late of Sprinfeild Admistratrix and William Blomfeild Administrator to the estate of Symon Sackett deceased in an action of debt due upon account together with damage to the value of Six and Thirty shiflings."

14. Signed Petition; 2 Feb 1668/69; Springfield  Hampden Co., MA 12. Signed a petition protesting the  imposition by England of customs upon goods being   exported into and from Massachusetts Colony.

15. Employment; 10 Mar 1671/72; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. From John Pynchon's Account  books: Accounts Paid out for John Artsell [n.d. but before 25 May 1671] To Tho Stebbings Jun 01 Volume V, Part 1, 1672 - 1693 . Page 156 [p 421]  Accounts Paid out for “My Son John Pynchon DR”   March 10 1671/72 To paymt for you to Tho Stebbing

16. VR - Marriage; 19 Sep 1672; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 14. Thomas Stebbings Jun. & Abigall Munn Joined in Mariage Sept. 19 1672 There is also a record for Lt. Thomas Stebbins &  Abigail Mun widow for 15 Dec 1676

 17. Military Service; 19 May 1676; Upper Falls of the  Connecticut River, MA 15. Listed in 1736 as being among those who fought under Capt. Wm. Turner   against the Indians in the Falls Fight.

18. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 1 Jan 1678/79;  Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 16.

19. Lawsuit; 23 Sep 1680; Springfield, Hampden Co.,   MA 3. John Pope plantiff against Leiutenant Thomas  Stebbins for Taking him off from a peice of Joinery  worke and promising him sattisfaction which he now refuses: to the Damadge of said Pope 39s. Leiutenant  Stebbins not owning it and noe profe being made either of Damage nor yet of any promise made by Leiutenant  Stebbins to make him sattisfaction: I find of the  defendant costs.