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(1609-1686)                                (1604-1681)

Samuel was born 9 Oct 1609 in Wrightsbridge, Essex, England, the son of John Wright and Martha Castell. He married Margaret 10 Sep 1625.  She was born about 1604 in England. The immigrated to the Colonies sometime before 1639, as that is the first record found in the town of Springfield, Massachusetts.

         1. Jury Duty; 14 Nov 1639; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Served on Jury hearing cases between John Woodcoke & John Cable and between William    Pynchon & Thomas Merricke. [This was the first jury noted in the court records; the other jurists were Henry Smyth, Jehew Burr,  Henry Gregory, John Searle & Samuell Hubbard]

          2. Jury Duty; 18 Jun 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Served on jury hearing case beteen William Warriner & Henry Gregory.

          3. Jury Duty; 10 Sep 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Served on jury hearing case between Henry Gregory & John Woodcoke in action of the case for 'fower poundes fowerteene shillings'

          4. Emigrant Ancestor; 1641; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.

          5. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 14 Apr 1648; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Samuell Wright was sworne to be Freeman

          6. Fine; 30 May 1649; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Along with John Herman, ordered to pay 1 bushels of marsh wheat to Henry  Burt for the damage their team of oxen did to his field.

          7. Employment; 25 Jul 1653; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 4. [torn]n  accot of what I haue laid out [torn] Mill dam  25 July 1653  for Sam Wright 3 d 00 05 00   To Sam Wright for 3 d worke besides above 00 05 00

          8. Fine; 1 Nov 1653; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. The persons  underwritten being presented for breach of the Towne orders are ordered to pay: as followeth :- Samuell Wright 0.02.00

          9. Provided Bond; 24 Mar 1654/55; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Provided a bond of 4 for the preformance of the order concerning his son Samuel Wright Jr. providing for the illegitimate child he fathered on Mary Burt.

          10. Lawsuit; 29 Mar 1659; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Brought suit, along with Edward Elmer, Alexander Edwards & John Stebbin,  against the town of Northampton "in an action of the case concerninge their turninge out some of the freemen from beine select men towhich office they were chosen."

          11. Employment; Jun 1660; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 5. From John Pynchon's Account books: Deacon Wright CR June [1660] By your halfe, for Sawing of the Timber for the Corection house  03 15 00

          12. VR - Death; 17 Oct 1665; Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA 6. Died in his chair.