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Descendants of William Abraham Gooding

Generation No. 1

1.  William Abraham2 GOODING  (Isaac1) was born August 23, 1736 in Bucks Co., Pa., and died October 17, 1793 in Wyeth Co. Va..  He married (2) Elizabeth RANDLE Abt. 1768 in Virginia.  She was born July 12, 1732, and died September 29, 1795.

More About William GOODING and Elizabeth RANDLE:
Marriage: Abt. 1768, Virginia
Child of William Abraham GOODING is:
    i.    James3 GOODING.

Children of William GOODING and Elizabeth RANDLE are:
    ii.     Abraham3 GOODING, b. March 16, 1784, Montgomery Co., Virginia; d. December 05, 1818,
            Fleming County, Kentucky; m. Amelia  HARRIS, October 13, 1814, Fleming County, Kentucky.

More About Abraham GOODING and Amelia HARRIS:
Marriage: October 13, 1814, Fleming County, Kentucky

    iii.    Elizabeth GOODING, b. April 13, 1783; m. MCDOLE.
    iv.    Isaac GOODING, b. March 25, 1787, Montgomery Co., Virginia; d. October 29, 1837, Fleming County,
           Kentucky; m.  (1) Mary COX, February 02, 1815; b. January 19, 1802; d. April 06, 1818; m. (2) Margaret
           HINTON, March 13, 1820, Prob. St.Clair County, Illinois.


Moved to Scott Co., Indiana in the 1830's.

More About Isaac GOODING and Mary COX:
Marriage: February 02, 1815

More About Isaac GOODING and Margaret HINTON:
Marriage: March 13, 1820, Prob. St. Clair County, Illinois

    v.    Samuel GOODING, b. January 22, 1791; m. Margaret HINTON, November 08, 1810;
           b. September 26, 1795; d. June 24, 1865.  

More About Samuel GOODING and Margaret HINTON:
Marriage: November 08, 1810

2.    vi.    Cornelius GOODING, b. September 03, 1767, Wythe Co., Virginia; d. January 14, 1834, St. Clair Co., Illinois.
3.    vii.   Jane GOODING, b. February 1769; d. Aft. September 13, 1796.
       viii.   Joseph GOODING, b. 1770.     
        ix.   Mary GOODING, b. February 12, 1770, Wyeth Co., Va.; d. Aft. September 13, 1796;
               m. William CRISTAL; d. Aft. March 23, 1816. 4.  
         x.   John GOODING, b. March 19, 1772; d. April 08, 1814, Putnam County Indiana.
        xi.   Richard GOODING, b. March 19, 1772, Wayne Co., Kentucky;
               d. May 10, 1822, Pueblo, Wayne Co., Kentucky; m. Anna ALEXANDER,
               December 21, 1793, Knox Co., Tennessee; b. April 08, 1775, Wayne Co., Kentucky;
               d. May 05, 1831, Randolph Co., Mo.

More About Richard GOODING and Anna ALEXANDER:
Marriage: December 21, 1793, Knox Co., Tennessee

Generation No. 2

2.  Cornelius3 GOODING (William Abraham2, Isaac1) was born September 03, 1767 in Wythe Co., Virginia, and died January 14, 1834 in St. Clair Co., Illinois.  He married (1) Margaret Ann SCOTT August 22, 1786 in Montgomery County, Kentucky.  She was born September 03, 1768, and died September 15, 1817.  He married (2) Rebecca FEE JARRARD (widow of Thomas Jarrard) March 18, 1827 in St. Clair County, Illinois.  She was born Abt. 1784.

Notes for Cornelius GOODING:
Marriages--Virginia to 1800
Virginia - Montgomery County
    Goodding, Cornelius married Scott, Margaret on 22 Aug 1786 in Montgomery County, Virginia
Moved to Fleming, Kentucky in 1787 with his brother Isaac. His family followed him in 1788, but after the family located in Fleming Co., KY, Cornelius and his brother moved to Illinois where they remained in Scott County. He lived at Belleville, St. Clair Co., Il too.

Marriage Registery from Montgomery Co., VA 1777-1853- Page 1-276- Pg. 11 - gives date of Bond 22 Aug 1786-Cornelius Gooding married Margaret (Peggy) Scott - Security Witness: Abraham Goodding ( Notice Cornelius spelled with 1"d" and Abraham with 2 "d." ) She also gives birth date as 03 Sept 1768, Wythe Co., VA.

"From our records of Kentucky House of Representatives membership, I can verify that Cornelius Gooding was the Representative from Fleming County in the 19th General Assembly, December 3, 1810 to January 31, 1811, and the 20th General Assembly, December 2, 1811 to February 2, 1812." Certified by: Peggy D. King, Legislative Librarian for Commonwealth of Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, Sept. 28, 1977.


Served in 16 Reg't (Porter's) Ky Militia Pvt to Lieutenant'\; Roll #83 Box 2

# Birth: 3 SEP 1767 in Virginia
# Death: 14 JAN 1834 in Millstadt, St. Clair County, Illinois
# Census: 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Scott, St. Claire Co., Illinois
# Burial: 1834 Union Cemetery, Millstad, St. Clair, Illinois

Notes for Rebecca  FEE JARRARD:
    1840 Ilinois Census Records: Rebecca Jarrott, St. Clair Co., Il; p. 296 IL 37189935

Rebecca Jarrard was called Becky, according to family sources.  This may account for her marriage in Maryland being recorded as Elizabeth instead of Rebecca as Becky can be a nickname for either name.

More About Cornelius GOODING and Rebecca FEE:
Marriage: March 18, 1827, St. Clair County, Illinois
Children of Cornelius GOODING and Margaret SCOTT are:
        i.      Elizabeth4 GOODING, b. July 13, 1787.
        ii.     Nancy4 GOODING, b. Abt. 1788.
        iii.    Abraham4 GOODING, b. February 14, 1789.
5.     iv.    Robert4 GOODING, b. May 09, 1791.
        v.     Mary4 GOODING, b. July 28, 1793.
        vi.    Sarah4 GOODING, b. December 22, 1795.
        vii.   Selah4 GOODING, b. January 27, 1800.
        viii.  Hannah4 GOODING, b. January 12, 1802.
6.     ix.    Malinda4 GOODING, b. November 04, 1804, Fleming County, Kentucky;
               d. September 20, 1885, Ashley, Illinois.
7.    x.     Lucinda4 GOODING, b. January 07, 1807; d. July 19, 1870, Minneapolis, Hennipin Co., Minnesota.
        xi.   Belinda4 GOODING, b. June 17, 1812.

Child of  Cornelius GOODING and Rebecca FEE is:
    xii.    Cornelius4 GOODING, b. Abt. 1829; m. Caroline WALKER, April 23, 1851, St. Clair County, Illinois.

A number of GedComs mistakenly list Amanda Jarrard as a daughter of Cornelius Gooding and Rebecca Fee Jarrard. Amanda was the stepdaughter of Cornelius and the daughter of Thomas Jarrard. Amanda was named as a minor in her father's estate settlement in 1823. She was also born about 1815 when Rebecca was still married to Thomas Jarrard.

More About Cornelius GOODING and Caroline WALKER:
Marriage: April 23, 1851, St. Clair County, Illinois

3.  Jane3 GOODING (WILLIAM ABRAHAM2, ISAAC1) was born February 1769, and died Aft. September 13, 1796.  She married William MCCORKLE September 09, 1796 in Mason County, Kentucky, son of John MCCORKLE and Elizabeth RUTH.  He was born December 01, 1771, and died Bef. September 10, 1817.

More About William MCCORKLE and Jane GOODING:
Marriage: September 09, 1796, Mason County, Kentucky
Children of Jane GOODING and William MCCORKLE are:
    i.        Abraham4 MCCORKLE, b. Abt. 1800; m. Nancy JONES, October 16, 1825, Fleming County, Kentucky.

More About Abraham  MCCORKLE and Nancy JONES:
Marriage: October 16, 1825, Fleming County, Kentucky

    ii.     S. I. MCCORKLE.
    iii.    Mary MCCORKLE.
    iv.    Elizabeth MCCORKLE, b. June 17, 1797; m. John PATTON, August 18, 1823, Fleming County, Kentucky.

More About John PATTON and Elizabeth MCCORKLE:
Marriage: August 18, 1823, Fleming County, Kentucky

    v.     William MCCORKLE.
    vi.    Jane Scott MCCORKLE, b. September 09, 1796.
    vii.    unknown MCCORKLE.

4.  John3 GOODING (William Abraham2, Isaac1) was born March 19, 1772, and died April 08, 1814 in Putnam County Indiana.  He married Frances Lemmon BROWN June 28, 1800 in Adams Co., Illinois.  She was born August 23, 1771, and died August 15, 1853.

More About John GOODING and Frances BROWN:
Marriage: June 28, 1800, Adams Co., Illinois
Child of John GOODING and Frances BROWN is:
    i.        Mary Findley4 GOODING, d. May 15, 1879; m. Andrew MCCORKLE, July 25, 1820.

More About Andrew MCCORKLE and Mary GOODING:
Marriage: July 25, 1820

Generation No. 3

5.  Robert4 GOODING (Cornelius3, William Abraham2, Isaac1) was born May 09, 1791.  He married Mary Frances JONES November 25, 1818 in St. Clair County, Illinois.  

More About Robert GOODING and Mary JONES:
Marriage: November 25, 1818, St. Clair County, Illinois
Child of Robert GOODING and Mary JONES is:
    i.        Cornelius5 GOODING, b. January 24, 1817; d. February 08, 1896, St. Clair County, Illinois; m. Luverba GOODNER, December 21,     1843, St. Clair County, Illinois.

More About Cornelius GOODING and Luverba GOODNER:
Marriage: December 21, 1843, St. Clair County, Illinois

6.  Malinda4 GOODING (Cornelius3, William Abraham2, Isaac1) was born November 04, 1804 in Fleming County, Kentucky, and died September 20, 1885 in Ashley, Illinois.  She married Joshua LACEY April 15, 1824 in Centerville, Illinois.  He was born January 05, 1798 in Cumberland Settlements in Tennessee.

More About Joshua LACEY and Malinda GOODING:
Marriage: April 15, 1824, Centerville, Illinois
Children of Malinda GOODING and Joshua LACEY are:
    i.        Anne5 LACEY, b. 1825.
    ii.        Thomas Benton LACEY, b. 1827.
    iii.       James Rankin LACEY, b. 1829.
    iv.       Robert Scott LACEY, b. 1831.
    v.        Amos Thompson LACEY, b. 1834.
    vi.       Lucinda LACEY, b. 1836.
    vii.       Margaret Malinda LACEY, b. 1839.
    viii.      Martha Elizabeth LACEY, b. 1841.
    ix.        Cynthia Chapin LACEY, b. 1844.
    x.        Pamelia Charles LACEY, b. 1847.

7.  Lucinda4 GOODING (Cornelius3, William Abraham2, Isaac1) was born January 07, 1807, and died July 19, 1870 in Minneapolis, Hennipin Co., Minnesota.  She married James Harvey Henry HARRISON November 14, 1824 in Belleville, St. Clair Co., Illiniois, son of Thomas HARRISON and Margaret GALBRAITH(GALBREATH).  He was born February 25, 1805 in Near Belleville, St. Clair Co., Il, and died October 13, 1847 in Belleville, St. Clair Co, Il.

More About James HARRISON and Lucinda GOODING:
Marriage: November 14, 1824, Belleville, St. Clair Co., Illiniois
Children of Lucinda GOODING and James HARRISON are:
    i.        Margaret5 HARRISON, b. October 06, 1825.
    ii.       Thomas Oglesby HARRISON, b. May 01, 1827.
    iii.      Cornelius Gooding HARRISON, b. April 25, 1829.
    iv.      Theophilus HARRISON, b. September 14, 1831.
    v.       Wesley A. HARRISON, b. February 08, 1835.
    vi.      Malinda Olive HARRISON, b. July 03, 1837.
    vii      Lucinda HARRISON, b. October 22, 1839.
    viii.     Emily HARRISON, b. November 17, 1841.
    ix.      Philina HARRISON, b. January 31, 1844.
    x.       Mary Jones HARRISON, b. August 14, 1847.