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  McCorkle/Hillis/Gooding Connection
Last updated: August 6, 2003

Walter McCorkle

Washington County, Iowa
Hendricks County, Indiana

    Why did Walter McCorkle, who died at the age of 31, name his son Joseph Hillis McCorkle? Walter McCorkle was married in Hendricks County, Indiana but there were few McCorkles in that county. However, next door in Putnam County are many McCorkles, which makes it likely that Walter lived in Putnam County before his marriage.  In the 1830 census, William McCorkle and Joseph Hillis were living next door to one another and listed on the same page. Was William McCorkle the father of Walter? Surely, they must be at least cousins!  Going back further, we find that Elizabeth Ruth McCorkle married William Hillis.  But they are too old to be Walter's parents. Which child or relative of theirs is the father of Walter McCorkle?  
    Walter McCorkle's grandsons, sons of Joseph Hillis McCorkle were named Walter Scott and William Bell.  Maiden names in the family often were used for middle names.  Joseph's wife's maiden name was Case, thus, it would seem they came from Walter's side of the house. It seems quite likely that he is descended from Joseph McCorkle and Hannah Scott, but we cannot document  his father's name

    There are also a number of Gooding and McCorkle marriages throughout history and my  maternal great grandmother married Cornelius Gooding as her second husband in St. Clair County, Illinois.  Yes, there were McCorkles in St. Clair as well. Although representing different sides of my family, there appears to be a connection. Cornelius Gooding was from Fleming County, Kentucky when he came to St. Clair County. Thomas Jarrard and his wife Rebecca Fee lived for a short period of time in Adams County, Ohio bordering Fleming County. After the death of Thomas and the wife of Cornelius, Becky Jarrard married Cornelius Gooding.
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