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Featuring 19 generations of Lazenbys, Schriners, Hubers, Shorbes, Elliotts, Schmidts, Bruces, McCulloughs and many, many more, from the Mayflower to Illinois, Ireland to Oklahoma, the Ukraine to Kansas, England to Ontario, Bavaria to Manitoba, and on (or back) to... Virginia!

Updated August 2016.

This site is definitely always a work in progress. I never seem to have the time to get all of the bits and pieces added in and never seem to find the time to update the web site! If you find errors, please let me know. I am always excited to learn of new relatives and to add data and images to this database. So many of you out there on the Internet have helped me that it is impossible to mention you all here, but I do try to credit everyone in my source notes. As a historian, I also try to include as much source documentation as I can, but when I started out about 16 years ago I didn’t know how to use all of the features of my database and I'm still trying to fill some of that early source information back in.

A big thank you to Julie, Camden and Madison for putting up with “Dad's Crazy Hobby!” This site is dedicated to my own father, William C. Lazenby and to Julie's grandmother, Ruth McCullough Shorbe. Dad spent years documenting our family. Long before home computers or the Internet, he assembled an incredible amount of basic research. His work and data provided the core of information on the Lazenby and Elliott families when I took over the project. It was Munner’s belief in me that got me started down the road to this obsession! Thanks also to the rest of our family for your support, interest and shared information – I hope you find something interesting here.

Bill Lazenby

A Special Note regarding the McCullough family and lines with Franklin County, Pennsylvania connections: Over the years I have collected several significant older or obscure reference works with substantial family trees. While primarily interested in my own family's direct line, I felt that I couldn't ignore the other information. As a result there are many hundreds of individuals listed here who are not direct relatives, but are instead collateral descendants of the McCullough siblings who emigrated from Ireland to New Castle, Delaware in 1745, or are members of directly connected early families in Franklin County. This information is provided as a service to my fellow genealogists and in thanks to those who have helped me by sharing their own information.

All information is believed correct, but if you notice errors, please let me know. Additional information is welcome. I have screened out all sensitive information for living individuals, but if you are listed in this genealogy and would like to see the complete data, please feel free to contact me.

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