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Welcome to The Family Tree of the Lawrence's of New Jersey and Long Island, NY!

The "branches" of our Family Tree begin with our Great Grandfather, John Cassidy Lawrence of Port Jefferson, NY (formerly of New Jersey) and his wife, our Great Grandmother, Minnie Mae Robinson Lawrence of Port Jefferson, NY and (so far) include the Cassidy's and Lawrence's of NY, NJ and, possibly, Ireland (Paternal) and the Robinson's and Thompson's of Setauket and Port Jefferson, NY (Maternal).

We've been able to trace back at least two generations on each side but have hit somewhat of a roadblock at that point.

This is a colaborative effort between me and my cousin Susie as well as our 2nd (3rd?) cousin Gail. The majority of the information that will eventually be posted here (specifically tree information) is due in LARGE part to the hard work of cousin Susie and her friend Marie B.

The Purpose of this website

  • Establish the origins of the Lawrence family, possibly into Europe.
  • Discover the final resting places of known, but "missing", ancestors.
  • Reconnect with distant relatives.
  • Provide information and support for other "Lawrence's" tracing their family tree.

Photos and Documents

The "Photos and Documents" section contains, obviously, photos of our ancestors as well as various documents and newspaper articles and clippings found on the web and the "family archives". Be sure to check out some of our sources in the the "Helpful Links" section on the left.

Lawrence Family Bible

The Lawrence Family bible has been passed down for 5 generations. Originating in approx. 1849 with the Thompson family of Setauket/Port Jefferson, NY, my Great-Great-Great Grandmother (Thompson) passed the bible down to my Great-Great Grandfather, Jarvis Robinson, upon his marriage into the family. He passed it down to my Great Grandmother, Minnie Mae Robinson Lawrence who then passed it down to her children. Upon the passing of my Great Uncle Kenneth, in 2005, it was passed down to my cousin Michael. Not only a work of holy scripture, it contains a wealth of family information including Births, Deaths and Marriages. In somewhat poor condition due to it's age, I have transcribed the information to the best of my ability. Pictures and my transcription can be found HERE.

Questions? Info?

If you have any questions about the info contained on this site, OR have any information to offer/trade, please e-mail me

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