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LONDONDERRY, Northern Ireland

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My Kennedy family originally came from, Moneydig, a townland in the Parish of Desertoghill, County of Londonderry, in Northern Ireland. The townland name was given to me by my father. However, after doing extensive research in the area, I found a discrepancy. The townland the family actually was found in was Coolnaman, a townland extremely close to Moneydig. It is about one fourth mile from the Moneydig area. All the earlyrecords for the Kennedy family names is from the townland of Coolnaman. Moneydig and Coolnaman are located in the Parish of Desertoghill. Coolnaman also can be found as Culnaman, Cooleyman.

The closest church near the families farms was located in the townland of Garvagh, Parish of Errigal. Garvagh is approximately 3 miles from Moneydig and Coolnaman and was the only church close to their farms. The First Presbyterian Church of Garvagh is where the majority of the early records are located until 1836 when a Presysberian Church was built in the Moneydig area and is known as the Moneydig Presbyterian Church.

It is extremely difficult to research the records for the area. Most of the early records were destroyed by a fire in Dublin in 1921 with the four court fire. The 1831 census was very comprehensive. It listed heads of family and all living family members, the number of acres occupied, occupation of each member, as well as their ages and martial status. However, these records were burned and no data has survived. The majority of the records are in custody of the local churches listing baptisms and marriages. From 1796 to about 1801, the christening records state the child's name and the townland with no father or parents listed. Because of the traditional naming patterns of children, it is very difficult to determine the parents. Names were recycled over and over again. Also, there are gaps in the available church records.

The earliest records I found for the Kennedy families are the four visitation records complied by the minister of the First Presyberian Church, in Garvagh over a period of about 50 years....1796-1850. The visitations records are very sketchy and vary with information during this time frame.

For the records that are available, view the Visitation from First Garvagh on my website for the Torrens and Kennedy surnames. My great grandfather, Hugh Kennedy married Jane Torrens of Coolnaman. Notes are included in my database regarding my Kennedy family.

With the sale of the Manor of Lizard, Culnaman, Hugh Kennedy is listed. Also James kennedy, his brother, is listed as "Reprs of James Kennedy". At the time of the sale of the Manor of Lizard James and his family were in Canada and unable to attend the sale. Hugh and his famil had not left Ireland and are included as one of the tenants of the Manor of Lizard. Very few individuals owned land in Ireland. They leased the land yearly. When death occurred, the lease was handed down to the eldest son in a will.

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Robert Mullen KennedyRobert Mullen, Maria Hastings and Robert J. Kennedy

Lola KennedyLola von Roeder Kennedy
wife of Robert J. Kennedy above

The Vow Cemetery, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is unclear if Mary Kennedy is related to the Kennedy line of Culnaman-Moneydig area.





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