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Dickson / Dixon SIMMONS - North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennasee - 1700's and 1800's

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rin 1734

This material copied from Marie Simmons's 5 Mar 1996 Gedcom

Born about 1793, North Carolina

Died about 1858, NC, Rutherford/Polk Co. ?

Censuses 1830, Wayne Co., NC

1840, Robeson Co., NC

1850, Rutherford Co., NC (2 Aug 1850)

First found on census in 1830, Wayne Co NC, the year son Hickman was born.

Per age on 1850 Rutherford Co census, Dickson/Dixon would have been 37 years old at the birth of Hickman D. Simmons. Gave his age as 57 & place of birth NC.

1838 land record on file of Dickson/Dixon buying land in Roberson Co., and in selling said land to Ivey Simmons, whom we believe to have been either a younger brother of Dickson/Dixon or his elder son (b c1810-12), or possibly a cousin. There is the appearance that Ivey left Wayne Co. the same time as the obituary of Hickman indicates that Hickman did. Ivey's wife Rachel is listed as having been born in Wayne Co., as is the oldest child, age 16. In the 1850 census of Robeson Co. we find Ivey still there, as well as a Jesse Simmons b c1825 Edgecombe Co., NC, whom we believe to be son of Dickson/Dixon and brother of Hickman D. He is too old to be the son of Ivey; and Ivey and Dixon are the only Simmons/Simons by name on Robeson census in 1840 -- and none in 1830. This Jesse is found in Marion, SC in 1860.

1850 census Polk Dist., Rutherford Co NC: Dickson/Dixon and spouse Mary with children Hickman and Mary, plus a 27-year-old female named Easter and four children. These four children were polled twice; once in the household of Dixon Simmons on Aug 2, and again on Aug 8 in the household of Ruben Simmons, with no mother shown. Because of his proximity and the proximity of the two children found in 1860 York Dist., SC nearby Hickman. Ruben is assumed to be the son of Dickson/Dixon and brother of Hickman D.. There is the suggestion by names/dates on marriage records in Knox Co., TN, that Charles, Sarah, and Adeline are possibly still with Hickman's family; but this is not proven.

In examining this 1850 Rutherford Co census we believe the following are also siblings of Hickman D. Simmons:

Louisa Strickland, wife of Joseph Strickland?

Asbury Simmons, married to Mrs. Malinda Hinsdale

Asbury and Hickman named their first four sons the same names in the same order -- James, William, John, and Thomas. Ours was a Jesse Thomas Simmons.

Hickman's first daughter was Mary, and second Margaret. Asbury had a daughter Margaret and "room" to have lost a Mary.

Louisa & Joseph Strickland, among others, had children named Mary, Dickson, Easter, and Hickman. Louisa born c1813, NC, per age of the eldest child; married c1834. Joseph Strickland was as well on the 1840 census of Robeson Co., NC; and an elder Joseph Strickland was still in Wayne Co. Nearby this Joseph Strickland in 1850 Rutherford Co., is a Julius Strickland, married Catherine Hester. He is of an age to possibly be a father to Joseph.????

Dixon, in 1850 Rutherford Co., had Hester neighbors on both sides, and a William Hester, age 15 "in house". One neighbor was a Mary Hester b c1794, SC, with a Sarah Hester b c1793 "in house". The neighbor to the other side was Henry Hester and wife Mary. (Henry Hester m. Mary Wilson, Granville, NC).

To date, the only Simmons/Hester alliance found is 1809, Georgia, for a John Simmons and Francis L. Hester.

After what appears to have been a visit to NC from SC, when we think Dickson/Dixon to have died, Hickman D. returned to SC, where son John Asbury was born. Dickson/Dixon did not appear on census in 1860, and the birthplaces of Hickman's children indicate that Glixon had probably died c1858 in NC.

In 1860 Dickson/Dixon's wife Mary (assumed mother of Hickman D.) and an Ann are in York Dist., SC, in the household of Hickman, and one of the "assumed nieces" from the 1850 Rutherfor Co census, Minda Simmons is in the household of a Ross Robison and wife, noted as a domestic, two doors from Hickman. There are no Robison children. By name and age; there is a Sarah A. Simmons in a Barry household, noted as an assistant domestic, that fits the daughter of Sarah and Ruben. Minda's birthplace is shown as NC, that of Sarah. A. as Marion, SC.

The ages of Mary (sister) and Ann (sister?) on 1860 York census and 1850 Rutherford differ by three years, as does that of Mary (assumed mother). It is assumed that the 1850 Mary and the 1860 Ann are the same person.[lp? Or might Ann have been living/working in a different household in 1850?]

6 Mar 1996 Compiled by LaVere Peters

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