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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wagner, Abraham (1805-1882)
Wagner, Adam (1778-1852)
Wagner, Anna Maria (1814-DECEASED)
Wagner, Bernhardt (1820-DECEASED)
Wagner, Edward (1811-1834)
Wagner, Elizabeth (1809-1840)
Wagner, John (1797-1856)
Wagner, Juliann (1825-DECEASED)
Wagner, Samuel (1822-1902)
Wagner, Sarah (1817-DECEASED)
Wainscott, Louis (-DECEASED)
Ward, Sarah A. (ABT 1836-2 Oct 1893)
Ward, Windsor (-DECEASED)
Warren, Jemima (6 May 1749-DECEASED)
Waterman, Mercy (2 Nov 1756-11 Feb 1833)
Watson, Mary A (ABT 1852-DECEASED)
Webb, James (-DECEASED)
Webster, Mary (14 Apr 1749-17 Jan 1774)
Webster, Mary (-ABT 1773)
Webster, Nathan (7 Mar 1679-31 Aug 1746)
Welch, Joseph (-DECEASED)
Wenner, Maria Magdalena (-DECEASED)
West, Martha (4 Feb 1798-1880)
Westbrook, Elizabeth (-DECEASED)
Westcott, Nathan Jr (4 Mar 1751-1 Jun 1828)
Whicher, Abner (-DECEASED)
Whitcomb, Mary (11 Mar 1781-11 Apr 1870)
White, Wendy L (-)
Whiting, Arthur (-DECEASED)
Whittier, Edmund (1791-DECEASED)
Whittier, Isaac Major (18 Aug 1754-18 Feb 1808)
Whittier, Isaac (1777-DECEASED)
Whittier, James (1782-DECEASED)
Whittier, John (1789-DECEASED)
Whittier, Joshua (1787-DECEASED)
Whittier, Rhoda (5 Jan 1785-18 Dec 1813)
Whittier, Rhoda (1785-DECEASED)
Whittier, Sally (1779-DECEASED)
Whittier, Thomas (1794-DECEASED)
Williams, Catherine (-DECEASED)
Williams, Lydia (-DECEASED)
Williamson, Lucinda (1849-DECEASED)
Womack, Alexander (ABT 1730-1820)
Womack, Elizabeth (ABT 1773-ABT 1850)
Wood, Ann (8 Aug 1660-AFT 31 Jan 1715)
Woodruff, Arlene Elizabeth (17 Jul 1920-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Arthur Phillip (26 Dec 1887-7 Feb 1959)
Woodruff, Benjamin (17 Mar 1772-9 Sep 1840)
Woodruff, Benjamin H (23 Jun 1832-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Bennett (ABT 1885-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Clifford (ABT 1814-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Clifford (ABT 1784-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Clifford (ABT 1883-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Clifford (ABT 1735-BEF 9 Sep 1840)
Woodruff, Clifford H (20 Aug 1838-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Edwin Wealy Perry (13 Apr 1849-27 Jan 1907)
Woodruff, Elijah (ABT 1782-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Emily K (ABT 1845-DECEASED)
Woodruff, George (-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Hamilton (-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Hilda (23 May 1913-DECEASED)
Woodruff, James T (2 Jun 1845-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Jeanette (-)
Woodruff, John W (29 May 1840-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Joseph Henry Lumpkin (1 Jun 1851-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Joseph Tinsley (17 Apr 1807-25 Nov 1859)
Woodruff, Josiah Wilson (18 Oct 1836-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Kiziah Frances (20 Mar 1842-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Lena (ABT 1889-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Lou Ellen (15 Jan 1915-5 Jan 1980)
Woodruff, Lucy (ABT 1798-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Lucy J (19 Dec 1830-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Martha (ABT 1810-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Martha H (25 Feb 1834-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Mittie (-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Nancy (26 Jun 1800-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Oscar M (ABT 1879-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Reuben (ABT 1796-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Reuben (ABT 1795-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Richardson (-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Sarah E (2 Apr 1835-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Sidney Andrew (6 Apr 1882-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Tracy (-)
Woodruff, William (ABT 1819-DECEASED)
Woodruff, William Tinsley (14 Mar 1873-DECEASED)
Woodruff, Wilson (ABT 1804-DECEASED)
Woodward, Alden (9 Jan 1828-6 Jun 1893)
Woodward, Child (1784-DECEASED)
Woodward, David (18 Jan 1787-DECEASED)
Woodward, Eleazer (8 Jan 1738/1739-19 Dec 1815)
Woodward, Eleazer (5 Oct 1771-DECEASED)
Woodward, Elizabeth (31 Aug 1781-DECEASED)
Woodward, Ephraim (18 Mar 1769-8 Feb 1850)
Woodward, Ephraim (-DECEASED)
Woodward, Ephraim (25 Nov 1792-23 Sep 1879)
Woodward, Frank L. (-DECEASED)
Woodward, Hannah (1 Feb 1767-DECEASED)
Woodward, Hannah Marie (10 Feb 1830-DECEASED)
Woodward, Harriet (17 May 1833-9 Oct 1907)
Woodward, Huldah (23 Jun 1765-DECEASED)
Woodward, Israel (17 May 1773-DECEASED)
Woodward, Jacob E. (25 Nov 1825-8 Jan 1901)
Woodward, Olive Ann (17 Dec 1818-26 Aug 1896)
Woodward, Rachel Almira (4 Oct 1821-6 Mar 1853)
Woodward, Sarah (13 Oct 1823-DECEASED)
Woodward, Sarah (6 Feb 1779-DECEASED)
Woodward, Ward (31 Aug 1776-DECEASED)
Worthen, Sarah (Nov 1764-14 Mar 1814)
Worthley, Samuel (-DECEASED)

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