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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with V

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Van Arsdalen, Garrett (1740-DECEASED)
Van Arsdalen, John (5 Jan 1756-DECEASED)
Van Arsdalen, John (1722-1798)
Van Arsdalen, Stoffel (-DECEASED)
Van Campin, Elizabeth (-DECEASED)
van Cleef, Janneke Jean (ABT 1753-ABT 1790)
Van Hengelen, Magdalen (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Able (1824-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Abraham (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Adeline (15 Sep 1845-18 Nov 1903)
Van Orsdale, Ami (1822-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Anthony (10 Sep 1808-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Augusta (ABT 1813-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Benjamin (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Catharine (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Cornelius (1793-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Cornelius (1768-5 Jan 1840)
Van Orsdale, Harlow H (ABT 1828-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Harold (1828-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Helen (ABT 1837-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Henry V. (8 Sep 1832-14 May 1887)
Van Orsdale, Ira Nelson (1838-1919)
Van Orsdale, James (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, John (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Margaret (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Samual (-DECEASED)
Van Orsdale, Vincent H (9 Aug 1797-1889)
Van Orsdale, William (-DECEASED)
van Rensselaer, Elizabeth (-DECEASED)
van Rensselaer, Katherine Westerlo (-1896)
Van Skiver, Eileen Louise (-)
VanderLip, Ann Abigail (11 Jul 1760-6 Aug 1836)
Vanil, Dennis (-)
Vanil, Martin (-DECEASED)
Veal, Martha (ABT 1725-DECEASED)
Velia, Darcy Lyn (-)
Velia, Robert James (-)
Velia, Ronald Edward (-)
Velia, Ronald Todd (-)
Vincent, Warren (-DECEASED)

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