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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with T

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Taylor, Harriet N. (17 Sep 1827-3 Mar 1891)
Taylor, Margaret (-DECEASED)
Tenney, Johnson (-DECEASED)
Tennison, Alex (ABT 1867-DECEASED)
Tennison, Cook M (17 Dec 1838-DECEASED)
Tennison, Elizabeth (ABT 1831-DECEASED)
Tennison, Frona (ABT 1879-DECEASED)
Tennison, Georgia Ann (28 Dec 1848-16 Mar 1950)
Tennison, Henry (ABT 1850-DECEASED)
Tennison, Hiram (1870-DECEASED)
Tennison, John Presly (13 May 1881-7 Feb 1955)
Tennison, John W (1867-DECEASED)
Tennison, Josephine (1857-DECEASED)
Tennison, Lidia (ABT 1874-DECEASED)
Tennison, Lucretia Y (ABT 1846-DECEASED)
Tennison, Lydia L (1836-31 May 1911)
Tennison, Mary Alice (2 Feb 1868-29 Apr 1930)
Tennison, Mary Ellen (1862-DECEASED)
Tennison, Matthias Mathew (1800-ABT 1845)
Tennison, Presley Rias (23 Oct 1828-15 Nov 1903)
Tennison, Pressley M (24 Feb 1859-7 Oct 1918)
Tennison, Rachel (ABT 1839-DECEASED)
Tennison, Richard (ABT 1872-DECEASED)
Tennison, Robert C (ABT 1840-DECEASED)
Tennison, Sarah Ann (ABT 1856-DECEASED)
Tennison, Son (1825-BEF 1840)
Tennison, Sythia (ABT 1845-DECEASED)
Tennison, T C (ABT 1855-DECEASED)
Tennison, Thomas (ABT 1876-DECEASED)
Tennison, William B (ABT 1858-DECEASED)
Tennison, William James (25 Mar 1835-6 Sep 1879)
Tennison, Willis D (ABT 1860-DECEASED)
Tennison, Zachariah (-DECEASED)
Tharp, Hannah (19 Oct 1800-18 Jul 1885)
Thom, Isaac (-DECEASED)
Thomas, Elizabeth (2 Jun 1757-20 Aug 1837)
Thomas, Harriet Alice (-1892)
Thompson, Clara (-26 Sep 1895)
Thompson, John (-DECEASED)
Thrower, John Thomas (-DECEASED)
Thyng, Sarah (-DECEASED)
Tillinghast, Charles Wiley (-BEF 6 May 1865)
Tinsley, David (ABT 1747-23 Apr 1828)
Tinsley, Edward (ABT 1730-1798)
Tinsley, Edward (1700-1782)
Tinsley, Elizabeth (ABT 1727-1783)
Tinsley, Harriet Frances (ABT 1745-DECEASED)
Tinsley, Isaac (ABT 1738-Sep 1814)
Tinsley, Jonathan (ABT 1732-1817)
Tinsley, Joshua (ABT 1753-May 1822)
Tinsley, Mary (ABT 1739-20 Jul 1806)
Tinsley, Sarah (ABT 1722-DECEASED)
Tinsley, William (1742-1816)
Toplenszky, Robin Dianne (11 Feb-DECEASED)
Towsley, Alanson (ABT 1809-DECEASED)
Towsley, Amos (8 Dec 1756-3 May 1832)
Towsley, Angeline (8 Dec 1819-25 Feb 1853)
Towsley, Betsy (ABT 1790-DECEASED)
Towsley, Calvin (ABT 1812-DECEASED)
Towsley, Charles (ABT 1824-DECEASED)
Towsley, Emily A. (1843-28 Jul 1908)
Towsley, Gideon (ABT 1780-DECEASED)
Towsley, Gideon (-DECEASED)
Towsley, Harriet (ABT 1790-DECEASED)
Towsley, Jesse (1820-DECEASED)
Towsley, John (ABT 1783-DECEASED)
Towsley, Lucy (ABT 1789-DECEASED)
Towsley, Nathan (ABT 1787-DECEASED)
Towsley, Oliver (ABT 1826-DECEASED)
Towsley, Rachel (ABT 1830-DECEASED)
Towsley, Stephen (4 Jul 1785-28 Mar 1859)
Towsley, Sylvester (ABT 1811-DECEASED)
Towsley, William (ABT 1782-DECEASED)
Towsley, William (ABT 1822-DECEASED)
Travis, (-DECEASED)
Travis, Mary Edna (9 Apr 1898-1974)
Travis, R Henryetta (ABT 1900-AFT 1920)
Tubbs, Lucretia M (31 Jan 1815-DECEASED)
Tucker, Mary (19 Mar 1731-28 Feb 1777)
Turner, Littleberry (-DECEASED)
Turner, Sarah Malinda (-DECEASED)

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