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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with G

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Gale, Nancy (1 Mar 1805-3 Sep 1887)
Gardner, Olive (1802-DECEASED)
George, Abner (-DECEASED)
George, Bedford (-BEF 1830)
George, Benjamin (ABT 1809-DECEASED)
George, Bultin (ABT 1846-DECEASED)
George, Ellen (ABT 1879-DECEASED)
George, Eva (ABT 1854-DECEASED)
George, Hannah (21 Aug 1799-3 May 1841)
George, Hannah (ABT 1855-DECEASED)
George, Harriet (1850-DECEASED)
George, Jane (-DECEASED)
George, Jane (Nov 1800-1884)
George, John B (1837-1915)
George, John Bedford (4 Jan 1801-11 Jan 1881)
George, John G (-DECEASED)
George, Lazell (ABT 1866-DECEASED)
George, Lorinda (ABT 1851-DECEASED)
George, Lovina (ABT 1857-DECEASED)
George, Lucretia (ABT 1848-DECEASED)
George, Mary A (ABT 1849-DECEASED)
George, Mary E (ABT 1831-DECEASED)
George, Mary Marie (ABT 1827-DECEASED)
George, Nancy (ABT 1840-DECEASED)
George, Sabrina (ABT 1835-DECEASED)
George, Sabrina Alsina (ABT 1859-DECEASED)
George, Sally (-DECEASED)
George, Sally (20 Apr 1800-10 Jul 1850)
George, Selina (ABT 1855-DECEASED)
George, William (ABT 1794-29 Sep 1872)
George, William (ABT 1841-DECEASED)
George, William Bedford (15 May 1825-19 Feb 1890)
George, Zella Estella (11 Feb 1863-1927)
George, Zylpha (ABT 1879-DECEASED)
Gibson, John (1790-1837)
Gibson, Temperance (ABT 1809-DECEASED)
Gile, Betsey J. (25 Mar 1795-2 Jul 1875)
Gile, Tamar (-1857)
Gile, Thomas Rev. (-DECEASED)
Gilkey, Lorinda (5 Mar 1808-22 May 1877)
Gilmore, Ray (-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Augusta (1849-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Charles Cameron (23 Sep 1843-26 May 1919)
Goetchius, Edward (1854-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Elizabeth (1839-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Emma (1855-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Franklin B (1846-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Harry (1841-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Henricus (1743-AFT 1815)
Goetchius, Hiram Doan (1845-DECEASED)
Goetchius, James F (ABT 1852-DECEASED)
Goetchius, James Henry (30 Aug 1813-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Jane (1847-DECEASED)
Goetchius, Johan Hendrich (ABT Feb 1718-14 Nov 1744)
Goetchius, Rynier van Nest (23 Jun 1789-Oct 1870)
Goodwin, Alfred E. (-DECEASED)
Goodwin, Sally (1763-18 Sep 1834)
Grant, Elizabeth (-DECEASED)
Graves, Seth (14 Mar 1790-2 Dec 1850)
Greely, Joseph (-DECEASED)
Green, Dorothy (-)
Green, Elizabeth Ann (-)
Green, Geroldine (17 Jul 1921-23 Nov 2003)
Green, James Jackson (4 Apr 1878-1 Oct 1962)
Green, Marcia Louise (-)
Green, Royce James (1 Oct 1948-30 Dec 1995)
Green, Royce James (-)
Greene, Lydia (18 Mar 1719-1815)
Greenleaf, Judith (-DECEASED)
Grinolds, Cleora M (1 Jun 1896-1985)
Grist, Ann (16 Feb 1724-DECEASED)
Grist, Asenath (1809-DECEASED)
Grist, Bertha Ida (3 Dec 1892-DECEASED)
Grist, Charlotte (1770-DECEASED)
Grist, Chelmer (9 Aug 1896-19 Dec 1978)
Grist, Chester G (1816-1903)
Grist, Child (1851-DECEASED)
Grist, Child (1849-DECEASED)
Grist, Clayton D (1845-DECEASED)
Grist, Cora (ABT 1853-DECEASED)
Grist, Cora Agnes (1 May 1900-DECEASED)
Grist, Daniel John (2 May 1903-DECEASED)
Grist, Delight (1811-DECEASED)
Grist, Elizabeth (19 Jun 1727-DECEASED)
Grist, Ella J (1843-DECEASED)
Grist, Esther (ABT 1891-DECEASED)
Grist, Eunice (1768-DECEASED)
Grist, Eunice (1819-DECEASED)
Grist, George (24 Nov 1732-DECEASED)
Grist, George (1772-1852)
Grist, Hannah (6 Mar 1729-DECEASED)
Grist, Harriet (1826-DECEASED)
Grist, Harrison D (7 Feb 1889-Nov 1976)
Grist, Ida (ABT 1854-DECEASED)
Grist, John (21 Jul 1734-1832)
Grist, John B (1780-1840)
Grist, Len F (ABT 1871-DECEASED)
Grist, Leonard Lizell (27 Jun 1898-DECEASED)
Grist, Luce (24 Mar 1731-DECEASED)
Grist, Lydia Ann (1812-DECEASED)
Grist, Lyman (19 Mar 1807-9 Oct 1900)
Grist, Martha (ABT 1849-DECEASED)
Grist, Mary (ABT 1847-DECEASED)
Grist, Mary (12 Apr 1740-17 Apr 1740)
Grist, Mary (1824-DECEASED)
Grist, Mary Ann (10 Dec 1894-DECEASED)
Grist, Miles Leslie (22 Nov 1863-8 Oct 1932)
Grist, Ola Lily (9 Feb 1890-DECEASED)
Grist, Roy E (27 Apr 1918-6 May 1999)
Grist, Ruth Ester (7 Apr 1905-31 May 1994)
Grist, Sarah (17 May 1722-DECEASED)
Grist, Sarah O (1850-1909)
Grist, Sarah T (1832-DECEASED)
Grist, Solan (ABT 1834-DECEASED)
Grist, Theophila (10 Feb 1769-30 Nov 1806)
Grist, Thomas (10 Jan 1700-16 Aug 1781)
Grist, Thomas J (1829-DECEASED)
Grist, Thomas L (1782-1837)
Grist, Ziba (1814-DECEASED)
Grist, Zillah (20 Apr 1736-DECEASED)

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