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Last Will and Testament of James Venable Moorman

I, James V. Moorman of the County of Breckinridge & State of Kentucky, being advanced in life and convinced of the uncertainty of its continuance and of the necessity of making such preparations as I deem expedient for its termination, do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament Viz. 1st It is my will & desire that all my just debts be paid. And for their liquidation I wish the debts due me at my death and my personal effects to be first applied if necessary. 2nd. I will and devise to my beloved Wife Nancy Moorman during her life of Widowhood, all the rest & residue of my Estate whether real personal or mixed, in action or possession of which I may be seized or possessed, or to which I may have right at the time of my death upon the following condition and trust Viz. that the said Nancy shall remain on the place where I now live & keep possession of the same & the place which I may have at the time of my death & personal effects left after the payment of my debts for the purpose of supporting her & the Children under age and giving a suitable education to such of my Children as may not have received it at my death. This provision is made because I believe it best for the happiness & welfare of my family that they shall remain together & in order that they should remain together & in order to enable them to do so. 3rd. It is my will & desire that as any of my hereinafter named Children shall arrive at age or marry that my said wife shall advance to such children such portion of my Estate as she may think proper so as not to exceed such childs portion of my Estate which property so advanced shall be deducted out of said Childs part on a final division. 4th upon the death or marriage of my said wife it is my Will & desire that the whole of my Estate as aforesaid which I may have at my death shall be equally divided between the Children of my last wife Viz. Madison B. Moorman, Eliza F. Downard, Abraham V. Moorman, Ailsey Moorman, John N. Moorman, Achilles Moorman, Cyrus Moorman, Susan L. Moorman, Jerome Moorman, Henry Moorman and Margaret A. Moorman their heirs and assigns forever. And in case of the death of any of them before my demise without issue it is my will that the part which would have fallen to such child shall be equally divided amongst the survivors and should any of my said children survive me and die without issue under 21 years of age the share of such shall also go to the survivors. It is to be understood however that my daughter Eliza F. Downard is not to receive any more of my estate until my other children above named are made equal in property or cash to what has been advanced to her and in order to prevent any contest in future about the value of the property advanced to my said daughter I estimate it in my last Will and Testament at six hundred dollars which estimate is to be taken as the value of all she has received, it is to be further understood that in case my wife marries again she shall have a childs portion of my estate that is the whole of my estate as aforesaid shall be equally divided between her and my above named children making twelve equal parts. My children by my first wife are not provided in this my will, because I think it probable that I have already advanced to each of them more than will fall to the children of my last wife by this will and because the helpless and dependent situation of my younger children requires all that I may leave for their proper support education and establishment in business, for these reasons I devise nothing to my first children by this will and not from any want of parental love and affection. I hereby nominate my wife Nancy Moorman, Executrix and my son Madison B. Moorman executor of this my last Will and Testament. In testimony whereof I hereby affix my hand and seal the 31 day of July 1846.
[signed] James V. Moorman.
[signed]Jesse W. Kinchelor

Since writing the above I have advanced to my children property valued as follows. To Madison B. Moorman property valued at eleven hundred dollars. To Margarett A. Board property valued at Six Hundred & fifty Dollars. To A. V. Moorman $600.00. To J. N. Moorman five hundred Dollars. I write this in order that there shall not be any contest in future about the value of the property. And furthermore it is my will that Hiram T. Downard shall not [?] any more of my property. And instead of my Son M. B. Moorman, I have Nathan Board my Executor of this my last will & testament. This 7th Aug 1862.
[signed] J. V. Moorman
[signed] F. Henry Skillman
[signed] John [?] Skillman

State of Kentucky
County of Breckinridge
Codicil 2nd
Since Writing the above it has pleased an alwise being to remove from earth hence Nathan Board my Executor & instead I appoint my Sons Abraham V. & Achilles my Executors. I have also advanced to my daughter Susan L. Board, property amounting in value to $200.00. This Nov 5th 1866
[signed] J. V. Moorman

State of Kentucky
County of Breckinridge January 20 1868
A Writing proporting to be the last Will & Testament of James V. Moorman dscd was this day produced in open Court & proven according to Law by the oaths of Jesse W. Kincheloe, Samuel V. R. Board, and Henry Skillman, subscribing Witnesses thereto & adjudged by the Court to be the true last Will & Testament of said James Moorman dscd & ordered to be Recorded, the same being duly stamped with internal Revenue stamp of the Denomination of $1.00 as required by act of Congress.