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Last Will and Testament of Edward C. Wheeler

In the Name of God. – Amen.

Know all Men That I, Edward C. Wheeler of the City of East Portland in the State of Oregon, of the age of Thirty five years, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud or undue influence of any person whomsoever, do make, publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, to-wit:

FIRST. It is my will, and I do order, that all my just debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently can be done after my decease.

SECOND. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Addie Irene Wheeler, of New Brittain, Connecticut the sum of Five Dollars, and in case she shall not for any reason receive anything on the Insurance Policy on my life in the United States Masonic Benevolent Association for the sum of Five Thousand Dollars payable to her in case of my death, then I give and bequeath to her the sum of Two Thousand Five hundred Dollars, to be paid to her when she shall arrive at the age of majority, but in the event that she realizes the full sum of said policy or as much as Two Thousand Five hundred Dollars thereon, she is take no more than five Dollars hereunder, and in the event she realizes less than said sum of Two Thousand Five hundred Dollars on said policy, then I give and bequeath to her a sufficient sum to aggregate with the amount of Insurance received the full sum of Two Thousand Five hundred Dollars, to be paid to her when she arrives at the age of majority.

Third. – I give and bequeath to Edward Wheeler, son of Ella C Witham (formerly Ella C Wheeler) of New Brittain, Connecticut the sum of Five Dollars and no more.

Fourth. I give and bequeath to my dear brother, Elmer M Wheeler of Pendleton, Oregon all my right, title and interest in the business, known as the Furniture Store of E C and E M Wheeler, located at said Pendleton, Oregon, also the hotel stock owned by me and held by said firm, in the Pendleton Hotel, provided that said Elmer M Wheeler pays all outstanding indebtedness against the said firm, amounting to about two thousand Dollars.

Fifth. I give, bequeath, and devise unto my dear wife Fannie Wheeler and my son John Tolman Wheeler all the rest, residue, and remainder of the property belonging to me at the time of my death, to be held and possessed by them in equal shares.

Sixth. I hereby appoint my said wife Fannie Wheeler, guardian of the person and estate of my said minor son John Tolman Wheeler.

AND LASTLY, I nominate, constitute and appoint my Brother-in-law J T Stewart, my partner C M Forbes, and my brother Clarence J Wheeler to be the executor of this, my Last Will, hereby revoking all other Wills, Legacies and Bequests by me heretofore made, and declaring this, and no other, to be my Last Will and Testament, and I hereby request and direct that no bonds be required of my said executors.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand, this 25th day of May in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and eighty nine

[signed]Edward C. Wheeler

The above instrument was at the date thereof signed, sealed, published and declared, by the said Edward C Wheeler as and for his Last Will and Testament, in presence of us, who, at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

[signed]J. T. Stewart
[signed]Mary E. Stewart

[This seems to be written in the hand of J. T. Stewart, which explains the misspelling of John Tallman Wheeler's middle name].

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