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The Wheelers
by Collister Martin Wheeler (1893-1997)

The Wheeler family tree can be traced, in considerable detail, to MOSES COLLISTER WHEELER, born in 1800.

His father was JOHN WHEELER, who lived in Stockbridge, N.Y. No information about JOHN WHEELER is available -- as to his calling or birth date -- or whom he married.

CHESTER M. WHEELER (1915) attempted to obtain further knowledge of JOHN by perusal of the records at Salt Lake City but was halted by lack of information or clues. It could be assumed that the Wheelers were of English descent and that JOHN was born about 1775-1780. By word passed down by CLARENCE WHEELER (1864) it could be further assumed that JOHN's father and/or uncles fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.

MOSES COLLISTER (1800) WHEELER was born in Connecticut and later moved to Stockbridge, New York.

His son, JOHN COLLISTER WHEELER (1828) moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and raised a family of six. All but the youngest, MILTON, were born in Oshkosh, and in 1864 the family moved to Vineland, New Jersey. Here he engaged in farming, assisted by his five boys. Two of the older sons, EDWARD (1853) and FRED (1859) later engaged in the furniture business in Albany, New York.

EDWARD COLLISTER WHEELER moved to Portland about 1880-82 (?) followed by CLARENCE and MARY ELIZABETH in 1884.

EDWARD again went in to the furniture business under the name of "FORBES & WHEELER". He became Mayor of East Portland in 1888 and died in office in 1889. He was succeeded by Thomas Stewart, Deputy City Recorder, who had married MARY ELIZABETH WHEELER in 1885.

In 1891, East Portland and Albina were absorbed by Portland. THOMAS STEWART, hampered by an alcohol problem and real estate debts, departed from his family and this area.

MARY ELIZABETH WHEELER Worked in insurance offices from 1894 to 1898 and then went to San Francisco, where she established an Aetna Insurance Agency on California Street in 1899. She had two children: MARGARET and TOM.

FRED WHEELER (1859) and MILTON (1874) moved to Los Angeles in 1898. Fred went into the real estate business. ELMER (1855) moved to Riverside, California, and probably farmed.

JOHN COLLISTER WHEELER (1828) moved to Oregon and had farms at McMinnville and Hood River. In his old age, he moved to Riverside, California, and lived with his son, ELMER, (1855) and died in 1907 at age 79.

Thus, all but two of the Wheeler family, originally from Oshkosh and Vineland, moved to California. All but ELMER produced several children and they remained in California.

EDWARD WHEELER, in Portland, died in 1889, leaving his wife, FANNY, and son, JOHN. JOHN never married, thus that branch died off, as did that of ELMER's, who had adopted a son, EDDIE.

CLARENCE JOHN WHEELER (1864) lived in Portland from age 20 to 71. His two children were CHESTER ADELBERT (1889) and COLLISTER MARTIN (1893)

2/1/88 -- Prepared by Collister M. Wheeler (1893 - )
from various bits of information obtained from family individuals and written records available to date