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Sullivan, Parks, Wheeler, & Hawkins

The Martins
by Collister Martin Wheeler (1893-1997)

The Martins were French, leaving France at the time of the persecution of the Huguenots (16807). They settled on an island off the coast of England and later moved to Virginia, where there are many descendants of the original Martins.

RICHARD MARTIN married HESTER BARKER in Philadelphia and raised six boys in New York City and Philadelphia. EDWARD (no middle name) was born in Philadelphia on March 13, 1831, and learned the work of a carpenter and stair builder.

He moved to Chicago in 1854 and continued his trade until he entered the Civil War through the Illinois National Guard in 1861. He served with distinction during the Civil War and was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in 1863. He was used in the capacity of an engineer, building several Army camps and bridges while serving under General Grant. He received a minor wound from a mini ball in the back of the hand.

As an Acting Captain, he was discharged from the Illinois Volunteers and returned to Chicago in 1864. His wife and a child died in 1871 and the oldest daughter took charge of her family, and with the aid of a housekeeper kept the family together.

In 1877, he decided to move to Portland. By train to Sacramento, boat to San Francisco and "The Beaver" to Portland, the family arrived June 1, 1877, and settled at East Alder and Grand Avenue.

Later he moved to East 8th and Belmont, building three houses on a 100 x 100' lot.

He had a sash and door factory at C and 2nd Streets, employed 25 men, and had continued success in his business.

CLARA ESTHER continued as his housekeeper until he remarried. She married late in life to IVAN CARPENTER.

His son, EDWARD EVERETT, was a printer. He moved to Irvington about 1889 and had a son, WALTER.

MARIAN LOUISE married FRED BULLOCH in 1888. About 1908 they moved to Anacortes, Washington. They had two girls and one boy.

FRANCES SELENA married CLARENCE WHEELER in 1888 and moved to Irvington in 1889 where the two sons, CHESTER (1889) and COLLISTER MARTIN (1893) were born.

CHESTER married MARGUERITE MATHIOT and they had two sons, CHESTER and JACK, and a daughter, FRANCES. CHESTER worked for the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph almost his entire life and died in 1964.

COLLISTER, born in 1893, served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War, retiring from the Navy Dental Corp in 1957, with the rank of Captain. He practiced dentistry until 1968, retiring from the dental profession at age 75.

COLLISTER MARTIN married ESTELLE HAWKINS of Seattle in 1924 and had one daughter, MARY CAROLYN, in 1928.

This is the history of the Martin family to recent years.

2/1/88 -- Prepared by Collister M. Wheeler (1893 - ) from various sources of information obtained from family members and written records available to date